Hakeem Flowers..whats the scouting report?

Submitted by cypress on January 21st, 2011 at 2:30 PM

First of all, this may have been previously discussed, but who did this guy piss off at Rivals and Scout? #87 WR for Rivals, #110 WR for Scout...with offers from Michigan, LSU, Oregon, UCLA, Miami, Auburn, Notre Dame, Oklahoma, Florida State, Nebraska, Tennesse...among others. I mean...something doesnt add up. ESPN has him as a 4 star FWIW. But ratings aside, we must like him if we prefer him over Lucien and it sounds like we have a very good shot. Anybody have any input on his game and/or the reasons behind the discrepancy between his rankings and offers?


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If he really has those offers, then Michigan should be pumped to be in the running for him.  I trust the multi-millionaire head coaches to identify talent better than whoever does it for Rivals.


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Did you see my message yesterday about getting touch with me if you're interested in a mentorship while at Michigan?  My pops (Michigan MBA) is a big-whig at Wal-Mart in the military recruiting area and mentored a Michigan MBA student last year.  He might have some good advice if you're interested . . .

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No, I didn't see that post.  I'm definitely interested in advice/help if he's willing.  I got in touch with MGoShoe through his twitter account via private message to get an email address.  If you have an account, it would be an easy way to get each other's contact info.  My account is zoneleft1.


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the reason that some services are lower on him than others is elite speed.  he's big, has good hands, agility, jump and ability to adjust to the ball, but is a tad slow.  i hate to make the same comparison that we've used a million times, but...think jason avant.


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Have been offered early by a lot of good teams who then decided not to recruit him more.
<br>Similar to Greg Brown. Lots of hype early, but doesn't develop as much his senior year.


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The reason the coaches want Flowers over Lucien is Flowers might be a bit bigger and fits the prototypical west-coast receiver mold better.  They are both certainly great players, but i would guess Flowers is more like the type of receiver we will see michigan recruiting now

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Per ESPN Insider

"Flowers is a tall, lanky wide receiver that is a long strider and with very good hands, toughness and playmaking ability. He is an elusive glider with long arms and makes for a large target with a wide catch radius.

He has a lean frame. He is one of those prospects that does many things well, but you just wish he were faster. He has good height and can present some mismatch problems. He is a natural hand catcher with soft, reliable hands. Big target that is smart and can find open areas vs. zone coverage. He is not real physical yet, but he is willing to go inside and catch in traffic.

Will make tough catches in traffic-- can catch with defenders around him, shows excellent concentration and focus and will extend above his head to snag balls at its highest point. Has excellent hands-- can make tough adjustments outside his frame. Knows how to elbow and position himself and use his frame. He can build up his speed quickly after the catch. He has a lot of big-play flair to him-- when matched-up one on one, he can win the jump ball.

However, Flowers despite his size and elusiveness lacks top end speed and sudden change-of-direction skills. He can win on vertical routes because of his size and ability to attack the ball and he has very good instincts, but we are concerned that at the next level he lacks the second gear and speed to get over the top of faster, quicker DB's and as a result may end up being more of a possession-type that is exciting and reliable.

Must bulk up and add strength to become more physical versus press coverage and in the red area. Overall, it is easy to see why Flowers makes an impression because he makes plays in all three levels of the passing game and has good measurables."


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He certainly isn't a blazer, but he looks like one of those guys with decieving speed due to his long strides. I know people make a big deal over the 4 star 3 star rankings. I liked what I saw from Lucien just like everyone else, but I think the offer sheet for Flowers speaks for itself. I know the big physical wideout isn't the flashy prosecpt that a deep threat, but I think has the chance to be one of the more physical wideouts in the conferences.

Edit: I don't see the jason avant comparsion, more like Brandon LaFell.


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at the past Michigan WRS.Most of them were tall.I don't know why Rivals and Scout are so low on him.He might redshirt because we do have alot of WRS.I think he will be a good player.GO BLUE!!!


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Just like anything in recruiting, I don't think offer lists can always be trusted.  Keep in mind that some 'round these parts also looked with a suspicious eye on Jeremy Jackson's offers from Florida, Texas, LSU, Tennessee, etc.

I'm not saying that Hakeem Flowers is a liar, but just because Scout.com or Rivals.com says he has offers from all kinds of awesome schools doesn't mean that they're strongly desiring his commitment.  Or that they've sent him an official offer letter at any point.

Personally, I'm not extremely high on Flowers.  If I had my choice, I'd choose Lucien.  And in this case, I'd tend to agree with the recruiting services' ratings more than the offer lists.