Harbaugh has opinions about Dantonio

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Some fire here.  Seems as if coach Harbaugh doesn't care much for Dantonio's shade.



@CoachJim4UM: Saw Coach D comments on continuing to "focus" on how "he" can beat Michigan. Congrats on turning around a 3-9 team, plagued with off field issues. Good for BIG to have him back.



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I've been telling folks something similar - that things haven't been the same since he got those glasses. At a minimum, they're bad luck. However, I think it's more than that. At his age, they would have prescribed him progressive lenses. Those glasses would limit his peripheral vision. His ophthalmologist/optometrist should prescribe him contact lenses for gameday. He'd likely do well with a monovision configuration (one for distance, the other better for near).


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Honestly, I hope that what was said by sparty's chief miscreant hurts Jim deeply and lastingly.

That was the worst loss by far for me this year, not only because of to whom we lost, but especially HOW we lost.

Why in the world we're we starting OKorn, after what we heard later about Peters' development? And why did we throw the ball more than a dozen consecutive times in a monsoon, not even stopping after the second interception?

Dantonio is out of his ever loving mind if he thinks that they deserved that win, but our plan and playcalling are directly responsible for empowering them to talk like they are

I hope that it burns and burns deeply and lastingly.

And I hope that we execute a rational and maybe even intelligent plan next year and that the result on field borders upon the inhumane


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The thing is Dantonio got two fluke wins and he should just shut up. I am pretty sure Dantonio has gotten his last win against Michigan until he retires. I am sure it will eat him alive and he will keep holding on hoping he can go out with a victory against Michigan and it willl never transpire.

All of this jawing know is going to be whining or complete silence later. He is going to look the fool and that is cool by me. This idiot writer CROTCH and Dantonio should probably quit pokin the Wolverine, unless you don't mind not having a face.

I equate msu to Japan and waking a sleeping giant. I wonder if Dantonio understands how history repeats itself. Michigan is going to do a lot more than just drop a couple bombs on his ass. Keep taliking shit mouth...............we got you.


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I think that it sort of gets lost just how critical that MSU game was this year.  It was a "must win"....that they didn't win.  Consider that Sparty is # 16 with a 9-3 record.  Michigan would be at least that high if they had won that game.....with a chance to finish in the 10-12 range after the bowl games.

In some ways, losing to Sparty this year is more painful than it was in 2015.  Not necessarily the way they lost (hard to top 2015), but in terms of perception and reclaiming the rivalry.

The Fan in Fargo

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Oh buddy I'd say the rivalry is in good hands from here on out. So believing and behind your statements but I just want to laugh in your face because you're wrong. This years loss wasn't worse either dippy. That 2015 game was a heartbreaker that probably could've kept momentum going into The Game. I'm one to blame things on refs all the time. I see the differences they make in games. I'm a real guy and not some suit wearing cupcake who calls out whiners when it's justified complaints that are very pathetic. The refs helped out the shartans so bad there in that game that it took the sails right out from the team. You can blame it on an offensive line or quarterback play but in every damn one of these big games that Michigan has been getting screwed on, if you take away those terrible calls by the refs, the games are easily won by Michigan because the opponent would never have gotten a chance to get back in the game. Even despite the poor execution. I don't know how all of you successful men on here can sit there and watch these games and say it's whining. Are you that fucking stupid? Obviously yes. Sorry I turned this into a rant about refs anyway. Jim has it out for Dantonio now. He's tried being diplomatic but this is his way of saying to sharty that they are going to get destroyed. I'm just waiting for Urban to slip up now. I would love to see the tweet from Jim saying something on the lines of it's your time to kneel Urban Cryer.  Someone said that if Michigan gets Patterson, they are an instant top 3 team next preseason. He was right. That offfense destroys ND.


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It is funny how quickly things are forgotten/twisted in our minds.  Obviously Okorn left a lot to be desired on the field throughout the year...but there was no way in hell he wasn't starting that MSU game.  He had just put up 270 yards on a decent Purdue team and almost everyone still thought he was an upgrade on Speight.


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I would be confident too once you realize that Harbaugh just got through what will be his "worst" year ever, at 8-4, after losing his moderately-salvaged previous-coaches QB to a cheapshot, then having to bench the stop-gap QB-transfer, and playing his first, freshman hand-picked QB, who looked GREAT during the time he was in by the way.

Hoke's QB horror-show was BY far the largest downfall of his tenure, no matter how much people complain about the O-line.

Save for the O-line and a couple DL, we played true freshman and sophomores everywhere, and still finished 8-4. Considering 3 of the 4 losses very easily could have gone the other way with non-horrible QB-play, things look good.

We'll be returning 90% of our starters, bringing in a boatload more talent, and starting a few red-shirts.

Also, the OSU offensive playcalling was amazing considering how bad O'Korn is, the upside is that you really get to see what Harbaugh's creativity can be in a game he badly wants to win.

As soon as you drop-in a high-quality QB in any of the games we've played in 2016 or 2017, we have a puncher's chance in all of them. And with Don Brown at the helm of an aggressive defense that is only going to get more talented than this year, man I really like our odds.

The future looks bright.

I'd be so pumped I'd probably talk a little bit of shit too.


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Insert a good to great QB on either last year or this year's outfit, and we have much more than a punchers chance. With a QB, we were probably a 1-2 loss team this year because young guys do young guy stuff. Last year was a National Championship caliber team that just happened to be below average at the most important position on the field.


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One thing I love about Patterson's game: he has an edge and a swagger to him that I know Jim absolutely loves. Patterson will talk shit to anyone on the field, smaller or bigger than him, and mostly back it up. Patterson is the type of player you could see fighting Urban Meyer, and I'm here for that much.


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Harbaugh and his dad had a funny story on their podcast about how Jim did something in little league baseball that sort of showed up the other team a little bit.  Jack warned Jim about a bigger, better kid is going to come along and whip your butt, etc.  Jim replied, "I'm that kid Dad."

Jack couldn't really argue much as the years went on.


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Grahm Crotch says" No one is questioning msu under Dantonio which is the stronger program". Are you on fuckin crack Crotch?. Michigan played the game with zero at QB. No more gifts will Michigan be giving. I am more than happy to see where each team is ranked next year to see who is the stronger program, and then Michigan will run it up in you msu slappy and your buddy Coach douchetonio.

If there QB gets dinged and I am sure he will, msu will drop like a rock. Stronger program?. Do you follow recruiting at all. Msu is in for a rude awakening. Will see how much love they have for Douchetonio at the end of next year.


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Technically speaking the outback bowl is viewed as the more prestigious bowl (comes with a larger payout) so Dantanio was asked about being passed over for that game by Michigan.

The reality is that the Holiday bowl picked first this year, is a much better game and really shouldn't be a story line but reporters asked Dantanio about it and he basically said he was more focused on winning on the field.

The reality is Dantanio has the better burn in this back and fort because he won the damn game and had the better season and that is what matters but I'll probably get downvoted for saying that.