Harbaugh on 97.1 Jamie and Stoney - McDooooom

Submitted by MGoBoz on September 9th, 2016 at 7:54 AM

Harbaugh was on 97.1, per usual, this morning. Seemed to be in a great mood, and had some very high praise for Peppers, McCray, and Gedeon. I don't know about y'all, but after all the hand wringing this offseason about the LB group, I'm very happily surprised with last Saturday's production. 

He also had a great quote on McDoom: "We picked up on that in recruiting him. That's a great football name, isn't it? McDooooooom!" (paraphrased)



September 9th, 2016 at 8:03 AM ^

Did they offer him because of his name? Did they try to switch him to defense just because of the name? Kidding.... Kid seems to be a baller. Very excited to see how the season unfolds.


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They do the Harbaugh interview during the 8 o'clock hour on Thursday. They replay it Friday morning earlier to hit the crowd that rolls into work early.


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they dumped Bill off that show

hopefully it will be more actual sports instead of all the stupid crap

same rules that apply here should apply to that show, especially the no politics


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stoney i was always under the assumption that he only went to 97.1 to end up getting the drive time slot again (especially when wojo came aboard) when valenti's contract was up and went on to bigger and better things... so when valenti resigned, i was amazed that 105.1 didn't go all in and try to steal stoney and wojo for their drive time slot after they shit canned drew... i honestly think that 105.1 would still be all sports if they had better sports talk talent in that drive time slot...


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105.1 should have kept Drew and Mark in the morning, rolled with Armani and the other guy midday, and bring in a guy like Stoney for the drive. It would be the only way that could compete against Valenti. But they had shit leadership and tried to do it on the cheap. Now they play old school rap.


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really interesting has happened in the last month.  I didn't know it until yesterday but Foster has been in the hospital since early August being treated for a stroke.  Apparently, he went to the hospital because of symptoms that he could no longer manage.  While the Free Press(my bad) article that I read said the stroke happened very recently, it talks about how he was mispronouncing words and slurring speech.  I listen to them a lot on the way home and I have to say that I think that has been happening for a while now, years, not months or weeks. 

They have joked about some of the things like "Ninety Seven the One Ticket" and some other things, but I think there was a medical reason for it.  Over the last year, you could really hear Mike almost covering for him when Foster could not get words out.  He is not the greatest host but I do hope he recovers and gets back because I can't take much more of Dan Leach.

M go Bru

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I can't figure how they have any ratings. You have to be a sparty to listen to Valenti (Caputo and Anderson too)  . Foster knows absolutely nothing. Maybe its the total lack of prep work that was mentioned. On top of that they ridicule their callers. It makes you really appreciate the intelligence of WTKA callers.

Only Wojo and Karsch are good on that station. What amazes me about Karch is that he is a MSU alum. You would never know it by listening to him.


September 9th, 2016 at 10:38 AM ^

foolish for callers with an actual point to call into that show.  Hatchett and Sulivan only allow calls through that are "ridicule-worthy" to begin with.  That is the structure of the show, the entire purpose of the callers at this point is to enhance a kind of Jerry Springer effect.  You're right, the show can be entertaining, but it is not a really serious sports show anymore.  It was in the beginning, if you wanted to really hear sports talk that was the show.  It is not like that any longer for sure.


September 9th, 2016 at 12:18 PM ^

when mike and terry were  the mid day show on 1270 and their show was called the sports inferno... they had a webiste with message boards and stuff... i remember mike posting a comment on there about terry because there were rumors flying around about mike not liking terry and that terry was going to get let go... basically mike said that when he first interviewed for the job he said that he wanted terry as his co-host and wouldn't want it any other way...

the way i look at it, is that mike likes terry because hes a door matt to mike and mike can say anything wants and terry will never take the other side and if he does mike tells him to shut up...


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will be better now.  The show was an absolute unmitigated mess with Stoney and Bill.  Bill was not a sports radio host, he knew very little about even basic sports topic. So the show was basically a morning variety show with one host having a vast knowledge of sports but nobody to discuss it with him.  So, essentially, every show divolved into "small talk topics" that nobody cared about and Sarah had to contribute.  From the very limited sample size so far, they are talking far more sports and she is involved far less and essentially just comments every now and then.  I am still not a huge Stoney fan and think he is disingenious in this discussion of pretty much all things Michigan, but it will likely be an acceptable moring sports show going forward.  Many people don't particularly like him but Jamie is a pro and could carry the show by himself if he needed to.


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Was probably the first time I've listened to the morning show all the way to work.  It was all sports and an enjoyable drive.  I'd probably listen to them over Valenti & Foster if they were on at the same time.  Too bad 105.1 is no longer around to make that happen.


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the lbs look solid. I'm a total Homer I guess but I feel we have a plus player at every spot on defense. I can't wait to see a fully healthy defense unleashed on the B1G.


September 9th, 2016 at 10:10 AM ^

...I think the LBs look pretty good thus far. What I was mildly concerned about after watching the Hawaii game was that all the blitzing seemed to leave us vulnerable to quick slants over the middle. 


September 9th, 2016 at 11:33 AM ^

Yeah. You're always giving up something, a weak spot somewhere in your D, whenever you blitz. Brown believes that more often then not, a college QB isn't going to make the correct read in time with pressure barrelling down on him.

Live by the sword die by the sword.

But pressure can come from anywhere on any level of the defense, and so the reads are always changing for the QB to find that soft spot. Its a lot to process in seconds.