Harbaugh asked about profanity chant by MSU students

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Many of you heard the clear "F*ck You, Harbaugh" chant in the 2nd quarter by the MSU Student section. Coach has responded:

Harbaugh heard Spartan Stadium's F___ Jim Harbaugh chants: 'That was great and classy ... I thought they were saying 'Love Jim Harbaugh.' '

— Nick Baumgardner (@nickbaumgardner) October 31, 2016
Edit if you didn't hear:

ESPN's mics picked up Michigan State fans yelling "F*** JIM HARBAUGH!!" https://t.co/PlLMYM3ZUI https://t.co/rrhQxeDLCt

— SB Nation (@SBNation) October 29, 2016



October 31st, 2016 at 8:01 PM ^

So the local media is able to ask Harbaugh about this, but has still yet to ask D'antoni why did he say "It didn't have to be this way, the little brother, the disrespect" when he is the one who started the whole thing by trashing Michigan from the day he was hired and taking a moment of silence.

Coach, why did you say "It didn't have to be this way" when you were the one responsible for this whole charade by taking a moment of slience following a game that had nothing to do with your team?


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You're comparison makes zero sense.  One is asking Harbaugh about what an entire stadium of fans chanted during a game. Harbaugh said nothing.  The other situation is asking Dantonio about something he himself said using his own mouth to make the words. How are these the comparable?  Seriously what are you even talking about?