Harbaugh's Podcast (Marty Smith, Grant Newsome, Football updates)

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Marty Smith usually grates on me, but I found myself enjoying the interview by the end. There are couple really funny exchanges.

Newsome's interview was definitely the highlight. He gets to explain his decision to retire, the recovery process, and then helps break down the team's progress through camp. 

One new (?) tidbit was the medical staff actually cleared him to return but ultimately the consequences if he reinjured it was something he wasn't willing to accept. Grant is just an impressive, impressive young man. 


Watching From Afar

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Geez, just the fact that he got back to a place where the medical staff cleared him is impressive as hell.

I've never heard of someone with his injuries making it back to even practice. Definitely not someone who is 6'7" and 315 lbs.


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I missed the podcast last week that discussed the position battles, etc. 

If anyone else also missed it, here is the link;

Michigan head coach Jim Harbaugh provided an extensive update on fall camp during his latest "Attack Each day" podcast, discussing emerging stars, position battles and more.

Here are the highlights of what he said, focusing on his quotes regarding each individual player: 




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I could be missing something, but you don't often hear about people getting cleared again after injuries like what Newsome suffered. The road is tough enough, but that he apparently made it and decided to not risk it is a tribute to his character and strength and drive as a person, I think.