Harbaugh 3rd Highest Paid Coach

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Behind Urban Meyer and Nick Saban, of course, but above a couple of NC winners (Dabo S. and Jimbo F.) and a couple others who took their team to the NC game (Kirby S. and Gus M.). 

So, say whatever you want, but when combined with our highly paid assistants like Don Brown, at least we can't say the AD isn't trying! 




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I wouldn't want anyone else leading our team.  He bleeds Maize and Blue!  But, I also don't believe he is "worth every penny".  I think it is fair to say that Michigan has been under Harbaugh the 3rd best team in the Big Ten. 

His record vs our rivals has been poor.  His record on the road vs. ranked opponents has been poor.  He leads our team with enthusiasm, integrity, and is a great ambassador.  You could also find many other coaches who could check those three boxes.  We all know Jim Harbaugh was not hired nor is paid the 3rd highest salary to come to Michigan and do those three things.  He was hired, and is paid handsomely, to beat MSU, OSU and contend for Big Ten Championships.

I think he can right the ship, but so far the ROI on his salary has not been there. 


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There are no objective measures that would support UM being the 3rd best team in the B1G since 2015. Subjective eye-ball maybe, but nothing objective. Overall records, division/conf. champs, H2H, bowl records, etc..

I'm very glad JH is the coach, and I have patience, but 2015 was a big success given where the program was. 2016 was a disappointment however close the losses were. Last year was a big disappointment regardless of the youth and QB injuries.


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He’s doing a good job. Patience is thrown around a lot but if he’s really in it for the long haul, I think we are close to being B1G champs. Probably not this season, but I think he is building something...


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This. He is a terrific ambassador for the program and the school. And also he's a great coach.


The national media loves to mock and criticize him because he wasn't able to immediately close the gap between Hoke and the best OSU team in their school's history. I understand that these things don't happen overnight.

I remain proud to have him as our coach and I can't think of anyone else I would rather have at the helm.


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Right on cue with the national media comment..  dumbass finnebaum said our game was unwatchable saturday night and that harbaugh has the hottest seat in america and should be fired at the end of the season.. even though he said he thinks harbaugh will have a lot of wins this year lol..

What a dumbass..




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This is exactly how I feel. Finebaum, the total and complete ass that he is, said today that Harbaugh is the biggest coaching disappointment. He went on to say that Harbaugh will probably have a pretty good record this season. Tell me this, what’s the most important statistic and judge of a coach and their performance (from a purely football perspective)?  I’d argue wins and losses, a good record doesn’t lead to a disappointment. Finebaum of course referenced last weeks game as being “unwatchable” because it was such bad football. Clearly he missed the MOON game. 


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Why are people so obsessed with his salary? I don't care if he's making $1 or $1,000,000,000,000,000.

I'm not paying his salary, and his desire to do the best that he can every day is not determined by a paycheck. 


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Who is "obsessing"? I hadn't even thought about it since this article came out last year. When I saw it again, I said, "Oh, interesting" and posted it here. 

And you seem to think the only reason Harbaugh is here is for love of his alma mater or something? Come on. He may love Michigan with all his heart and soul, but it's still a job and he does it at least in part for money. 


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It’s a shame when the average student tuition increases by 3% every year while Jim gets a raise for beating Purdue and Illinois. A salary should be determined by how well a person does their job. A football coach is judged based on wins, championships, and player integrity/success on and off the field. So far he’s failing in 2 of these categories. So ya I do care when he is ridiculously overpaid. Just win and all this goes away. A fan will never complain about cost if their team is successful. Students and fans go to the games to be entertained. Last season was far from entertaining.  


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B1G network money pays for Jim 5 times over, and they're happy to do so because his "antics" give them so much fodder to talk about.

And I guess you haven't read any article about how the AD is in the green without any general fund/tuition money. Complain about tickets, PSDs and water prices before tuition.

Saludo a los v…

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Harbaugh has not earned it according to you. When you are the athletic director you can make that call. You are as condescending in your tone as you are petulant in your fandom.

I don't think it is difficult to understand that you are entirely way to focused on what some national media jerk offs covering all the sports/programs thinks about Michigan.  Also I know of several national media members that would counter your point that everyone thinks Harbaugh is overpaid.

Finally, Rich Rod is irrelevant because he is not the coach.


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Of all the tropes that get shopped around by the MSM, the "Coach X is overpaid because he hasn't won X number of games/championships" is the most tiresome.  As if collective fandom is affected in the slightest by a coaches salary.  I've got news for all the "Harbaugh is overpaid" whiners out there; we could fire him tomorrow and hire somebody else at 1/4 of the price and tickets prices wouldn't change at all.  Student tuition wouldn't change at all.  This is the dumbest of all the dumb hot takes.

Is Michigan where we had hoped we would be when Harbaugh was hired?  No.  Is Michigan still better off than where we were?  YES!!!!!  Now those of you complaining can't agree on this point, then name the better option that will get Michigan to where you expect them to be; or just give it a rest.  Harbaugh's salary is between Harbaugh and Warde Manuel, the rest of you worrying whether or not he is overpaid are beyond ridiculous.

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As has been stated by numerous other people, Harbaugh's salary is unrelated to tuition. His winning percentage is right in line with program history. The team should have won a conference championship in 2016 and had it stolen by incompetent officials. The only stat people ever to cite against Harbaugh is the record against MSU and OSU which small sample size and incredibly shitty luck shows to be a poor judge of his team's quality.

Here is Michigan's S&P+ for 2018, 10th preseason, currently 7th. Below is their final ranking in every year that the system has existed.




2014- 48th










What I see is a coach that took over a moribund program that hadn't been relevant since 2006, save for a horseshoe up the ass year in 2011. 2017 looks to me like a blip where we couldn't field a healthy and competent qb because Harbaugh was given none of those when he arrived on campus.

But none of that matters, you always post negative things about the program and Harbaugh because you are like many Michigan fans that cannot be happy without being unhappy. I love all the people that think a better coach willing to come here for less money than they are paying Harbaugh is going to magically appear. If you want to find a reason for why he have not been successful on the field during his tenure I can think of a number of reasons that have nothing to do with Harbaugh.

For starters, the school has a less strong recruiting base than many top programs such as Ohio State and Alabama. Michigan has to recruit out of region and state players to compete, and Harbaugh has tried and actually done reasonably well at this. Secondly the people like you that constantly clamor to fire a coach before he has time to build a program. This program has been a fucking disaster in part because we have had so much coaching turnover that we are always digging out from the last guy's mess. This is the first time in a long time that I have felt like we actually have depth on our roster. Have to go back to the early 2000s to find a similar level of talent.

I don't know if Michigan ever gets back to the top of college football, but forcing a guy out like Harbaugh is a good way to make sure we never get back. Your take is incessantly negative and reminds me why I actually started posting. This place is becoming a MLive cesspool of negativity that unlike 2008-2014 has no basis in reality.


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If you want to make a business analogy, Harbaugh is a CEO at An historical fotune 10. He has a history in making underperforming companies over perform. He is hired here and took a company on the verge of bankruptcy and returned it to a solidly profitable business for 2 years. The third year still saw profits, but was less than ideal due to poor planning of the previous ceo, and underperformance of his own staff. 

Year 4 he made significant changes in his executive structure, and his Q1 profits were solid but not Apple-esque. Q2 numbers aren’t out but returns on previous investments/staff changes are starting to show (qb/ol coach change). If you’re an investor do you want to fire him? Do you rally for a pay cut?