Harbaugh and 49ers have deep rift per Jason LaCanfora/CBS

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Of course I recognize this has little to do with Michigan Football, per se.  But am I the only one doing the math on the two years remaining on his $5M/Year contract.  Adam Schefter reports he's looking for $8-$9M moving forward, so if a certain thing with a certain hot-seat coach were to not work out so well in 2014, would this be a viable (real) option?

This assumes he would even consider coming back to college football.




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The guy wanted to be in the NFL back when he was at Stanford, and now he's having a lot of success there. If the only rift here is that he wants to be paid more (i.e. not that he isn't succeeding in the pros), I'm assuming he's there for good.


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I wouldnt be so sure.... the NFL is very hard, and 'very challenging' as Brandon said in that press conference....  Harbaugh made the NFL championship game twice, not to mention losing a Super Bowl...

And Hoke would gladly kick himself to defense just like Fickell did, if he wasn't getting it done and Harbaugh wanted to return here.   I privately hope that this scenario happens.


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I thought this was going to be about him going to the Lions if Caldwell doesn't work out. Either way, Harbaugh isn't coming back to Michigan in a coaching capacity any time soon.


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Yes.  You make the phone call, you open your check book, and you say "Jim, give us a number."  Of course you go after him.  He is the surest thing in football right now.  Even if he only gave you 3-4 years, his coaching tree alone would be enough to sustain your program solidly for at least a decade after he leaves.

Monocle Smile

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But the Browns made a dipshit "trade" offer and were told to fuck off, which is far from the "trade talks" portrayed. Also, Mike Florio reported that, which means you should believe the opposite anyway.


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guy has been there 3 years now and has been to a Super Bowl and the NFC title game three times.  Sounds like they have it pretty tough over there in the Bay.


My guess would be the strain would be money and/or he wants more control over the organization, much like Belichick or his brother John, but they won't give it to him.


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his brother john?   i dont really follow pro football as much but if john demaneded more control over personnel moves etc then i hope bmore ownership told him to take it easy.  ozzie newsome sculpted that team into a super bowl champion and sustained that success over 10+ years via his otherworldly talent eval genius...not really sure what youre referencing but anyone trying to wrest majority control of scouting/ draft day responsibilities from newsome if just asking for it so hopefully that did not happen


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Harbaugh wanted to succeed at the highest level, and he has. If Coach Hoke struggles this year, and this rift between the 49ers and Harbaugh continues, prepare for a long year of speculation. I am as big a Coach Hoke supporter as there is, but I'd be lying if I said the thought of Harbaugh at Michigan wasn't exciting. Anyone says it's unlikely is kidding themselves. Harbaugh is a proven winner, an alum, and runs a Schembechler offense, not to mention his no nonsense style would play well among certain circles.


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glad for you that your imagination of this possibility makes you happy.

I get all anxious at the thought of changing coaches. harbaugh or not. Call me Notre Dame, I dunno...I just don't look forward to changing. besides, it's too bad people around here cant root for the current coach to be "the one". It's like the 7 year itch, except its more like the 2 year itch around here.


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You will need to cut your ties! You cannot have endless years of 4-5 losses. We probably will lose 4 games this season but if we lose 4 in 2015 then it will be time to let the Hoke ship sail away!

Harbaugh will be an NFL coach for the next decade at least. I could see him wanting to coach at Michigan after his NFL coaching career. He will probably be around 65 but I could see him being the type to coach into his mid 70s. I don't see Harbaugh at Michigan until after 2025! I hope he will be taking over a top ten team by that time!


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Guy. Enjoy your positive attitude while you wait for your favorite team to loose. That way if they win, you'll be happy and if they loose you can be right.
I will 'cut my ties' when it's time. Until then, I will keep hoping for the best and cheering on my team.. I have pride in my school.

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and I agree with MGoBrewMom...not liking the ND coaching carousel thing.  Also, let's say we hired Jim Harbaugh at $8M per year.  I'd hate to see the constant whining and Brandon bashing on this board about rising ticket prices or a few extra signs to pay that salary. 


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This is random but Jason LaConfora is one of the best people to follow on twitter. He's always on top of all the breaking news happening before anyone else.