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Shane Morris and target Laquon Treadwell are playing together on the Midwest team in the Champion Gridiron Kings 7-on-7 Tournament this weekend.  Pool play competition started today with the Tournament final Sunday at noon ET (stream live on ESPN3 and broadcast at 7pm ET on ESPNU).

EDIT #1: Tournament bracket is set: West vs. Southeast. Midwest vs. Southwest. Winners advance to final at 12pm ET (live on

EDIT #2: Midwest will play Southeast in final. In the semis, Midwest beat Southwest 20-14, and Southeast defeated West 26-20.

EDIT #3: Southeast defeats Midwest 47-19. Morris didn't have the same rhythm in 2nd half. If you watch the tape delay on ESPNU tonight on 7pm, I recommend turning it off at halftime.

The bad news: Midwest team has opened the tournament 1-2.  Midwest lost their opener vs. the West 27-21 after Morris could not connect with Treadwell on a fade on 4th and goal. Midwest then lost their 2nd game vs. the Southeast 20-7. Midwest pulled out their first win in the final game of pool play with a Morris 65 yd TD pass in the final minute vs. the Southwest 20-14.

The good news: Reports have Shane and Laquon developing nice chemistry on the field.

Morris and Treadwell are starting to develop a nice connection out here. Several hookups on the day. #Wolverines #GridironKings

It's been Shane Morris to LaQuon Treadwell all day for the Midwest team, best kind of recruiting pitch a QB can make to a WR...

Shane Morris/LaQuon Treadwell developing chemistry

Pool Play Standings

Southeast 3-0

Southwest 1-2

Midwest 1-2

West 1-2

- Day 1 Top Performers (Both have Laquon Treadwell in top 10):

Summary from most recruiting sites: Laquon Treadwell and FSU WR Tony Stevens were the 2 best WRs.  Best DBs were Vernon Hargreaves, Quin Blanding (2014), Leon McQuay, & Marcell Harris (3 of the 4 on the SE team). QBs were not standouts but Shane Morris best of the four. Other standouts were TE OJ Howard and LB Matthew Thomas.



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Also add into the bad news is that treadwell plans on taking OFFICAL visits to okst ok and one other one ( I feel like he said Bama not lsu) saw it on twitter and I'm on my phone right now. The saga will continue for a while it seems.


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JC Shurburtt


UrbanRenewal said...

Midwest would have won if they had a different QB than Shane Morris. He is the most overrated player in the country by far. Also it looks like he didn't get Ezekial Elliot or Jalin Marshall involved at all. That just shows he would rather hold a bias against the two best athletes on the team just because they are Buckeyes. @ Too bad JT Barrett couldn't be on the midwest team!!!



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For invite only camps like The Opening, Elite 11, and Gridiron Kings travel is paid for. The regional camps you have to attend to get an invite to these camps you have to pay for yourself though. Essentially the entry fees for tons of crappy recruits pay for the really good ones to travel all over the country.


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Here are some tweets from Greg Biggins who is covering the event. Looks like Morris to Treadwell is working just fine

Shane Morris with a strike to Laquon Treadwell near the end zone is dropped

1st play of the half, Morris deep skinny to Treadwell, who weaves his way to the 1yard line

Morris hurt by dropped balls and west takes over

Morris to Treadwell, great over the shoulder catch to the 2, TD one play later


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I've never pretended to be fluent in Twitter, but how does that translate into "hanging out all night" with Denard?  

Plus, maybe thus should be in the Green thread?  Just sayin...


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There were some negatives for Morris though. No tweets to use as of now, but he was picked off by Vernon Hargreaves III and and Leon McQuay a few times, but those two are great CBs and in a event like this, it's to be expected.

Also, not at the Girdiron Kings, but this from Tim Sullivan.

At the Cass Tech alumni 7-on-7. 2014 DB Damon Webb - in an LSU hat - has done a good job defending on Michigan frosh Terry Richardson.

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QB commit Shane Morris with a few early darts at

Midwest O clicking on their 1st drive. Smoke Mizzell scores on a catch and run. Treadwell PAT. 7-0 over SW.

DB commit Devin Butler with a nice pick just now for the Midwest squad vs. the Southwest

QB commit Shane Morris on a roll early. His team is up 14-0 and he looks sharp

Another Shane Morris to Smoke Mizzell TD after a Kendall Fuller INT. MW over SW 14-0 early


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sure seems like SouthEast is the best team there.   I would think Midwest is 2nd best but a not so good day yesterday.

Not only was it not Shanes best day, but reading from a few sources, his receivers are dropping a bunch, of course part of this may be on Shane for maybe trying to howitzer too many.


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Really hope Midwest somehow makes it to the final, would love to see this on ESPNU.  S much talent.  Want to see this Jr. DB from the midwest, appears he is an absolute stud.

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Midwest beats Southwest 20-14, and Southeast beats West 26-20.

Southeast team has dominated the tournament going 4-0 so far allowing only 26 pts total. Midwest is going to face tall task in final, but it will be nice to see Shane and Quon going up against the best of the best.

Watch the final live on ESPN3 ( or broadcast on ESPNU at 7pm ET. Hope the recruits can watch it on the Jumbotrons at the BBQ at the Big House.

Recap of semi from

Standouts for the MW in game 1 were Shane Morris, Smoke Mizzell, Kendall Fuller, Laquon Treadwell, Jalin Marshall, Quin Blanding

Midwest scored on their first 3 possessions. Offense really clicked in the 1st half. SE defense will give them all they can handle though


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the thing that really stands out for me in these things is the fact that footbal is year around in the south while in the midwest we seem to take a few months break. 

Can really tell the difference between the kids who play 24/7 and the ones that cant get the work done in open space and have to try to work on skills in a confined area of the gym or something.

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Morris to Taquan Mizzell for the score. Conversion is good to OSU commit Jalin Marshall. 7-7 tie.

Bryan Fischer @BryanDFischer

Michigan-bound QB Shane Morris looks much sharper on day two, best QB here by far at Gridiron Kings.

Shane Morris is carving up the Southeast like a highly trained surgeon. TD Midwest.

The Baughz

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This is the first time Ive seen Treadwell live in these events. Man, is he good. I know thats stating the obvious, but you get a different perspective when youre watching someone live for the first time. Him and Shane have great chemistry. I hope they take that chemistry to Ann Arbor. 

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They are playing against some of the elite prospects in the country. Except for Jourdan Lewis & Ross Douglas, we haven't seen many of our defensive recruits much in these competitions.

But the OSU corners are getting burned though.