Harbaugh doesn't anticipate any suspensions from "Shoegate"

Submitted by Human Torpedo on August 13th, 2018 at 8:17 PM

Said every pair was accounted for in shoe inventory. Per Nick Baumgardner




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That's GREAT news.

According to Angelique, he says that he will pick a starting QB "Sooner rather than later." That gives me a lot of confidence--Speight legit had to battle to get his spot both years. Rudock wasn't publicly anointed with the job until late, but he appeared to be the man early on over Shane Morris; this seems to be even more decisive. 

I don't think Harbaugh says that if Shea isn't looking really good. EDIT: Nick does quote Harbaugh saying the QB race is "one of the most competitive" position battles on the roster. Sounds to me like there's a clear leader, but I know nothing.


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So let's assume for sake of discussion (although this seems likely from the scuttlebutt) that it was Mbem-Bosse who sold the shoes, after he had left the team in November.  If the dude was no longer with the program at that point, and was basically selling leftover gear he hadn't returned when he left, is there any way it can blow back on the program?  Obviously no individual players, but could the NCAA come after them for something done by a person they no longer had an association with?  Seems like the athletic department/team would be in the clear, but with the capriciousness of the NCAA can never be certain.  

Blues Notes

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While it is important to audit possession of all the shoes in current player's possession, the sitation also begs the question, why haven't the sellers come forward?

If sales legit, why not? Why drag the story out? Do sellers want to drag UM through mud?



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Lets think about this logically...

If the seller is a former player who transferred to new program:  May incite more scrutiny at his new school/team and could potentially influence eligibility at their new school. This would not hurt UofM but could hurt the player/school now associated with the seller.

If the seller is a former coach:  Nothing but a distraction during prep time for the coming season. Bringing your name into the conversation will not help UofM anymore than UofM investigating themselves with people on staff who are paid to look into these things.

All other possibilities: Newton's First Law, Bystander Effect, etc...


Basically, there are tons of reasons not to get yourself involved when the result will end up being the same even if it means more work on someone else.