Harbaugh Debunks NFL Rumors

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"This is a choreographed message that comes up at this time every year before signing day," Harbaugh told ESPN this weekend. "It's people spreading messages to further their own personal agenda.

"But I'm on record right here, right now: I'm not going anywhere. I'm staying at Michigan. We have big plans here, and there's a lot we want to accomplish."




Ger Sauden

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Could you speak English.


My point was pretty simple. Daxton Hill did not leave for obscure reasons. 


Please check this link:



"Michigan's defense is an NFL factory too. Hill chose Bama for a lot of reasons but the first was because they go to the playoffs almost every year and win championships, and Michigan's latest chance to become one of those programs was two weeks ago and ended in an unmitigated disaster."

Which was in reply to this:


"Dax Hill chose Alabama because their defense is an NFL factory. Chalking it up to anything less makes us sound like sore losers."


Just because someone doesn't think like you doesn't mean they're an asshole or a troll. I've probably been a Michigan fan longer than you've been alive. 

It appears I have higher expectations than most here. I want Michigan to get National Championships. Nothing else matters. "You play to win the game".



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If only we got rolled by Purdue and not a top 5 team. We missed our chance to get blasted by Indiana by 29 points so we can hold our heads high like OSU. Our recruting rankings and coaching resumes say 7th is just about right. OSU sandbagging and acting like they beat some giant is silly. Say what you will about Bama but at least they play the front runner role like a front runner. They dont celebrate beating Auburn like they over came some huge disadvantage. 


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You know, I honestly wonder what would have happened if Zach Gentry had just caught the two passes that hit him in the hands. Immediately after what would have been first downs were the blocked punt and the interception.

I blame Harbaugh for not walking the ball from Shea Patterson's hands into Zach Gentry's hands. 

Creedence Tapes

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bullshit. The drops are indeed on Harbaugh and the offensive game plan. Running the ball into a brick wall on 1st and 2nd down, and then trying to convert a 3rd down pass is a predictable and unreliable way to play the game. I think Jim thought we could play conservatively on offense and rely on our defense to win the game, but obviously this was not the case. Still the game plan is on Harbaugh 100%. 


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Bingo. Saban was just above average (60% win rate) at MSU and a failure in Miami. He was 26-12 after 3 yrs at LSU despite top 5 recruiting classes. He was 3-5 in bowl games at MSU and LSU.  Yes, he had one outlier in 2003 at 13-1, so he delivered 1 championship in 10 seasons.

He also went 7-6 in year 1 at Bama and “somehow” pulled the #1 recruiting class after that season. Now he wins regularly with a huge disparity in roster talent.

Regardless, recruiting is probably the most important responsibility of a college coach. He has a “system” in place and the current playoff arrangement encourages recruits to concentrate in just a few programs. His football factory is hitting on all cylinders.

Durham Blue

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"He also went 7-6 in year 1 at Bama and “somehow” pulled the #1 recruiting class after that season. Now he wins regularly with a huge disparity in roster talent."

 This right here.  Not sure how that happens.  I am sure that these are the things that start a juggernaut rolling.  A few top 3 classes in a row almost ensures Bama level success.


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Same with Meyer and Brian Kelly.  And while I'm not surr if Meyer would have left college, Kelly would have walked over the bodies of every player, assistant, and waylaid student camera operator to go pro.  But people have seen Saban and his ilk and know they are really good at a couple of things but it's clear they wouldn't work in the pros.  Which is a boon for them.


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Plain and simple - the NFL and CF are two different games. Can't understand why some people think that a great NFL coach will automatically be a great CF coach and vice versa. Urban has stated on several occasions that he really has no interest in the NFL. On the other hand, he's a HOF college coach. Brian Kelly ? I think he's a solid CF coach but NFL - who knows. JH ? A real good NFL coach and solid CF coach. Can he be a great CF coach ? Possibly but he has to beat OSU next year and I think the majority of us can agree on that'


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Must wonder which coaches are playing this game - Urban probably was, Dicktonio and Franklin for sure, Saban? Dabo? Jimbo?

Probably that pederast Finebaum too!

Every one is a suspect but Ferentz and Fitz. 



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Like it or not, Marcus, "basketball on grass" is sweeping the nation at the college and professional levels.

Anyway, what's your solution? What would it take for Michigan to go undefeated? Should we poach Scott Loeffler from BGSU? Put Marcus Ray in charge of the defensive backfield?