Happy 22, 16! Open Thread

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You snooze you lose.  I will now bask in the warm glow of being the Creator of the Open Thread, and cordially accept all the benefits that come with said position.


B1G Games:

UAB at (16) Ohio State

CMU at Iowa

UTEP at Wisconsin


Games of Interest:

Virginia at (17) TCU

Maryland at (8) WVU


Not the biggest smorgasbord of early games, but I'd do anything for a few primers until 8pm...






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Your vitriol is spilling over this week, ND Sux.  As you request:


Super Bowl XLXI -

February 5, 2017

Los Angeles Browns at New England Patriots


Key storylines:

Brady attempting to get his 8th Super Bowl ring.

Browns seemingly have advantage due to new 'two hand touch' player safety rule which was implemented at the beginning of the season.


. Commence .



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In his old age, Jerry Jones channeled his inner Al "Plastic Pants" Davis and demanded to be in the Amurican Footbaw Conference, since he still bought into the fact that they were America's Team. 

Cleveland Browns owner, (and former minority owner of the Steelers) Jimmy Haslam, took this as an opportunity to troll the Browns fans, and moved the team to LA.  His rationale was "Who in their right mind would stay in Cleveland?"

That's pretty much it.


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A sign supposedly seen in the GameDay crowd already forming in Tallahassee: "Not Sure If Serious Or Just Clemson Football". Nice. I hope to see this one live later, if they show it. 



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This thread will never be irrelevant, so long as everyone involved is honest with themselves and open with their true feelings on this cold Saturday morning.  It feels, to me at least, that you are holding back.  This is a place of healing.  Do not be afraid to share.

ND Sux

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and loves to watch ND.  She hates them as I do, but she's hoping to bear witness to the inevitable head explosion. 

Lady ND Sux = awesomeness


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get put into a home sometime soon? I know this is something idiots often say, but kids from California, Texas and the south are not faster.

Using this logic, we should only recruit tall, skinny Jamacian nationals. Then we could totally run on everyone!