Harbaugh Expects no Further Attrition Before Season

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Not sure if this was parsed into other stories so if so feel free to IBD, but if not worthwhile to note as many have speculated there were ultimatums given - especially in tems of medicals this summer and it sounds like none of those folks will be leaving at this time or the near future.   There is also a blurb about anyone new coming into the program - it sounds like the door is not completely shut on that but there is nothing of urgency.


Harbaugh also said Tuesday that he does not expect any further attrition before the start of the 2015 season. Asked if there would be any possible additions to the roster before the beginning of the year, Harbaugh said "I don't know that. There's nobody that's really on the ... I don't know."



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Well that is a timing issue. Some players who others have speculated will be off the team this summer will remain.  Which would mean they might actually be here long term, when many assumed they won't be.

That is different than a bunch of 5th yr seniors who will be "trying out" for their spot next winter. Or the normal guys who transfer due to lack of playing time.


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I wouldn't expect any more attrition before this season anyways. During, or after. Once depth charts are out, and players see where they stand with the new coach. That's when I would expect a next wave.


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Fall camp will determine the fate of 2-3. Nice to see Harris made it through the summer and is healthy enough to practice. Harbaugh also stated that Drake Johnson will be available (whatever that might mean). I guess we will find out soon if he is "full go" or limited. There was an article that stated that he is cleared to run.


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I'm waiting to hear something definitive on the curious case of Dennis Norfleet. The mgoblog depth chart has him removed as of 5/13/15. The mgoblue roster still has him listed as of today. It has been reported that he has been released to speak with Muskegee. But Harbaugh has been quoted as saying it is possible for him to continue.

The other thing which is not clear to me is injuries. It is possible for someone to remain on the roster, but to have a medical redshirt for 2015. To date, I am not aware of any continuing injuries on the team.


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Either JH is lying, which I doubt, or he's expecting to non-renew a lot of 5th year guys next Spring, given the 20+ class he's building.

From the Depth Chart by Class, there are 15 of these coming up:

D. Johnson, Darboh, Chesson, Magnusen, Kalis, Braden, Bars, Godin, Henry, R. Glasgow (assuming scholarship),  Wormley, Strobel, Gant, Richardson, Clark

(Hoke deserves credit for retention of players, but should also be dinged for failure to develop.  About half of those guys won't be starters this year and probably not next year either.)

I was expecting to see omissions in the Fall Roster, but apparently not.  BTW, anybody know when that roster first gets published -- Media Day maybe?


East German Judge

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To your point, if Hoke has developed all these 4 & 5 stars he recruited, it would be a moot point for the 5th years to have to audition for a spot.  If they are not good enough to start or be a big time contributor, then I would take them off the 85 man athletic scholarship roster, but make sure they could complete their education on an athletic scholarship.

Magnum P.I.

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Under Hoke, starting was not an indicator of being successfully developed. A lot of guys who started and got regular PT were criminally underdeveloped or misused. Others were criminally underdeveloped or misused and didn't start or get PT.

Put another way: Almost all of the guys on the team were criminally undeveloped or misused under Hoke. Still, 22 of them had to start. 


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People too often think that because someone is starting, they must be at least pretty good, but it's not the case.  It only means that they're one of the best at that position on OUR roster, but says nothing about how they measure up against the players on other teams-that's the competiton that really matters, not the internal ones.  The worst team in the country still has the same number of starters as the best team.

Gentleman Squirrels

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Out of the list I would expect Johnson, Darboh, Magnusen, Kalis, Henry, Glasgow and Wormley to return. Chesson, Braden, Godin, and Clark depend on how well they perform this year and how the depth chart for their position is. Bars, Strobel, Gant, and Richardson are prime firm handshake candidates

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It is just that the blog considers some methods more inappropriate than others.

I agree the examples above are on the more inappropriate side of things. 

I would see nothing wrong with listing all the upcoming 5th year seniors, proposing a number unlikely to return, and then letting the reader decide who among that group may not end up remaining with the team.


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These are the 40 “seniors” listed on the last roster posted on MGoBlue, also including the graduate transfers. The list is in numerical order from that roster, except for the graduate transfers who were not listed. Asterisk indicates a scholarship player eligible for a fifth year in 2016 due to having had a redshirt season. Bold italics indicate a scholarship player who will be playing in his fourth season in 2015.
Bo Dever, Brian Cleary, Allen Gant*, Terry Richardson*, James Ross, AJ Pearson, Drake Johnson*, Jarrod Wilson, Travis Wooley, Nick Benda, Shaun Austin, Jeremy Clark*, Joe Bolden, Joe Kerridge - 5th, Bobby Henderson, Sione Houma, Chris Wormley*, Desmond Morgan - 5th, Tom Strobel*, Royce Jenkins-Stone, Mario Ojemudia, Graham Glasgow - 5th, Blake Bars*, Ben Pliska, Dan Liesman, Kyle Kalis*, Willie Henry*, Ben Braden*, Erik Magnuson*, Amara Darboh*, A. J. Williams, Jehu Chesson*, Brad Anlauf, Kenny Allen, Michael Jocz, Ryan Glasgow*, Matthew Godin*, Wayne Lyons - 5th, Blake O’Neill - 5th, and Jake Rudock - 5th


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If he can wait until the end of the season then it make sense to wait. Some folks might simply get injured and make some of the attrition choices for him. Others currently on the bubble would at least get a full season under Harbaugh to prove their mettle. If we don't have to make room for this season, why trim the roster prematurely?

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