Happy Memorial Day POSBANG!!

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In honor of all of our loved ones who have served our country, Happy Memorial Day! Have a great start to your summer and take a moment to reflect on everyone who has given up so much to give us what we have today. Feel free to share memories and stories.

P.S. What is everyone drinking and eating today / roadtripping to or from??



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Thanks to the true leaders and best for the freedom we all enjoy and take for granted far too often.  Remembering several family members as I gather with friends and family this evening.


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Amen. Just left Washington DC. Went for a middle school trip and it was the first time I have ever been there. What an amazing trip. We packed a lot of stuff in a short period of time. But the history there...the monuments...the war memorials. I left there absolute amazed and proud to be a part of the best country in the world. Arlington National Cemetery exceeded my expectations. If you have never done a trip to DC I would highly recommend going.

Do your homework before you go...there is a lot to see.


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As a teacher/chaperone or a student? If student, you began posting here as a very young person. Kidding though, my first visit to DC was also a school trip, as a kid, and i love it there. 20 years later there is still a huge list of things to see each time I go. 


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Went with my wife before we had kids and spent a week there. Didn't come close to getting half of the things we wanted to. Arlington was amazing. So were all the other presidential monuments. The memorials are so humbling. I'm grateful we as a nation memorialize like we've done


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My dad recently passed on a prized family possession to me-- the flag that draped my grandpop's casket for his service in WW2. He served in the navy and toured around Japan. He and his best friend both made it home safely with minor injuries and shared so many stories of their time with me, including my pop meeting my grandmom when he came back for treatment.


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Very cool, and a prized possession indeed.

I had an uncle who was a Marine on Guadalcanal. When he died about five years ago, he had the military service at the cemetery, conducted by the Marine Veterans group to which he belonged. The two Marine Veterans who folded his casket's flag were both well into their 80's, and were having trouble getting their shaking hands and arthritic fingers to cooperate. Their final result was wrinkled and slightly lumpy and didn't have the neatest corners - but by God, you never saw a flag folded with more reverence.

Bless them all - the ones who came home, and the ones who didn't.


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a great day to just relax and remember those who have fallen.

might take the dog to the park or just chill and cook some hot dogs and burgers then crack open a bottle of Classic Coca Cola or two.  

might run to home depot and get some wood for a coffee table project.  not sure yet.


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Yeah apparently those are the rumors over there. I'd be surprised if it happened. I understand a guy leaving early, even if he's going to go undrafted, if there's no chance he improves his stock. But Matthews could be a 1st rounder next year.

It'd be very disappointing if he goes but if that's what he wants to do, good luck and go get paid. Hopefully he has impressed a team in a workout and has some sort of guarantee for this year in the draft.

True Blue Grit

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Here in Ann Arbor it has to be a record high for the day - probably around 95 right now.  Yesterday it was about the same.  

Remembering my Great Uncle John who died in the Pacific in WWII.  On my bucket list is to visit his grave in the Punchbowl in Honolulu.  Have a great Memorial Day everyone!


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A day to remember those that have given the ultimate sacrifice. This is the day to reflect on those that have fallen or passed away. I remember those that fought along side of me and I deeply appreciate those that have fallen well before my time. We salute and honor your dedication and service and I thank you for my freedom.

For those that have lost a family member, I share your tremendous loss and offer my deepest gratitude for their service! I wish you and your families a peaceful holiday of remembrance as you honor their memories and service to our great country. No matter where you are today, cemetery, BBQ, a game or just relaxing by yourself, please take a moment to remember.

Proud to be an American!

Walter Sobchak

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I celebrated by letting my 5 and 3 year old watch the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan.

Happy memorial day to all of our courageous veterans.

And, I'm also proud to be an American.


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The Coca-Cola 600.
A domination by Kyle Busch.
Props to him and the 18 car.

Tailgate was great.
No rain. BBQ. And beers.
A lot of beers.

God Bless those who served.
Are serving. And those who gave their life for us.


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It's not really a "celebration" holiday, but I'll spare everyone the preaching from some guy on the internet.

Instead, if you get a chance, re-watch the video of the football team in Normandy to get a feel for the solemn reflection that even young men a world away and 74 years later could feel intensely.




MI blue in OH

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All gave some, some gave all. Respect & deepest appreciation to each & everyone of them.

Yuengling Lager, chicken on the grill & rewatching Hell or High Water.


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Great 5 day weekend with family and the girlfriend at Surrey Lake. To punish myself for what I did to my body this weekend I just ran 4 miles. It was brutal.


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I find them all so humble.  I had a drink yesterday with a man that served in the Pacific during WWII.

I had an uncle that told me he was just a private and an orderly in a field hospital.  I found out later he parachuted into Normandy the night before D-Day to setup a field hospital.


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nam at khe-sanh.  he sent it to a bunch of us on friday and is talking about a friend of his, bill rider, who is getting interviewed about what they went through.  thought you might be interested, but for many it is a generation or two older: 

The Bill Rider that is mentioned below and will be honored with his story on Memorial Day is my good friend. He was in the 2nd Platoon commanded by my buddy Lt Connolly. I commanded 1st Platoon. Lt. John Ingvall 2nd Platoon

I do not know how much Bill will open up but he was with us at Khe Sanh and the Hill Battles that followed when we spread our love and affection upon the NVA. We broke out after 77 days of seige at 1:00 am on April 4 in a driving rainstorm. The 77 day seige of Khe Sanh was interesting but the frontal combat really began by taking Hill 471 at dawn on April 4th when our platoons assaulted the 66th NVA Regiment out of Hanoi. Successively we stormed up Hills 559, 689 and 681. All head on assaults. I guess you can say we were 12-0 for the season but God has away of telling you when you have done too much and things turn around.   

First Battalion 1/9 (Walking Dead) earned its name. Initially we were known as Walking Death. We took more contact and took more NVA than any other unit in Vietnam. Because of the intensity and constant combat we suffered more than any battalion through the war. I guess we were the 911 call for the Marines. We eventually became the Walking Dead. 


back to mgoblog:  for those that might not have studied this battle, it was a 40,000 NVA vs. 2.500 marines, and i believe it was launched during an alleged 'cease fire'.   anyway, some real life tales of our brave soldiers, and of course many did not make it home.  God bless their families and our country.  


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Remembering my Uncle George, 2nd Lt. in the Intelligence and Reconaissance Platoon, 36th Regiment, 25th Infantry Division. KIA, St. Patrick's Day, 1945 on Luzon, The Philippines.