Gus Johnson sucking up

Submitted by GoBluePhil on January 25th, 2012 at 10:43 PM
all night long to Izzo during the MSU-Minnesota game. I know he is a great play by play guy but this was ridiculous the way he lathered all over Izzo. Had to turn it off it was so bad.



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Gus Johnson jumped the shark this year when BTN started promoting HIM as the star. I suppose that was inevitable but commentators aren't supposed to be stars.



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I know I'm in the minority, but I think the guy is overated.  Like Brent Musberger, he likes to generate excitement even when the play is nothing special.


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Gus is great in a games where the stakes are high (i.e. NCAA tournament) and especially when you don't have a strong rooting interest. If you do, he can be annoying as hell when your team's opponent is doing well and his theatrics can come off as very contrived in standard regular season games.

Maize.Blue Wagner

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I appreciate an announcer who can get excited at the appropriate times during a game, but the presentation can become more about him than the game.  I found this to be especially true during the football games that he did for FOX.  There were times when I couldn't understand what he was saying because of his excitement.  What's the point in that? 

I think I would appreciate his qualities more if he was a "home team" announcer (i.e. Ufer), but if I'm watching a game in which I have no rooting interest, this style is not what I prefer to listen to. 

NOLA Wolverine

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Can we just have a generally formated MSU thread button? We can have the "They're not a rival," "I don't care about MSU," "His name is Tom," "Let me list the 25 carefully thought out reasons as to why I do not think about MSU," etc. comments that perpetuate into a 60 reply thread all preloaded and people can just sign their name to comments. This is getting really old. If we had a person who doesn't care about sports go through the thread titles over the past three months they would come to the conclusion that we care about MSU a hell of a lot more than we do OSU. While that will never be true for the Michigan fan base, it's pretty much reality on MGoBlog these days. 

San Diego Mick

January 25th, 2012 at 11:07 PM ^

The guy is an awesome announcer w/great fervor and is a huge M Fan. Me and my GF love to watch Boxing on HBO & Showtime and consider ourselves  authorities on the sport and we love Gus, he's a great Boxing announcer.


I wish he did NFL Games, I don't know what the hell some of you are talking about, the guy is one of the best!


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*sigh*.....I don't care about Tom Izzo getting 400 wins. Great for him, doesn't impact Michigan even remotely. Likewise I don't care about how MSU does against Minnesota seeing as Michigan controls it's own destiny right now. So I don't care if the announcing crew was all over Sparty or not, and I don't care what Gus Johnson had to say about MSU while announcing an MSU game. Enough with the pointless MSU updates

El Fuego

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They post about ANYTHING to diss Michigan and that is what makes them little brother.  They create posts to cheer against us and how Trey Burke "pouted like a bitch" (their words not mine) after missing a game winning shot.  I would hope that we at MGoBlog would hold ourselves to a higher standard than posting about every little bit of publicity Sparty gets.  We say things like "We don't care" or "State is our third rival" but we sure as hell don't act like it.


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Anyone who says Notre Dame is a bigger rival than Michigan State is a fucking knob. Please don't say "we" as if it's the norm.

It's an extremely intense rivalry, especially in current day. It is simply arrogant and stubborn to say otherwise. They are rival #2 and that's only because Michigan has a special and unique competition with Ohio State.

That being said, I don't endorse RCMB level obsession for anything.


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Most Michigan fans grew up in Michigan. Thus, #2 with a bullet.

Honest question: This coming season, will you actually be watching the Notre Dame game with more intensity, passion and respect for the consequences than you will be in the Michigan State game? Given recent results and, you know, that new thing called the Legends Division standings, I can't imagine it would be even close no matter where you grew up.



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Honest answer: Absolutely I will.  In Indiana, ND fans pop out of the woodwork whenever they win and I take all the shit from it just like people in Michigan from MSU fans.  We saw multiple threads about the shit people take from MSU people when they win is it that hard to believe that ND fans do the same thing?  I want to win every game but the OSU and ND games are levels above every other one for me and it isn't close.

El Fuego

January 26th, 2012 at 12:07 AM ^

Maybe most Michigan fans grew up in Michigan, but Michigan is one of the most popular universities IN THE WORLD.  In Germany, I had a bunch of people come up to me and say Go Blue!  It's not exclusive to the state.  There are fans EVERYWHERE that cheer for Michigan with as much passion as the next fan.  So for those a lot of us who didn't grow up in the state, Notre Dame may very well be #2.

And yes, I will be watching Notre Dame with as much "intensity, passion and respect for the consequences"


January 26th, 2012 at 8:41 AM ^

I personally agree with you but everybody has a right to their opinion which I think you said already. I am originally from out of state but now I can't fathom MSU putting win number five in a row next year.

