Greg Robinson

Submitted by M2NASA on January 1st, 2011 at 6:44 PM

Now that the season is over, let's not overlook his total epic fail and endless coaching incompetence.

No stuffed animal can save him now.

I look forward to the day that he's running someone else's program into the ground.



January 1st, 2011 at 8:17 PM ^

I am so angry and the smoking crater of a defense he has left in his wake, this normally funny quip doesn't seem funny to me right now :(

I am normally pretty reserved with my words and opinions but he is a complete and total failure as a coach. Years from now I'm sure I will still be pissed off that he ever had the honor of getting to coach for Michigan.


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Carr for a complete and utter fail on recruiting his last two years.  RR for his total disregard of defensive recruiting his first year, and fail at defensive recruiting the next two years.  GERG for his complete and total lack of coaching/scheming ability.  This=FML


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Robinson has two superbowl rings, and had shown he could coach a great defense in the past... it didn't work out as Syracuse's HC, but then again Shannon didn't do a great job as UM (NTUM)'s HC, but he had some great D's as a coordinator.

Bottom line, just because you're not cut out to be a head coach doesn't mean you're a bad coordinator. In that situation it looked like a great hire, but hindsight is 20/20. I would've made the exact same mistake. Good luck GERG wherever you end up, sorry it didn't work out.


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Agreed.  And it will be interesting to hear from him what defense HE wanted to run this year cause it sure as hell wasn't the 3-3-5 he'd never run before in his life.

Gerg reminds me of a chef who trains in Italian cooking but after he's hired at the resturant the owner says we're going to feature Chinese.  And people wonder why the food sucks.


January 1st, 2011 at 6:58 PM ^

Sure, he put his heart into it.  But he hasn't had success in about a decade, and really shouldn't have been hired in the first place.  Rod should've known he wanted to go 3-3-5, and that Gerg had no experience running that.  He failed here, he failed at Syracuse (although his Little Engine That Could speech was riveting), failed with the Chiefs, and was a beneficiary of having Vince young at QB for his lone year at Texas.


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RR forced GERG to run a defense he wasn't familiar with. While GERG does deserve some blame, I put most of the blame on RR for "running our program into the ground" with this 3-3-5.


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... he hired GERG on what seemed to be a whim, despite epic failure at Syracuse and spotty positives over the last 10 years of coaching.  It seemed like a bad choice and most of this board thought so from the beginning, but we hoped we would be wrong. 

Here is a picture of my cat.


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Went to the M-den at Twelve Oaks yesterday. I swear the guy who bagged the book i bought was gerg's twin. I almost said something to him about it, but then I got scurred.


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I don't understand why GERG is the scapegoat for having a 3-3-5 defense shoved down his throat that he has never ran before?  Who knows what would have happened if RR would have let him run a different scheme.


January 1st, 2011 at 7:12 PM ^

The argument that GERG has never run the 3-3-5 therefore should be not held solely responsible is on shaky ground.

GERG has been coaching for 30+ yrs. Been to untold numbers of coaching clinics, sat down with great minds and shared thoughts. Seen any and every alignment, both offensively and defensively.

GERG may not prefer the 3-3-5 as an alignment, but once an alignment is in place, football is the same. Gaps, Techniques, Coverages, Blitzes have universals. Alignments have particulars, football has universals. There is no excuse I can think of for a guy of his knowledge base to absolutely suck like he has. (Except his actual record, which then explains the suck)

Alignments are different looks, giving different players responsibilities held by a different player in a different alignment. Do you think GERG just forgot that the B gaps have to be taken care of by LB's in this alignment? "Oh, the B gap is Demens and not the 3 tech? I must review this with RR! Here all this time I was under the distinct impression Kovacs had both B's"

In the 4-3, you have a 1 tech and a 3 tech. Sometimes, you might put both tackles in a 2 tech. Does that mean a defensive coach can't teach gap responsibility because they are in a different alignment?

Our HS DC gives a new game plan EVERY WEEK with different techs and responsibilities for the ends and tackles. We might come out in a 50 w/ tackles in 2 tech one week; the next week we go to a 44. It's not hard.

GERG should be a master of any alignment with his history in the game. Zones, blitzes, disguising coverages should be things he can do in his sleep. He should own most OC's just by his history.

Unless he's been regurgitating information he 'picked' up and can't break down offenses. But, I can't buy that or the fact that RR 'forced' GERG to run the 3-3-5.


January 1st, 2011 at 7:59 PM ^

Let the defensive coords do their thing.  Shafer wasn't a bad DC and I'm betting GR isn't as bad as this situation paints him. Ultimately RR is responsible for the product.  After year 3, I think we have a pretty accurate picture of a train wreck.


January 1st, 2011 at 8:18 PM ^

"My main contention is blaming RR for forcing GERG to run something "he didn't know" is erroneous."

That is absolutely RR's fault.  If he wanted a DC to be successful, he has to allow him to bring in his own folks and coach what he knows.  Forcing the 3-3-5, which many don't believe will work in the B10, and coaching buddies on a DC is a recipe for failure. 


January 1st, 2011 at 8:25 PM ^

RR deserves blame for the program's failures.

He deserves blame for the scheme of the 3-3-5 in the BIG.

However, absolving GERG of responsibility because he 'doesn't know the scheme' is erroneous. GERG should be able to coach any scheme that comes across his desk. He may not prefer it, but he should be able to coach it.

Your points are well taken.