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...evaluation of Ron Thompson by MW coach Browning Nagle.

Former NFL quarterback Browning Nagle (six years in the NFL Jets/Colts/Falcons) on Class of 2013 Michigan quarterback commit Shane Morris:

Shane Morris is the quintessential quarterback and young man. He’s very polite and his talent is incredible for a junior to be. His talent and some of the throws he makes, those are the throws you can’t teach. The dynamic nature of his talent, combined with the way he is as a person and when you put it in the broad spectrum, he’s way ahead of the game. There’s some things he will have to incorporate into his game. Consistency, is one as it is for all young plays. He’s got touch, but he has to learn to be a pitcher at times and not just a thrower. He has to become more of a pitcher at times, feel the areas and then continue to use that hose that he has got. In yesterday’s workout, his foot work was good and his drops had the correct depth.”

Nagle on three-star tight end Ronald Thompson, who has impressed:

“Our tight end has been good. He’s doesn’t cover much ground, but he plays every down because we don’t have a sub for that position. He’s got the softest hands, he really does. With a quarterback like Shane (Morris), the ball gets there a lot quicker than these guys are used to, but he hasn’t had a problem. Some of the other guys have struggled because Shane has thrown some ball that have beaten guys up, but he hasn’t struggled at all. I really think he and Shane have been remarkable.”

Here's 247Sports recruiting analyst JC Shurbutt's take on Day 1 of the event including his evaluations of Morris (glowing), Terry Richardson (stock down) and Wayne Morgan (stock down).

Shane Morris, QB, Warren (Mich.) De La Salle (Class of 2013)

While he’s made a reputation as one of the best passers in the country regardless of class, at first glance Morris also is a fluid athlete. Of the four quarterbacks at the event, he sits in the pocket with the calmest feet and makes the most throws in balance. Morris was especially impressive throwing the ball in the seams and in the intermediate game against the Southwest squad (Morris plays for the Midwest). There is little doubt that the Michigan commit is the most talented quarterback prospect at the event.

Wayne Morgan, CB, Brooklyn (N.Y.) Erasmus Hall

Morgan struggled during both games. He looked confused and unsure of himself in coverage for the majority of the games, though he did appear to be more comfortable toward the end of the second game. We still are high on his ability, but he did not impress as he normally does in this setting. He could end up being a nickel at the next level.

Terry Richardson, CB, Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech

It’s not that we don’t think Richardson, a Michigan commit, is an outstanding football prospect, we just probably have him rated a bit too high. His size is a concern and he’s not as dominant in coverage in this setting as we expected. Still, he has good feet and has the moxie to play the position in college.

Wolverine in 312

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Terry is having the better weekend at Gridiron Kings. Teams are picking on Wayne as a cornerback. He's been burned several times. It seems Terry is playing well. 

Note: T-Rich's interview on scout about taking other interviews is disconcerting. Shane seemed concerned wrt Terry in his, as well. 


Richardson interview:

Morris Interview:

Scout Liveblog:



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At the risk of pointing out the obvious, let me say that chemistry matters, and matters a lot. If Ron Thompson is in sync with Shane, that suggests to me that he should move up on our radar. I don't know why we got less involved with him for a while, but maybe we should be involved again.

Also, one of those things that I am not qualified to speak on, but will anyway - I am kind of interested in the idea of Ron and Devin Funchess catching balls at the same time. You'll notice that I am not calling them WRs or TEs. I don't know what they are any more than anyone else.

However, if both of them were catching passes at the same time, the D would have issues. Neither has that top end WR speed, but both are quicker and more nimble than a LB can handle. It just seems like if they were both going out at the same time, it might overwhelm the D.

Also, Michigan receivers have historically been great blockers as far as WRs go. Put Ron and Devin in motion at the same time, and I think the RBs would thank us.

Did I just take this long to say that if Ron Thompson is still interested in us, that I am interested in him? Cuz i think that I am . . . . 


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I don't know the exact penalty (maybe illegal procedure) but you can't have more than one guy in motion at the snap of the ball. 

You can do a "shift" where multiple guys move at the same time before the ball is snapped (you will see this with audibles), but all but one guy needs to be set for at least a second before the ball is snapped (e.g. if four guys "shift", then at least three of them need to be set for one second before the ball is snapped; the fourth guy could still be in motion when the ball is snapped).


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Espn said this about him. "If Shane were in this class he would be a top five or six guy in the country," Luginbill said. "He has great arm strength and a wonderful, compact delivery. He has things you can't coach."


July 24th, 2011 at 3:55 PM ^

I think he meant top five or six QB, right now he is either equal or just a little worse than Keil who is #20 overall (apparently Keil just got moved behind James Winston on the espnu 150). Shane still has a year to develop and shine under the spotlight before he is ranked, so I am sure he will make his stock rise even more.


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I was at work talking to a de la salle parent and he was talking to me about Shane and his ability. He mentioned to me that his son was a wr and then brought up the stat that Shane didn't throw a touchdown in league play last year. While I don't think this says anything about his ability in no means, Ive played high school football and know to take stats with a grain of salt, all things considered I was a little shocked after hearing that.

Wolverine in 312

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It wouldn't allow me to edit my post, but I assume it went something like this: 

We were seeded 4th and played the #1 seed in the SE. We beat them and go to the finals. Sweet! We get to watch on ESPNU tomorrow.


Apologies for the excessive number of uninformed posts wrt brackets. 


July 24th, 2011 at 4:10 PM ^ the prelims and were seeded fourth in the semis. Then they went out and defeated the SE team they lost to this morning in the semis. On to the finals for them.

Biggest upset in gridiron kings short history, Midwest defeats southeast 18-14 in semis after going 0-3 in prelims
The Midwest/North team won its first game when it counted behind some strong defense, Ronald Darby, and left arm of Shane Morris


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...21-7. Some criticism of Shane Morris:

Shane Morris had a couple of balls dropped to open the 2nd half. I'd like to see him more supportive of his teammates.

Ron Thompson and Shane Morris connecting well.

Shane Morris finds Ron Thompson over the middle. Thompson is incredibly light on his feet for how big he is. OG body with WR skills

Morris hooks up with VT commit JC Coleman and the score gets closer.

Shane Morris to JC Coleman for a TD, the INT was cashed in for points and we have a game at 21-13 SW leads

And more on the Morris supporting his teammates meme.

Directors just had QB Shane Morris run out and encourage his defense with cameras in tow. A little too staged for my taste #madefortv