James Burrill Angell

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This should surprise absolutely no one and if you listened to people who work down there and others in the know, all you heard was that it was a temporary deal. There has been talk since he started that he was there while the President continued to get comfortable in his seat and while he gets comfortable with whomever will become the permanent AD since Schlissel wants to hire someone and hopefully never have to stick his nose back down there again. Sounds like the predicted suspects are contacted (Jeff Long at Arkansas, Warde Manuel at UConn and Brad Bates at BC) but it sounds like there is a faction pushing for woman whose name escapes me. She's a former M athlete (I think track but not sure), in the M Athletic Hall of Honor and she works/worked  for Big Ten Network.



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My point is, she needs to go through the same career progression as the other three, and hopefully the University, and her supporters help her in that progression - as Bo helped Warde Manuel.

Without knowing who she is, or if she has held the position at another school, it is hard to tell.

To me this is related to the Durkin question - the way you get a qualified pool of candidates, is to rotate the good ones out to build thier careers so when you need them, they are ready (i.e., breathing out is just as important as breathing in.)


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For those who won't click on a Freep/Snyder link, the entire substance of this story is contained in the first paragraph:

The University of Michigan is expected to ramp up its search for a permanent athletic director this week, multiple people with knowledge of the situation told the Detroit Free Press. The permanent athletic director is not expected to be interim athletic director Jim Hackett, sources said.