growth curve for secondary?

Submitted by sheepman on September 14th, 2010 at 11:15 PM

Are there any football coaches (or knowledgeable others) out there who can give me a round about for how long it takes to see considerable difference in experience in a YOUNG secondary?

Like losing weight or playing an instrument, it seems that one could reasonably have quick growth in the beginning and then plateau out for awhile.

Is it 4 games? Is it a whole season? Is it different for every player? How long does it take for a group to gel and begin to look experienced?




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Some players can come in and make an immediate impact.  There are a lot of things that play into this.  Athleticism, how well they interpret film, how they take to coaching, how they fit into the scheme, and much more.  I would say that once our Michigan team has good depth at the position is when it will start to show good improvement.  We have had a lot of injuries and transfers that have really hurt our depth.  Players that were not anticipated to play are now being forced to not only play, but step up and play at a high level.  Generally players get better as the season progresses and they get a grasp on all of the things that make them a better football player.  A common saying late in the year is that Freshmen start to play like Sophomores, and that's generally true to some degree.  I would say that we are certainly in for a game or two where we get torced in our secondary that directly leads to a loss or two but that we should also see some noticable improvement throught the rest of the season.  Couple that with an excellent defensive recruiting class and hope for no attrition in the secondary and it will again be on the right track.

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Along these lines, hasn't Cullen Christian looked very much like a raw freshman so far, especially when it comes to tackling.  This is not to knock him -- he is a raw freshman.  But, still, it reminds us that it takes some time to acclimate.  Thankfully, our starting corners are looking serviceable.  Now we just have to get Cam to take the right angle and we can be passable.  I think Cam will work out, but the Big Ten season is sure to test him pretty severely.  Hopefully last week's experience really was instructive for him.


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Athleticism is the most important attribute for the secondary. You'll see a big change once the players get so comfortable in the scheme that there's no thinking just reacting. They're getting close and much better on 3rd and longs but time will tell.


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So they have a chance to make a couple mistakes.  The next key is how they learn from the mistakes.  Case in point: Cam Gordon.  I have a lot of faith that he'll turn himself around after getting burned those couple of times.  The mentality you have coming down the seniority (like JT Floyd responding so much better to coaching this year) is really going to drive the youngest guys to study hard and play harder.

Also... instrument? BanD?! RABBlerabble...

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Hate to make a judgement on two games, but he looks like a bigger slower Stevie Brown at safety.  I give him credit as nobody expected him to play safety at this level and he is doing his best.  It's obvious he has never played the position before and it is a major adjustment.  I have never seen a true DB still back pedaling 45 yards from the LOS. 

The CB play has been better than last year IMO.  It would help if we get some more pressure on the QB so he doesn't have all day to throw.  Maybe Gerg needs to call Dick Lebeau to pick up some of his zone blitzes.   I would like to think we can make the QB throw it quicker and the secondary can keep the play in front of them for short yardage gains.


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Honestly, I really think this is just a matter of one guy (Cam Gordon) getting it together.  Floyd, Rogers and Kovacs have played adequately.  They've shown excellent instincts for the ball.  People need to be patient with Cam.  It's not an easy position to learn and he's in his first year playing it (he was a WR last year).