Greg McElroy: “All inidications are pointing towards Meyer being reinstated.”

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I apologize for another Urban post. I am exhausted of them myself, but felt this was semi board worthy.

I was listening to ESPNU radio on siriusxm this morning and McElroy, who has stated several times since this news broke that he felt Meyer has no chance of coming back, is suddenly changing his tune.

He said he spent all day yesterday talking to multiple people who are plugged into this situation and now feels pretty confident in Urban returning. I felt this was a pretty big deal since McElroy felt strongly about Urban never returning to OSU. He did not mention any of his sources, but cited the fact that they all felt Urban followed correct protocol in reporting the incident and there’s no justification found to fire him.

McElroy isn’t a guy who i would go to for breaking news, but I do feel like he is somewhat plugged in. I’m not going to say we should all believe him and that Urban is definitely coming back, but just thought I’d share this and point out that some national media are starting to change their stance on Urbs returning.



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This is spot on.  Unfortunately there is a distinction between what is expected from an HR perspective and what is expected from a decent human being.  OSU and Urban will walk away with a black eye and rivals will hold it over their heads till he's gone, but the downstream impact is gone.  Urban will return, OSU fans will create a monument to commemorate the victim Urban and things will go ahead as normal.  Context of his history at UF or his failure to do the right thing even if it meant going above and beyond the letter of the law won't be taken into consideration.  


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But, to be fair, if UM did follow the protocol, then the Title IX office investigated and found that the preponderance of evidence was that Smith did not commit DV.  Given those facts, how can you argue that Meyer should have fired someone found to be NOT a wife beater?

I'm still doubting that he will be back, because, if he followed the protocol and alerted the Title IX coordinator, OSU would have known that before they decided to suspend him.  In that case, why suspend?  Plus, why would Meyer have lied at media day if he knew he'd done the right thing?  It's not like he would have been able to forget the whole Title IX investigation.

I think the evidence we have indicates that he didn't notify the Title IX office.  If he did, then he is, and should be, in the clear.  If he didn't, he gone.


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I mean its possible he did follow all correct protocols the university laid and as such can't be fired with cause. OSU wasn't going to eat that buyout and get rid of Urban solely due to moral/ethical reasons. 

Maison Bleue

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I just don’t understand how knowingly employing and consistantly extending the contract of a known abuser isn’t cause for firing. Also blatently lying to the media/public about information you had to cover for that serial abuser, thus making it easier for him to be abusive again. If that’s not cause for firing WTF is?


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Because the schools own protocols cleared the way. You can argue that there can be other contract stipulatations but the reality is they weren’t in there. So osu can’t fire him for cause because he followed the institutional guidelines laid out in his contract and the school signed off on keeping smith. Whether or not you personally agree with that assessment has literally zero bearing on whether osu can fire Meyer with cause or not.

Maison Bleue

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My point was that if OSU wanted to fire him and not have to pay the rest of his contract, couldn’t they do it claiming behavior not in the best interest of the University? Blatant lying to the media and public to cover for an abusive collegue and making the public University you work for look awful, isn’t grounds for dismissal?


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You act like you were there.  You don’t know wth you’re talking about!  So either Urban knew or he didn’t.  Do you believe that the press made him make a misstep after they asked him that question or did he just not come prepared?  Answer that one question.  Einstein 

Maison Bleue

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Not sure if serious, but I will bite. It was neither a misstep or unpreparedness. It was an outright bald faced lie about violence towards women. He even stupidly asked the reporter, “ where on earth do you come up with these stories?” He is someone that cannot be trusted under any circumstances and is an awful person to boot. That should be enough to get your ass fired without restitution.


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Amen, brother.  You hit the nail on the head.  Maybe it isn't just Urban Meyer that should fall but Gene Smith as well.   I mean they knew he was an abuser - they had the 2015 emails from Shelley showing the photos of Courtney's injuries.  How did they ever justify renewing Zach Smith's contract in 2016?  Because Urban Meyer (supported by Gene Smith) favored his relationship with Earle Bruce more than his concern over the injuries being inflicted to Courtney Smith.  If that isn't cause for firing both Urban and his boss, I don't know what is.  I mean the lack of work-place ethics, basic morals and overall leadership is appalling.

But it is OSU, so should we expect anything better?  Probably not, but I still think President Drake has yet to weigh in on this decision.  It seems very odd to me that he would hire Debevoise & Plimpton, a world renowned NYC litigation firm whose lawyers bill at $1000+/hour, just to confirm Urban's reinstatement. Rather, it seems like they are preparing for litigation to support termination for cause.  Now if D&P says "your case isn't good enough", then expect some big slap on the wrist (4 game suspension and maybe a fine) to try to deal with the coming public relations hit that will emerge from the #MeToo movement and general media backlash.  OSU isn't going to pay Urban's buyout, sorry but that is big money and the Trustees will object.


