Harbaugh is Bo

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Well Jim congrats. You want to be Bo so badly. Another coach that is good but not great. Finish most years with 9-10 wins but never win a championship and hardly win a bowl game. 


The only reason Bo was celebrated was because he could at least beat Ohio State. 



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Funny bc I never express my opinion about Bo here b/c the average person would lose their mind.

You only need to know about 2 games to know that Bo was good but not great. UM v. ND when he kicked to Rocket Ismail not once (dumb) but TWICE (un-fucking-believable).

And the Mich. v. Miami game where he turtled in 4th quarter, rolling out the red carpet for Miami to come back.


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My absolute Bo moment was the game he didn't even coach: the 1988 Hall of Fame Bowl. Bo was out sick, and Moeller took over. On 4th and 3 from the Alabama 20 with :50 left, Moeller called for a pass, D. Brown hit Kolesar, and Michigan won 28-24.

Bo would have NEVER called that play - he'd have run for the first down and called for time. He would have done what he always did: the tried-and-true, the conservative, the predictable. Didn't matter if everybody in stadium knew what was coming. He was Bo, and that's what Bo did.

We now have Bo 2.0 - except for the ability to beat Ohio State every other year.



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Bo Pelini actually won his division and went to Indy(and Dallas, when Nebraska was in the Big XII).

When we hired Harbaugh, we thought we had hired the best coach in the country. Well, Harbaugh isn't the best coach in the country (that would be Nick Saban). He isn't the best coach in the B1G (that would be Mark Dantonio, after Urban coaches his last game). He isn't the best coach in the B1G East (same). He isn't the best coach in his athletic department (that would be John Beilein). He might not even be the best coach on his own staff (Don Brown can lay claim to that distinction). Hell, he's not even the best coach IN HIS OWN FAMILY (that would be John).


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Then our program wouldnt have the 1 MNC we won since the 1940s.


One coach in his first 5 years at Michigan HC:  44-13-3; 30-8-2 in conference with 2 Big Ten titles; 4 bowl wins. 

Another HC in his first 5 years as UofM HC:  49-13; 31-9 in conference with 2 Big Ten titles; 3 bowl wins; one MNC. 

Guess which one is the despised coach in this neighborhood and which is remembered fondly.


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Been saying it for a year now. Build a statue for a coach that never won a national championship. Won half of his biggest games, then 2-10 in rose bowls. Hire his puppet. What should we expect in 2018 with a coach stuck in 1986.


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Bo was good, Harbaugh isn't. How I wish Oakland was still in play. As far a a snake oil salesman, Harbaugh is unequaled. How in the hell a recruit would even listen to what UM is selling is beyond me.


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Bo sucked against top teams too because he was conservative. Losing bowl games by scores of 9-7 and 13-12. Tell me, where has being conservative gotten us? Oh yeah, 26 bowl losses, more than any other school. 1 national title in 70 years. Yeah, makes sense not to open up the offense and gain an advantage. 

SC Wolverine

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Which is why I really hope there is something like an actual QB competition this off-season.  I really like Shea -- he's got moxy.  But I also think there is a very good chance that Dylan provides a lot more if he can only get onto the field.  For one thing, Dylan will pull and be a real danger when he runs.  For another, he's got a better deep ball.  I hate the thought that Dylan may languish on the sidelines without a real shot to start, when Shea hasn't really shown the ability to operate this offense.

UM Fan from Sydney

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Fuck opening the offense. They need to go the OSU route and open the bags of cash. I am so sick of this holier than thou attitude that UM and many of its fans have. Fuck integrity. You know where that gets you? 9-10 wins a year and constantly losing to OSU. UM recruits well but they can do better by using bagmen, which I am fairly sure UM doesn’t use.


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This may be true, but when JH came to town, this was still a huge improvement. If JH stays another 5 years and mostly replicates the first 5, it will still be a positive period in the program's history. Yes, it will be underachieving considering the expectations coming in, but still a big improvement and stabilizing time.


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Yep. Difference is Meyer respected the rivalry but played modern ball. Harbaugh still living in 80s. Honestly, Warde Manuel needs to tell Harbaugh he’s a CEO coach and to hire a young and aggressive OC. 

M and M Boys

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 Don’t forget the junkets...

Maybe the team should have TWO international vacations to bond fully and make up for the tine some will not have when they refuse to play in the bowl games...

Can students on academic scholarships at  M skip final exams because the outcome can potentially harm their futures?

Asking for a lot of friends...


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Hate to say it because I’ve been on the Harbaugh bandwagon since day -100 but HE is the reason we are who we are. His team, his coaches, his philosophy and we are DONE. Welcome to 9-4 and 10-3 for the rest of your lives. We are nowhere close to what he had at Stanford and he has no clue how to get us there. Prove me wrong.


December 30th, 2018 at 1:12 AM ^

Yeah, one point that looks pretty clear is that Harbaugh is not the QB whisperer that some made him out to be when he was hired. He did a good job with Rudock but he had already learned his craft and was a 5th year. There was only so much you could do with Speight talent wise obviously. But anyway, Harbaugh did a good job developing QBs before M but he was also lucky as shit during his time in California as he had a #1 draft pick in Luck, another former #1 in Alex Smith, and a talented 2nd round guy in Kaepernick. To have basically no competent QB play in his 3rd year and then have to rely on lucking into a bagman fallout 5 star transfer and still put up only 200/yds game with DPJ, Collins and sometimes Black is not good.