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Submitted by jsquigg on October 26th, 2017 at 5:12 PM

So, I hope something productive comes out of this but if I get negged to oblivion, so be it.  My reasoning is as follows:  We have the coach we all wanted and the team is young.  They are obviously more prone to swings of emotion and discouragement, exponentially more than we the disappointed fans.  I was thinking we mgoblog "members" could come up with a way, whether via social media or otherwise, to bombard the players and coaches with support to try to positively influence the team by taking a bit of pressure off of them.  Our fanbase can be brutal when things aren't tip top (and to be honest even when they are).  This may seem like a pie in the sky line of thought, but I'd rather be a part of something positive at this point than dwell on and emphasize deficits.



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Don't boo a bunch of 17-22 year olds.  And don't try to boo and hide behind the theory that you're "booing the coaches, not the players."  Kids hear the boos and don't separate themselves from the coaching staff when they hear it.  They take it personally and it doesn't motivate them to play better for your benefit.  It turns them and recruits off.


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Go make a huge paper banner that says "Thank you Michigan football, we support you no matter what" and hang it on the brick wall along the Schembechler parking lot.


It'll be taken down in a couple hours, but maybe the players will see it first.


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Trying to kill time while waiting for the offense UFR? I'm starting to think this may have been the game to finally kill Brian. I picture him curled up in a ball in the corner of his mom's basement with his eyeballs plucked out by forks and him bleeding to death from his empty eyeball sockets. Gruesome imagery, I know, but Halloween is next week.

P.S. As a kid, we used to joke that Meijer had everything you need and you could actually live there. Well, now that dream has become a reality:…



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The dreaded office sympathy card, always tough to think of something to write on those.  Especially if  the standard phrases ("sorry for your loss", "get well soon", etc.) are already taken and you have to come up with somethign creative so you don't write the exact same thing as someone else.


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We could make a giant banner that says "GO BLUE, WE SUPPORT YOU" and at every home game we raise it at midfield and the players can jump up and touch it as they exit the tunnel.

/pats self on back for genius idea


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We could just throw an old fashioned impromptu pep rally. I tried once but Dave Brandon had claimed all rights to do that at the time.

Michael Burnham

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Why don't we not send something on social media and try not to look like some creepy middle-aged concern troll to the team?  

Just let them concentrate on the things they have to do during the week and then go out and yell your head off in support on Saturday when they're playing.  


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Not a freak out.  Everyone is anxious about everything, but if our crowd was kick ass and we were as relentlessly supportive as we are cynical and suicidal, we might make 0.01% more difference.  But seriously, let's care 120% more positively, because delusion solves everything!


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On this board and in society is that if people don't agree with something you say they hate you and they don't want to work together or be open to others opinions. Tolerant until someone disagrees with you. I have lurked on this board for about 8 years, never created an account until last week, posted what was deemed a horrible thread (Harbaughs fiery attitude) and basically people have talked shit to me, belittled me and begged me to death. Oh and called me a troll. I love this website, read it every day and will continue to, tell everyone about it and to be honest the way people have treated me because I wanted opinions on something Michigan related has made me really think a lot of people here are nasty human beings. I have thick skin, I've been through more in my life than I had ever imagined but I can't get along with people on this board because I don't say the things many of you want me to say. Thank you for all the posts and content. Childish and sad how disrespectful through a keyboard many of you are. That being said I will probably never create a thread again when and if I'm able lol. I will still put comments if I feel like, although I'll get engaged because I don't agree with certain people. Even if I have good information I'll probably keep to myself because so many of you are underserving. That being said, Go Blue and chill out with the group think unless it helps the team.

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You still don't get it and you're still upset about it, talking now about it here.

It was a truly horrible thread because it's been there's been numerous on here through the last few weeks, just like it. Someone who's been lurking for years as you say you have would have realized that but instead, you posted, got negged and doubled down.