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Submitted by Roy G. Biv on October 11th, 2015 at 10:11 AM

I sit in section 19 and could barely hear much of the halftime show, particularly the trumpet and trombone solos.  I'm very disappointed we had some of the best musicians in the world playing on our field and I couldn't hear them.  The only time I could really hear is when the entire ensemble of Philharmonic, chorale, band and alumni band played.  Did anyone else have this same problem?



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This was the only time this season the student section could hear the band, and it was because they wheeled out giant stacks of speakers for the mic'd up NY Phil/Brass section.


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I heard Dave Brandon bought cheaper instruments to save money, and was trying to get band members to "upgrade" to louder instruments (with Adidis logo) for a $500 fee and a 2L of Coke product.

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Just a continuing issue.  The band seems to be trained to sacrifice volume and presentation on the altar of finesse and technique.  Not a problem with an orchestra, but not exactly what the general marching band aims for.  It's gotten progressively quieter for as long as I've been going to games(94), and doesn't seem to be headed back to being loud anytime soon.


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Who was a demanding taskmaster in every respect, from the musical side to the marching-in-formation end of things. The musical advantage he had was that the vast majority of music that the band played was stuff originally written for marching or concert bands, so the translation to a large group marching around on the football field was reasonably direct.

When Revelli retired and George Cavender assumed control in '71, Broadway show tunes started becoming a standard part of the repertoire, and to say that the renditions were awful is an understatement.

Go Blue Eyes

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Michigan Stadium is great for football but it's not Carnegie Hall. I was in section 23 and heard the performance "ok" but I don't expect concert hall conditions. I did think it was very good none the less.


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Same here. I've never enjoyed a halftime show more than that one. So much better than the usual dork-a-thons ("Bueller? Bueller?"). It's nice to see all that talent utilized well.

Gob Wilson

October 11th, 2015 at 10:47 AM ^

Volume was low, even in sec 23 row 50. Good show though. Temptation and Hawaiian War Chant were played by the band with alumni band after the game. We always stay for the bands after as it beats fighting traffic.

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Sound is directional and its propogation is impacted by wind direction.  They have mic'd the band up for years, but that's hard to do with marching bands

The Titleist

October 11th, 2015 at 12:13 PM ^

I wondered about that. I sit in section 12. The speakers on the cart that were brought out to enhance were pointed north and south. I wondered what the experience was like on the sidelines. From where I was able to enjoy the halftime show from, it was easily a top fiver. Considering our opponent, it also felt like the university...specifically was playing to the crowd. Does this mean that next week we should anticipate a stirring rendition of the alphabet song?