Happy 134th Birthday, Michigan Football

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Today, 134 years ago at White Stockings Park in Chicago, IL, Michigan played their first football game. Or "foot ball game" against Racine, winning 1-0 on a touch-down and goal kick. 

Irving Kane Pond (first in middle row) scored the first touch-down for Michigan. 


Account of the game from the Michigan Chronical

MVictors had a nice post about it today.



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Anyone know what the football team is doing at the airport? Gardner's twitter has a few videos showing him, Lewan, Gallon and a few other players there.

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I didn't follow recruiting back then, does anyone happen to know how many 5* recruits were on this team?  I feel like they all had to be since there were only 13 players!

edit: make that 12 players and 1 coach?


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Only 13 players is still mighty impressive.  I know the game was completely different back then, but we expect a team to suffer when filling a 2-deep with walk-ons.


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"To Avoid being tackled I was forced to mount the bleachers and run eastward along them until I was opposite the goal when I stopped suddenly and — fearing that a touchdown in the bleachers would not count– jumped over the heads of my pursuers to the ground.” - Pond's account of the touchdown

Regardless of the call on DeTarr's kick, it is hard to overlook that this referee had a very creative interpretation of what constituted "inbouds", at least in comparison to modern officiating. In any case, the legacy of Irving Pond exists in Michigan football lore and in the form of the Union and the Student Publications building, both designed by his Chicago firm, I believe. 

Happy Birthday, Michigan football!


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