Harbaugh Appreciation thread

Submitted by ThatGuyCeci on September 19th, 2017 at 4:55 PM

Well ladies and gentlemen, today it was revealed that some of the greatest of Michigan Men are actually regulars on the blog.. In the event they actually read some of the threads on here, I thought it would be a cool idea to start an appreciation thread thanking them for their service to the greatest University in the world, and for just being all around awesome human beings.

So, here goes:

To Jim, Jack, Jay, Jon Falk, and all of the other great Michigan Men out there, thank you for all the happiness you have brought us fans. It was only a short time ago the program was suffering through the darkest of times.  I was in Dallas this year for the Florida game and I have never in my lifetime seen the Michigan fanbase as energetic and full of life as I did that day.  It is because of the work of great men like yourselves that we owe all the credit. Thank you and Go Blue.



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Seriously though: thank you to the entire family. The podcast in particular has allowed me to appreciate how much of the end product has its roots in an outstanding family with upstanding character.

You have all played an integral part in the fact that now, more than ever,





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Pen in hand, listening to my request to autograph his first book, I say, to Janell and Erin.

He looks up, repeating the names.

I say, yes, Janell and Erin, my two daughters.

He sets the pen down, looks me in the eye, and says, you want two autographs, ya gotta buy two books.

So I did.

UM Griff

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We are in what I know will be the greatest era of Michigan football.

Thank you coaches, players, and support staff for the tireless work you put in to make things go!


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Worry and complain about the offense but who would anyone on this board rather have running the show than Jim Harbaugh? WHO'S GOT IS BETTER THAN US?


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What he's done in three years is beyond amazing. He's initiative and way ahead of his time. I also think he's about to unleash a monster on the B1G. Don't be surprised if we make the CFPO this year.


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but I don't buy for one second that Jon Falk or any of the Harbaughs are "regulars" on MGoBlog. They've got much more important stuff to attend to, like actually being around a real football program and the men and women who run it. Why would they go to a blog to read second- and third- and sixth-hand accounts about the thing they're experiencing directly every day themselves?

"That's Jon Falk and Jack Harbaugh looking at Jon's computer with this here very site as the topic of conversation."

And they're saying, "Jesus tap-dancing Christ, what a bunch of assholes! Why anybody would be a regular on that blog there is a mystery."

SD Larry

September 19th, 2017 at 6:28 PM ^

part because of Coaches Harbaugh, Brown, Mattison, and staff.  Coach Harbaugh promised to return Michigan football to excellence when he took the job, and that is what he and the whole staff and team are doing.  Fun to watch.   For me these days, college football is where it's at.  NFL , not so much these days.  Count me in anytime someone here wants to appreciate Coach Harbaugh and Michigan football.