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i've been thinking this all along.  as much as we hate ohio state, it's possible urban did everything he thought was required of him and the university/AD/police collectively made the decision to keep zach around for whatever reason.  possibilities being the evidence didn't stack up, maybe courtney really was deemed a little overboard, maybe osu had zach on a improvement/counseling program and they were keeping it quiet, maybe they thought it was resolved with the divorce, maybe they didn't get all those photos until recently, maybe maybe maybe....

the public appearance isn't good but i always thought there could be more to the story. 

I really think the investigation committee needs to find out what went on with meyer and zach BETWEEN the 2009 and 2015 incidents - how much meyer knew about a potential ongoing pattern of abuse instead of what he did in response to the 2015 thing.


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Here's the timeline:

  • May 12th Zach Smith is cited for criminal trespass
  • July 18th Zach Smith appears in court
  • July 23rd  McMurphy reports on 2009 incident
  • July 23rd  OSU declines comment on matter
  • July 23rd  The 2015 incident is made public (by McMurphy and other outlets)
  • July 23rd  OSU fires Zach Smith
  • July 24th Meyer says he didn't know about 2015 incident 
  • Aug 1st McMurphy reports Meyer did know about 2015
  • Aug 1st Meyer placed on leave by OSU

Mr Miggle

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You can add a little to the timeline. 

July 18th - OSU's student newspaper publishes a story on Smith's court appearance. The football team confirmed to them that they knew about the arrest on May 12, but declined further comment. 11 Warriors also picked up the story that day.


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Are you uninformed or just dumb?

"In June 2009, Zach Smith was arrested for aggravated battery on a pregnant victim after allegedly throwing Courtney Smith into a wall after an argument at their home in Gainesville, Florida, where Zach was working for Meyer with the University of Florida football program. Courtney Smith dropped the charges, saying Meyer's close friend Hiram deFries and mentor Earle Bruce, the former Ohio State coach and Zach's grandfather, encouraged her not to pursue legal action."

He was arrested.  The only reason he wasn't charged is because Meyer pulled strings for him.  It wasn't ever a question of was he guilty.

Red is Blue

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Section 1.5 "Coach agrees to represent Ohio State positively in public and private forums and shall not engage in conduct that reflects adversely on Ohio State or its athletic programs.  Coach shall perform his duties and personally comport himself at all times in a manner consistent with good sportsmanship and with the high moral, ethical and academic standards of Ohio State and its Department of Athletics."

section 5.1 Termination by Ohio State for Cause

subsection e "Fraud or dishonesty of Coach the performance of his duties or responsibilities under this agreement."

Not a lawyer, but it seems to me Meyer's admission that he lied at B1G media days could well be a violation of positively representing Ohio State and comporting himself at all times with high moral and ethics.  Not sure whether that would be sufficient to get OSU enough ammo to fire for cause.  That being said, OSU likely is looking for excuses to keep the liar as opposed to excuses to get out of paying him after he is fired.


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Exactly. This does not disprove the notion that Urban Meyer has a "win at all costs" mentality. Urban chooses who is on his staff. Not the AD or the "higher up" that he reported this incident to. And just because he potentially "reported" it does not mean it was reported with the correct intentions. Again, Urban had the ability to fire Zach Smith. The fact that he didn't makes it clear that he didn't want to, whatever that reason might be. 


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Are you forgetting that OSU is the pro team in this state, and they will put this story to rest once they pummel TCU. I still think he might get a 2 or 3 game suspension for lying to the media, but after they fire Gene Smith and the information director for not preparing Urban for the press conference. 

WNY in Savannah

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You can't really be this dumb; you must just be trying to be a pain.  Assistant football coaches fail to get renewed all over the country every year.  Do you honestly think that every assistant must have his contract renewed unless the college can prove he has been charged with a criminal offense?  There were multiple opportunities to let him go.  Stop with this nonsense.


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Because OSU is a profit making company and their athletics makes them a ton of money and there is zero proof that Urban did anything wrong other than keeping a shitbag on staff. Most profit driven places don't care too much if you're a shitbag if it makes them money. I know people around these parts seem to think that the world works based on some form of morality but it just doesn't. Almost everyone else in every business is cheating and/or doing shady shit and pretty much nobody else cares other than for the competitive leg up.


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My company has fired multiple people in the past for domestic abuse (usually after multiple attempts to get them help), and we have a strict company policy about breaking up a marriage.

I understand what you are saying, but many companies actually do have policies about personal and professional conduct, though not all apply them very strictly.


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The crazy thing is that we keep hearing that narrative, and then when the supposedly "unreplaceable" person is fired business continues as usual.   People like Matt Lauer and Bill O'Reilly are protected for years and I don't think Fox News or NBC have missed a beat.

No one is more important than the company, until you let them screw up so much it destroys the company itself as Harvey Weinstein did.