Harbaugh doesn’t expect any staff changes this offseason

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Baumgardner just posted this on Twitter. You have got to be fucking kidding me. This program is a joke. Expect another repeat of beating bad teams and getting out shit pushed in by good teams.



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I thought he did too, but I tried looking up an official statement but couldn't find anything. The reality is that Harbaugh looks out for his assistant coaches, and by saying he'd be "making changes", it could diminish their value/future opportunities. It's not his style. He'll probably tell his assistants to explore other gigs in confidence.


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This game featured a Michigan team that played without the players they groomed all season (*Team captain* Bush, Gary, Solomon, *team captain* Higdon, and BushelBetty).  During the game, several players they had to throw into starting roles got hurt).  Someone please explain, to me, how they expected to beat a top 10 team, that had ALL of their players?

Overreacting is the common theme on this blog, but seriously.  A little bit of perspective goes a long way.

On the field leadership was missing....not on the sideline leadership.


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Michigan lost their last two games of the year 103-54. Saying Harbaugh deserves 0 blame for the team's latest meltdown b/c 4 of the 22 starters didn't blame is insane. 

Pretending the team just merely lost to a top-10 team as opposed to getting their asses handed to them once again, this time to a not-that-good Florida team is just intellectually dishonest. Pretending that this is just one game and not part of a trend is just delusional. 


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I don't know what that was exactly out there today on the field, but it looked like absolute shit to me. Harbaugh included. Everyone on that sideline deserves blame (except Winovich and Hudson) in my opinion. I've been as big of a Harbaugh supporter as anyone. Look at my blasted username.

HOWEVER, the last two games have absolutely shaken my confidence that I have in the head coach, his staff, and the team. It is an awful feeling. I don't have a crystal ball to know what is going to happen in the off season, or in the 2019 season, but I hope and pray proper adjustments are made, and that these last 2 performances are not portents of whats to come.

micheal honcho

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Please no. Just no. Get a QB with serious arm talent. 

The RPO is fast becoming yesterday’s scheme. Try and RPO Alabama. 

Haskins killed us with arm talent. Clemson is crushing ND with a true freshman that has...you got it. NFL arm talent. 

Shea does not have that and you can’t teach it. Put in Milton or McCaffery and let’s get to doing what is the ONLY thing that will beat the likes of Bama. Make them respect the vertical field or they stack up and crush you. To do that you need a CANNON with a big ol brain. 

Please stop insisting we chase the field. We went to spread/read option 3yrs too late. Let’s not go all in on RPO with a mobile QB that sacrifice’s arm talent. Henne was the last real arm talent we had and I’d put his worst team on the field against any we’ve had since and bet on the arm. 


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Exactly this. Lloyd was going 1-6 against OSU and having much worse seasons than Harbaugh, but everything was fine and dandy back then? So you’re giving you tickets up after having one of the best 4 season stretches for Michigan in the last 30 years? I’m not saying everything is perfect, but it would be better if some of the negative people would just go. Harbaugh is a better coach than the last 5 head coaches Michigan has had. He’s stubborn and needs to fix his issues, but he’s still better than what Michigan has had in a longggggggg time.


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10.5 starters

JBB and Higdon are just .5 a starter?

Also, in 2016, the team lost their 3 games by a combined 5 points. They lost their 3 games this year by a combined 55 points. If no changes happen during the offseason and the offense/defense remain the same, then there's no reason to believe the offense's archaic game plan will change or the defense will stop shitting their pants against good teams. Saying "10 wins" over and over again won't change the reality of the program.

A Lot of Milk

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Fuck that. I worked my ass off to get into Michigan and have wanted to sit in the student section since I was a kid, and I finally got to do that as a student this year. I went to every damn home game this year (and two road games) and I'm going to every home game next year. We could've gone 0-12 and I would still go to every single game next year


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Good for you kid! Nothing better than being a student at Michigan and enjoying the games. Cheer hard!  I was a sophomore in '97 the year we won it. Had to sell my OSU ticket to finance the Rose Bowl ticket.  Wish I was in the stadium for that win, but the Rose Bowl win was oh so sweet. Here's to hoping we win another while you're in school.  


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Not sure how else he’s supposed to answer that question 20 min after the game ends.

But dear God do I hope he is smart enough to make some changes. Fuck.


B1G Winning

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Potentially: “Well, [insert reporter name here], we are constantly evaluating what we need to do to reach the next level as a program.  This includes staff, scheme, and personnel. We will take a look at what we need to improve on from this season, and make the proper adjustments in the coming months to get to where we need to be.”

Otherwise it makes it seem like you’re content with being a non-competitive doormat in the last couple games of the season.


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Look, I'm not saying changes don't need to be made..but a really bad spot as a program? Are you fucking kidding me?! Do you not remember the RR/Hoke years? 

Yeah, it sucks to lose to OSU every year (and MSU and PSU half the time) and essentially not win our bowl games, but three 10-win seasons in four years hadn't been done in almost 20 years. Our recruiting has been damn good and we've fielded very good teams just haven't been elite. 

I've said it before here and I'll say it again, look at Clemson when Dabo took over. Clemsoning was a thing, and they fielded very good teams that couldn't get it done for a while. Took until year 6 to be elite, and we're not the Michigan of old. 18 year old kids don't even remember a Michigan program that was more than just mediocre with an occasional 10-win season in there. Not saying we're gonna do what Clemson did, tougher to recruit to Michigan for sure, but sometimes it takes more than 2-3 years to jump from shit to elite. 

I'm not saying this doesn't suck sweaty balls and I'm definitely not saying nothing should change (staff, philosophy, etc.) but to say we're a in a "really bad spot" as a program is just fucking ridiculous. 

If Harbaugh was such a shitty coach then why is he always mentioned as a top target of NFL teams any time there's an opening? He turned Stanford around for crying out loud.. which is what I'll close with.. Stanford was able to be Stanford because of his mauling OL's. We don't have that yet, we are closer with Warriner on staff but when guys like Runyan Jr. and JBB are our bookends you know we're not there yet. Maybe Mayfield and Steuber are the answer, maybe others are, but until we get that mauling OL full of future NFL linemen, we will likely be stuck winning 10 games and losing to OSU and the other elite teams in the country.. Talk about a really bad spot. 


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By that logic, beating Rutgers and Maryland is a huge success because people would be mad if they would have lost them.

The team is 4-25 against Ohio State and in bowl games over the last 15 years. 1-9 against top-10 teams under Harbaugh. Michigan's just lucky that MSU was hilariously considered a top-25 team when they played or they wouldn't have won a game against a top-25 team on the road in over a decade. The program is most definitely in a bad place.