Hackett: "No decision has been made" in regards to new apparel contract

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UM AD Jim Hackett said no decision has been made in regards to a new athletic apparel contract for Michigan

— Rachel Lenzi (@RLenziBlade) June 18, 2015

Didn't DrMantisToboggan post Michigan to Nike was a "done deal" hmm... I guess you need to recheck with your "sources"



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At this point I just hope they don't say anything. Just quietly transition to a new company or stay with Adidas. So sick of apparel threads an the people who are so wrapped up in every little rumor or statement put out there.


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their hand--whether the deal is complete or not, whether the decision has been made or not, etc.  

I will not abuse the reader with historical examples, but I'm not sure that Hackett saying "no deal" means Dr. Mantis Toboggan or his sources are wrong.  To me he seems sufficiently urbane to announce a deal on his own terms, whether or not that is convenient for us super-fans. 



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Can't remember who, but I seem to remember one of our former basketball players had that covered already. Arrested while running (swimming?) away from the cops in his birthday sit.


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Appreciate the shout out but they can't announce anything publicly before July. Since there was only one degree of separation between myself and Hackett's mouth, I am sticking to my information that the deal was agreed upon and finalized with an apparel company about 2 weeks ago. If you don't care to believe me that's fine, I'll still be able to sleep just fine.

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LOL I am not. I actually believe I said the feel I got from it was Nike, and other people on the board claimed to know/inferred that it was. I think it is Nike, that is the feel I got from my source. However, as I said in my original comment 2 weeks ago, my source would not tell me which company. Other people around town are saying Nike as well.

IF there is a falling out of the deal, it is because Hackett and Schlissel met with the regents (after making a hand-shake agreement) and a majority of the regents were strongly against leaving the adidas money on the table. I think Hackett will get everyone on board with Nike, especially with the amount of players and high profile coaches that want it.

I am 99% sure the deal is done (connected source, didn't hear it with my own ears)

I am 75% sure it is with Nike (source wouldn't say explicitly)

Michigan Arrogance

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Fwiw (not much), I've heard it's a done deal, that it's Nike and the money is very good for Michigan (likely the biggest apparel contract among universities). The regents tend to rubber stamp things like this unless they don't for whatever reasons, but we will all likely hear in 2-3 weeks

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This is what I am hearing too, although I am hearing it would be Nike's highest contract, not THE highest contract. Possibly, it would become the most lucrative if we reach Nike's sales projections (they are going to market the shit out of Jim and our return, something Nike will do very well).


But yes, 2-3 weeks is the time frame for an announcement. I DID say in my original post that one was coming "soon" because that is the word my source used. I guess we have different definitions of soon. Beginning of next month has always been the plan.


 Someone I know mentioned a couple regents possibly being weary of the upfront monetary difference between Nike and Adidas, but they also trust Hackett's decision making.


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Interestingly I met one of the two 2018 recruits who have been offered last week, Emil Ekiyor, and I told him that signs are pointing towards Nike. And to my surprise he said that he was hoping for Under Armor. Take that for what it's worth but the younger guys might view Nike and UA on the same level. News to me, though.

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UA is definitely a major player that hasn't reached its full potential yet. Nike is what it is. UA is still growing and has hit on 2 early athletes (Steph Curry and Jordan Speith). I am 100% fine with Nike or UA.

UA will have camps for sports soon enough. They already sponsor an All American game now too that has caught up to the Army game relatively quickly.


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But as I've said before. Last week I was a Arizona St. football Camp here in Southern Cali w my buddy and they are a new Adidas School and the catalog and the verbiage that I saw showed all the new Adidas stuff with all there new colors and the schools etc: I saw nothing of Michigan but did see all the other schools.

I hope we stay w Adidas If they offer the most $$ as I see it as a win for the other sports at the school. Just my thoughts and what I've seen.



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I love the traditional uniform far more than Nike. Whoever it is, don't fuck with the uniforms please. Including the best helmet in the history of mankind...hell, the universe for that matter.