Also, I look around the league and the greatest threat to Michigan being on top of the college football world is the ess eee cee which to me puts them up there in terms of rivalrys.

Of course becoming a football fan in 2006 will make your viewpoint different than someone who began watching during the Ten Year War. For me Alabama is almost as important as OSU next year.

El Fuego

January 26th, 2012 at 12:39 AM ^

Conference games mean a hell of a lot more now, but I put a lot of stock in every game, it does not matter the opponent.  Every game is important and I cheer my ass off for Michigan, even if they play Eastern.  And if there was every a time to stress the importance of Notre Dame, it would be last year.  We went to a BCS bowl because we beat Notre Dame and State didn't.  Sure, losing to State meant no Big Ten Championship, but every game is still important and we would not get such a great consolation prize

It may sound illogical, but I am not changing my opinion on the rivals just because of the divisions.  If that was the case, State would be a bigger rival than Ohio and I cannot comprehend this being a possibility.  Bo would roll over in his grave if heard us saying this.

EDIT: And concerning Notre Dame, they mean a lot more when it come to national relavence and recruiting.  State is mostly an inter-state thing and we mostly battle them in state for recruits.  But let's face it, more talent lies in other states, like Ohio, and that's where beating Notre Dame counts the most

El Fuego

January 25th, 2012 at 11:58 PM ^

I hated Notre Dame with a passion.  My father (who loved in Ann Arbor for 15 years) told me Notre Dame was our second biggest rival so that is what I truley believe and most other Michigan fans I talk to (fellow current Michigan students) agree with me.

We can certainly make a case that State in #2 and it is as intense as it gets, but do not call me a "fucking knob" because I say Notre Dame is a bigger rival.  I am not the only person on this blog who thinks this.


January 26th, 2012 at 12:19 AM ^

Hey when I was a little kid I might have put more into the ND rivalry than OSU (late '80s/early '90s). Obviously, priorities changed.

ND was a pretty sweet rivalry when Lou Holtz was there and they were perenially top 5 with a serious Heisman contender every year. It has lost a TON of luster since then and the MSU rivalry is taking on more significance by the season.

Post-Holtz ND has been the epitome of mediocrity and quite frankly they are growing a little boring. Seeing those gold helmets doesn't conjur up what it used to.



El Fuego

January 26th, 2012 at 12:29 AM ^

Clearly different backgrounds shape each fan's view of each rivalry.  I have to agree, Notre Dame now is a bit of a joke and we need to focus on beating State for the Big Ten championship and breaking that losing streak.  I still want to beat the snot out of both of them.

P.S.- Why do your posts continue to get negged?  I am enjoying this conversation


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as intense as it gets: for MSU. MSU is a stepping stone. Michigan is the destination and the Spartan fan base will always feel Michigan is their biggest rivalry. MSU's petty behavior- fans, players AND coaches show they simply do not measure up. 4 wins and Dantonio still has an insecurity complex. Almost a decade of dominating austin basketball and they still find away about bringing up Michigan even if we're not playing- I love it! Poor Tim Stoudt and other EL sportsguys who are completely obsessed with talking about Michigan. it's pathetic and yet so entertaining as the Wolverine fan.


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Gee, Sherlock, I don't know.  Why don't you go over there and read their "SIAP: Woman has two vaginas" thread, and then come back and tell us.  Or the pic of Denard and Lebron pic thread entitled "Which one is the bigger douchebag?"   Or the pic of Bo's grave with the caption, "Cool story, Bo."  Or, the best, "In defense of the Izzoner who yelled at Hummel."

Yeah, buddy.  We're EXACTLY like RCMB.

Section 1

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He is unlistenable.  He is a self-parody.  One of the two or three most insufferable people in his business.  I watched the last 90 seconds of that MSU win; it was all I could stand.  I wondered at first if the game was 99-99 in the fourth overtime.  Or if Izzo had just eclipsed Adolph Rupp's coaching record or something.  Izzo got #400.  There are about 70 college coaches with 600 or more wins to their credit.  I don't know, but I don't think that Izzo is within the 100 winningest coaches in college history.  Gus Johnson made it sound like it was the seventh game of the intergalactic championship series.


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He is unlistenable. He is a self-parody. One of the two or three most insufferable people in his business. I watched the last 90 seconds of that MSU win; it was all I could stand. I wondered at first if the game was 99-99 in the fourth overtime. Or if Izzo had just eclipsed Adolph Rupp's coaching record or something. Izzo got #400. There are about 70 college coaches with 600 or more wins to their credit. I don't know, but I don't think that Izzo is within the 100 winningest coaches in college history. Gus Johnson made it sound like it was the seventh game of the intergalactic championship series

- A teary-eyed Section 1, to the mgoboard; January 25, 2012. MGoBlog,