Groban mocks Rodriguez

Submitted by BlueinDC on December 3rd, 2010 at 3:15 PM

Singer Josh Groban posted this on his (verified account) Twitter page this afternoon:

Coach Rodriguez, I'm very flattered but crying to You Raise Me Up is SO five years ago. #playwelcometothejungle

Update, 3:22 p.m.: Posted intentionally without comment. Readers can draw their own inferences.



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@ is the account name. It helps find tweets for that person. In this case @joshgroban is the poster, but if you add that to a tweet, he will see it. # basically signifies a category. If I posted "#Michigan beats #Illinois 67-65 in 3OT. #FootballScores" anyone searching for Michigan, Illinois, or general football scores will find that.

Huntington Wolverine

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He got choked up talking about raising up the young men that he and other coaches have invested in and they're committed to raising up the young men on the team.  Then he turned the concept around and gave a nod to the way the players have raised and lifted up him by sharing their accomplishments (and anyone who invests in the younger generation can agree that their success lifts them up).  It was a good tribute to the players and how they encourage the coaches indirectly through their own success on and off the field. 

RR made jokes about the hot seat and gave a classy speech overall.  He expressed a large amount of thanks to everyone and the purpose of playing the song was a tribute to the people who have been encouraging the staff and they've raised them up in all the difficulty.  He also shared that the players deserve people focusing on the positive more than the negative.  Awards banquets are always cheesy (and he acknowledged it was cheesy but fitting).   Made a great point about all eras being unified as well - "One Michigan, Proud of Every Era".  He wasn't begging for his job and anyone who claims he was is a liar. 

Audio here: if anyone missed it:

Click the "Rich Rodrigue Speech" link

a non emu

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I just listened to You Raise Me Up by this Groban guy. Man, that's one sappy, shitty song.

But no offense to RR though. Whatever floats your boat I guess. At least he is sincere!


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so what I am thinking is that she played it once and he really wasn't listening and she asked him what he thought and he was all like 'yah thats cool' and b/c he wasn't really paying attention he had no idea what song it was and now everytime she plays it he has to pretend he likes it or otherwise his wife will know that he doesn't pay attention to her

just a guess


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No matter how hard I try, I cannot listen to more than 5 seconds of this guys music. Maybe rich rod was crying because his music is just that bad...


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should've chosen somebody who would be more appreciative of the free pub. Michael Bolton, perhaps? Surprisingly funny- I assumed Groban eschewed laughter and jokes for "good cries."


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no shit if a fruit like groban is making fun of us it's bad. i think we are turning into the joke of college football. firing RR is only going to make it worse. All the fire RR people need to be careful for what you ask for.


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Groban is making a joke.  Remember those things?  Someone should tweet him to use a "/s" so people won't have to be "officially embarassed" if he references Rich Rod again. 


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I think Mike Barwis's glare and disdain for that Groban song could have bent the soundwaves in mid-tune and morphed them into percussionist guitar riffs of Metallica's Orion tune. 


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But who's Josh Groban?  Maybe I'm old, but I've never heard him.  More to the point, why does BlueinDC getting twitter blasts from him?  I don't get Twitter (too old I gues).  I can't imagine giving a sh**.  I just don't care.


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Re. Groban - You're not missing much.  He's lame.  He sings really sappy songs that middle aged ladies (and apparently RR) sit around and cry to while they listen.

Re. Twitter - Also kinda lame, IMO.  I don't get it either and I'm under 30.  Actually, someone posted a nice little post above that explains Twitter in a nutshell quite well.


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Other Big Ten schools piping in this damn song whenever they're beating us...the bright side is he could've picked a song like Puff Daddy's "Public Enemy #1"


Lets go,
thats that beat right here
who should I fear
throw your hand in the air
socialise, get down, let your soouulll lead the way
cause i'm that enemy that you can't see
who you wanna be, you ain't shit to me
It ain't hard for you to get to me
playa, my own dogs, they'll spit fo me
so if you want whats mine, you gots to have the heart
I've seen em come and i've seen em part
If you ain't want beef then why did you start?
Front from the light catch shots after dark
suffer duck or you'll catch these
on the spot, red dots make em all believe
ain't nobody kicking the rhymes like these
see I do the things that they can't achieve
so don't start bassin' an' i'll start pacing
bets on that you'll be discracing
more hotter than the sun,
I'm living on the run
because i'm Public Enemy number one



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This is bad.  It is like really bad.  He really played that song and held hands with Frank Beckman?  This is really bad.  God bless you Coach Rod, but.......

This is bad..