Harbaugh is going submarine with The Team

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"We're going into a submarine tomorrow -- you won't see us for a while," Harbaugh said. "You won't hear from us or see us. We're going to be working, we're going to be in a bunker mentality -- until we decide we're not, until we decide to come up to the surface."

Source:  WXYZ.com, 8/6/2015




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This...no more talking about it..be about it.

This program/team needs a major reset from top to bottom if it is ever going to get out of its funk. Harbaugh had his summer fun in the spotlight..now its time to shut it down and work.

This guy is smart as hell. A walking PR machine when it matters most and he can't do any coaching anyway..and then completely shuts it off when its time to actually coach. 

Ty Butterfield

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It's time to play a game with our old adverrrrserie the Ohio State Buckeyes. A game your fathers and brothers before you have played well. But now the game has changed, we have the advantage. This takes me back to the heady days of Bo and Cahnam when the college football world trembled at the sight of the winged helmet. Now Harbaugh and Hackett are here to usher in a new era of Michigan football, and the world will once again fear the winged helmet.


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I'll make a prediction right now: Harbaugh will confiscate all electronic devices from players like smart phones, tablets, and computers for the duration of camp. The team will blast out a message to all player family members that in emergencies the player can be contacted through the team administrative offices. Maybe let the guys have access to the computer labs or a community phone for a 10 minute window of time every few
days, but otherwise a technology quarantine. Otherwise it's practice, group meals, playbook/film study, and bonding with the team in the dorms with card games, occasional group social outings etc. Basically like an army barracks.

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Been there ... the Team's ultimate sacrifice for Michigan fans is in that bunker. Boys to Men. Its happening folks. Autumn will be here soon and we will be tailgating. F-ing awesome. So JACKED for the season.