Hagerup apologizes, admits it was weed.

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He delivers a sincere apology for his mistake and it really sounds like he hopes to be back next year.  I really like the part where he describes the coaches as nice people who aren't yelling at him but rather concerened with his well being.  That's one of many signs of how great a coach Hoke is. 


"Without offering details, Hagerup said he lapsed into "old habits" and blames no one but himself. He was suspended the first four games of 2011 for violating team rules, and missed the 2010 Ohio State game for the same reason."


"Hagerup has been meeting with the staff and said he hopes to meet again with Hoke today. Hagerup added there has been no "screaming or yelling" from the coaches, and they have had good discussions."


Link: http://www.detroitnews.com/article/20121218/SPORTS0201/212180333/1131/s…



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Your opinion on marijuana does not matter. He is an athlete on a full scholarship to the University of Michigan. He knows the rules and the standard he is held to. He violated those rules and standards not once or twice, but THREE times. Also there is the small matter of breaking the law. That IS dumber than the fact that he has to worry about it.


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I have absolutely no problem with marijuana use being a violation of team rules, and not just because it's illegal (though that in itself is a legitimate reason).  It's established that marijuana use can be significantly detrimental to short-term memory for things such as verbal recall and number sequences, for a good 24 hours or more after use.  This link offers more detail:


People making the "But regular students can get high and still do okay" argument miss the point. These aren't regular students. They have a de facto job that takes up 30-40 hours of their week, a job that requires a ton of study and memorization on its own.

In a sport in which players have to memorize a lengthy playbook and quickly recall plays in a span of seconds when called in from the sideline, and where they are expected to memorize their opponents' tendencies from film study, anything that can impair short-term memory can hurt performance.   Not to mention that these guys have to take a full courseload of college classes and need to be able to perform there, too.  A lot of them are mediocre students to begin with; using a substance that affects their memory doesn't help. 




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Even if weed was perfectly legal, it would probably still be against team rules. 

Also, your argument is ridiculous. You can't give someone a pass (or even a partial pass) because the rule in place is dumb. Otherwise, you have to give Terrelle Pryor way more of a pass than you probably do now.


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I find the term "pothead" offensive.  Do we have a term like this for people that are occasional drinkers or who have to have a cup of coffee every morning?  Your point loses it's effectivness when you start labeling people you don't know.  

I agree with the sentiment that a rule is a rule whether you agree with it or not.  But don't label someone a "pothead" just because they think it's stupid to make a plant illegal.


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From my experience as a student, many athletes (all sports, not just football) do smoke weed and party often.  Most just do it out of season when they know there is not as tight of scruitiny and are notified of testing in advance.  The day after their season ends is a big night for this.  I will never forget how how hungover/stoned the hot womens soccer player in my freshman Spanish class was the day after the season was over.


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things like ADHD (lot of diagnoses, lot of pot smokers) and heavy pressure to make good. Huge among athletes, and everyone knows it. I'm ambivalent, because it's just as bad or worse for your health than cigarettes, but prohibition hasn't worked. 

Save the Puritan horseshit for someone else's post, please. We have all heard many times now that it's unacceptable to some of you anyway. Who cares. 

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4 strikes and you're out? At some point there have to be consequences. I would not take his schoalrship and I would give him a chance to graduate. But as far as the football team goes he should be off permanently. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me. Fool me thrice shame on me. Fool me...

Autocracy Now

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I think you have to judge each player and his attitude on an individual basis. There clearly are, and have been, consequences for his behavior. It just hasn't included permanent suspension. Coach Hoke and his colleagues have way more insight into whether Will has fundamental problems that affect his team and his ability to contribute.

My hunch is that Hoke thinks the weed thing is a significant violation simply because it is rule that is clearly out there for all to see. But I doubt he believes Will is a fundamentally flawed member of the team--he probably sees this as a simple hiccup that demonstrates a lack of intelligence more than anything. I expect Hoke will wait until after the season and keep people guessing at Hagerup's fate, but that in the end he will be back.

Blue in Yarmouth

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The problem is he has had consequences before for the same violation and obviously hasn't learned from it. I think of myself as a pretty understanding person, but I don't see any alternative to kicking him off the team. 

At this point you just can't expect that he will learn from the mistake or the consequences because he hasn't shown the ability to do that the previous two times.I feel bad for the kid and wish him well, but I just can't see another way in this instance.


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I would not take his schoalrship and I would give him a chance to graduate.

The appropriate punishment would be to take the scholarship. He can graduate without it, 99.5% of us do. Hell, I'd be ok with him staying on the team as a walk-on. But that scholarship is a privledge that many, many people who would represent the University in a much better light could use. Give that money to someone who appreciates it.


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But until the laws change, and the standards of the team change, you're bound to live by those rules and standards, regardless of whether or not you agree with them.

Maximinus Thrax

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You can buy a tub of it for around $80, and it should last you over a year.  Put a fingernail sized amount between two Oreo cookies and prepare for takeoff on a 5-6 hour journey.  No odor and no harsh effect on the lungs (good for athletes),   Make sure you have some Sun Ra and Steve Hillage records around just in case.


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feel bad for the kid.  He was on the fast track to the easiest career in the world (being an NFL punter--currently ranked as the #4 punter on draft boards).  Kiss that goodbye


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So what we get drunk

So what we smoke weed

We're just having fun

We don't care who sees

So what we go out

That's how it's supposed to be

Living young and wild and freeeeee.


Seriously though. Get your stuff together and get back next year, Will.


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how this always turns into a discussion about if weed should or should not be a punishable offence for athletes. Its notation rite to be on a team, its a privilege. The same rules that apply to the general public do not automatically apply to a team, group, or club. These kids damn well know the rules. From a middle school level and up you sign a code of conduct to participate on a team.


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It is a punishable offense because currently it is illegal and frankly is against team rules. We can debate if it should be legal, but even if it was legal the school could deem it against school/team policies. The issue here is the Hoke sees a kid with an issue and doesn't want to abandon him.


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There has been one person that thinks this shouldn't be a punishable offense. Everyone else has said pretty much exactly what u are saying, whether you think the rule/law is dumb or not, it's in place, and all athletes know that, and agree to abide by it.