Happy Birthday Marines

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Here's to you and to our Corps, past, present and future.  240 years strong



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Absolutely serious. I mean, I know the 7 Years War ended in 1763, and was quickly followed by a series of British taxes on the American colonies to recoup monies lost during that conflict with the French (such as the Sugar, Tea and Stamp Acts), but why would the Marines form 12 years later?


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When the Continental Congress in Philadelphia formed the first two battalions of what would become the Marine Corps, the idea was to have an infantry of sorts that would be capable of furthering the American cause (yes, this is about eight months before independence was formally declared) on land as well as at sea. That's my understanding in a nutshell anyway. 


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I ask my career destroyer (planner) to have Col. Mattis do it.  At the time Mattis was the 7th Marines Regimental CO.  The CP had told me Col Mattis is too busy, he's the Regimental CO.  He would'nt do it.  I said call him and ask because I served with him before and I knew him.  Long story short, he reenlisted me and then asked my Company CO what we were doing the rest of the day.  Field ops was the reply.  Col Mattis told my Company CO that I had the day off to drink a beer and spend the day with the wife.  Mattis is bad ass!!!


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I spent a tour as an instructor pilot at a Naval Air Station (rare for an AF pilot), but I had many Marine students in my day.  They were always the most prepared and had the best attitudes of any other students as a whole.  Loved working with them.  

God Bless the US Marines!


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Since so many Marines are in this thread, a question I always had: is "Semper Fi" more of a Marine to Marine thing OR is it more a greeting for everyone as long as its towards a Marine? 

Anyway, and more importantly,  Thanks to you all for your service!