Gregg Williams doesn't know how to use Jabrill Peppers.

Submitted by NotADuck on November 12th, 2017 at 4:01 PM

Just watching this game, and noticing how little Jabrill is involved in it.  He is lined up as a true free safety.  The perfect position for him is at nickel corner or some sort of hybrid space player as he was used in college.  That way he could be closer to the line of scrimmage and play the run more often.  When he was at Michigan it felt like he was involved in almost every play.  For Cleveland, he is just a bystander...

It's possible that Cleveland doesn't have the right personnel to compliment him so Williams has to use him in a way that doesn't take advantage of his skillset but still, to line him up as a free safety?  It's a waste of his abilities.


Cali's Goin' Blue

November 12th, 2017 at 5:30 PM ^

He actually is known as a really good coordinator in the NFL. He has been around for awhile and is actually in the Don Brown mold of confusing quarterbacks and blitzing from all over the place. Jabrill obviously was best used as a playmaker/playwrecker in college, but the NFL is a lot different. I agree he should be used as a HSP but that position isn't nearly as easy to utilize in the NFL where every good team has quick twitch athletes at slot receiver, running back and even tight end. Jabrill has a lot of talent but using him in the "Viper" role isn't completely practical considering NFL teams are so good at getting their playmakers in space and there isn't just one Jabrill can follow around. 


November 12th, 2017 at 10:03 PM ^

He was never great in coverage, via man coverage, or playing read and react zone as a safety. He's also not big enough to play true LB in the NFL and take on blocks. You almost have to customize your defense to have him play as a hybrid space player with limited coverage responsibilities, but most teams/coordinators wouldn't even consider that. 

Love Jabrill, he was a great Wolverine, but he's more of a speciality player in the NFL. I don't see him growing into a real impact high level player, the role is not there to match his skillset/size. 


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In what way? This seems like a pretty hot take, so I'm curious how you are qualifying this statement. I'm not saying they aren't a super loyal fan base, but I'm genuinely curious how / why you consider them a "top" fan base. That's a tall claim when - off the top of my head - I can easily think of 10 (likely) better fanbases.


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Obviously you are not a Lions fan. The Lions used to sell out the Silverdome, for years the largest stadium in the country, every year they had a pulse, or at least Barry. Sure McDonalds had to buy the last 2-3k seats sometimes, but 80k+ for the Lions?? 60k for the Browns is childs play.

Heck, the Browns have even been to several NFC Championship games, unlike the Lions.


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What does this even mean? Cleveland supports the Browns.  Outside of Cleveland no one cares about the Browns.  Outside of Jacksonville, Miami, and Tampa does anyone really care about those teams?

We're not talking Patriots, Steelers, Cowboys type of fan bases.


November 12th, 2017 at 5:12 PM ^

Very few fans within Tampa and Miami.  Clearly, weather is a reason but also transplants.  Sports aren't a big thing in Florida as compared to Midwest, for example.  No one ever goes to Rays games even when they are competitive.  Yeah, hurricanes are good this year but no one has been going to their games over the past two decades, unlike big ten teams.


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Probably the dumbest post ever. The Cleveland Browns Backers are one of the largest fan bases in sports. Browns fans get together all over the states and as a fan base is one of the largest and most loyal.

I love being a Michigan fan, but so many of the loud majority of the fan base are dumb blow hards looking to be Mr Hot Take.


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I'm aware of the perpetual ineptitude of the Cleveland Browns but Gregg Williams was the defensive coordinator of the Saints when they won the super bowl.  I didn't think he would misuse Jabrill.

He's got the potential to play like Charles Woodson did when he won DPOY in Green Bay.  He can do all of the things that Woodson did.