Griese: WTF

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He's like the antithesis of Herbie, not sure he can say anything positive about his alma mater




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Yeah I'm super annoyed by all the talk about USC as a top 6, or even 10, team.  If we're not going to look at record at all then we might as well skip the whole season and just pick the 4 teams that look the best in practice.  Winning is the most important thing, and it isn't just about talent.


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Though the system was actually created the way it was thanks to UCLA's 6-6 team that played in the Pac 12 Championship game against Oregon, USC is the kind of team that illustrates why they don't just give champions an automatic berth.  Sorry, but three losses are at least one too many and probably two too many.  The whole season counts: not just the last half.


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1) He's probably picking USC to win the Pac-12.  If CU loses to Utah, USC goes to the Pac-12 title game.

2) When the first Sunday in December rolls around, there aren't going to be many teams with less than 3 losses.  In the scenario Griese has (USC winning the Pac-12), the only team from the Pac-12 that could have less than 3 losses would be Washington, who would have lost to USC 2x.

The SEC is probably only going to have one team with less than 3 losses.  The only teams with less than 3 losses in the SEC right now are Bama and Florida.   

The ACC only has two teams with less than 3 losses - Clemson and Louisville.

The Big 12 right now has 3 teams with less than 3 losses - OU, OSU and WVU.  OU and OSU play each other so at best, there will only be 2 teams with less than 3 losses.

The Big 10 has 5 teams with less than 3 losses right now.  


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His opinion is that Ohio State will beat Michigan and then Wisconsin will beat Penn State in the Big Ten Championship game.

That isn't an unlikely senario.

HOWEVER, it is entirely up to Michigan to knock two off the red teams down and put the maize and blue up!  #BeatOhio


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So because the refs let state tackle d lineman in the fourth quarter Michigan looked rough that game?
They were up by 20 point half way though the fourth and milking clock. Just because state scored twice in garbage time, with the help from the refs, does not mean it was rough. It was over at half.


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Thank you. But this is the type of reaction that you get from box score fans. All they think matters is the final score. While they're correct when it comes down to a Win or Lose situation, simply looking at the score of the game isn't always indicative to how the game was played.

It's the same from people who claim we would have lost to Colorado if Liufau wasn't injured. They ignore the fact that Colorado led 21-7 after the first quarter, and Michigan was ahead 31-28 when Liufau left. The momentum had already shifted entirely by the time he got hurt, and outside of Liufau's 70 yard bomb on one leg, Colorado gained less than 50 total yards in the second quarter and half of the 3rd (when Liufau left with injury).

Then you get people who complain of only beating State by 9. It was over at halftime, Michigan went into clock chewing mode and the game was still a two score game (13 point Michigan lead) with 1 second left until MSU scored (and then Peppers made it a 2 score game again).

Every fan base has them. A group of people who simply look at the final score and determine whether the team struggled or not, and others who watch the games and understand the strategy and scenarios and what is actually going on.

At the end of the day, the win or loss is all that matters. Some people just have to be able to grasp the concept that the final score isn't always indicative as to how close a game is. Michigan more than doubled Wisconsin in yards, won by 7, our kickers missed three fairly easy field goals, and Wisconsin's only score was coming off of an interception that was returned to the Michigan 30. The final score had Michigan by 7, but the play on the field didn't have that look.


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Michigan held MSU to 170 total yards and held a 30-10 lead at the start of the 4th quarter. In the 4th, Michigan went into clock chewing mode (admittedly, maybe a little early) and the refs decided to make some questionable (to put it lightly) no-calls in favor of MSU that allowed some sustained drives. When there was 2 seconds on the clock, Michigan still held a 13 point lead.

I fail to see how that's "struggling"


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Where did I say we are going to be blown out? Way to reach and make assumptions.

What is embarrassing are irrational fans who can't comprehend or participate in objectivity.

I rather be cautiously objective and realistic than "lulz we gonna hang 40 on Iowa" ignoring all the trap game pitfalls.

Odds are against us. That doesn't mean they're going to run up the score or we're going to lose. JFC...I can't really believe I have to actually explain that? Unreal.


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I think you can argue that he might have been a little harsh with some of his comments about Michigan during his broadcast earlier this year, but I don't think this is unreasonable.  OSU has beaten Michigan 11 out of 12 or whatever it is so it's not like it's far-fetched that it will happen again.  I much prefer him to give an actual opinion on the matter than to slobber all over himself when talking about his alma mater like Joey freaking Galloway does.

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Line opened up at Ohio State -6.5 and I really can't decide if that's good or bad.  Michigan hasn't looked great on the road, their offense will grind to a halt if O'Korn/Speight can't bounce back on the road.....its the type of game where they're going to need some defensive TOs or a special teams TD.


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the hottest teams instead of teams that have been ranked the highest recently.

Michigan needs to really figure things out because the offense isn't good enough right now to beat those teams, especially OSU.