Greg Mattison DC Buzz?

Submitted by icefins26 on January 18th, 2011 at 3:59 PM

Just stumbled on this:

Ravens defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is talking with the University of Michigan about their job, per league source.

It's all over numerous sources via Twitter (Ravens_Football, Ravens Insider) FWIW.



Baltimore Ravens defensive coordinator Greg Mattison is under consideration for the same position at the University of Michigan, the Baltimore Sun reported Tuesday, citing a league source.

Mattison, who has interviewed with Michigan, coached with new Wolverines coach Brady Hoke under Jack Harbaugh at Western Michigan and Lloyd Carr at Michigan.

The Ravens defense has ranked in the top 10 in the NFL during both of Mattison's seasons as coordinator after Rex Ryan left to take the New York Jets coaching job.

The Sun reported defensive backs coach Chuck Pagano could be a front-runner to replace Mattison.



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I heard that Miles was not offered the job but asked if there was any way he would take it if it was offered (read: begged).  He said "no" and thus it were never offered.  However, LSU's president is saying it was, in fact, formally offered but Brandon is denying it.


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i saw it too.  he'd be a good choice.  i hope a hire can stop the recruit bleeding.  or someone may need to take out al golden.


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Why would you like Austin better? Austin has only been a DC for one year and he inherited that defense from Charlie Strong. Mattison has been around the block and can serve as our DL coach as well, which would put him and Hoke on the same page. Austin could still be hired as the DB coach, but I don't see a reason that you would want Austin over Mattison.


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Please bring on Corwin Brown...On New Englands staff, which is a good thing. Guy was a helluva recruitor at ND for Fat Weiss and could really help those young DB's of ours.

Hire a f%*#@!^ DC/DB coach for the love of god!


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He's a "Meechigan Man!", so like check that box.

I think he even.....wait for it.............recruits!  OMG that's freaking incredible, isn't it.

Oh Gerg, we'll always love you.


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While this is not universal, coached who have held significant NFL positions (HC, DC, OC) are generally very good recruiters.

"Son, I spent XX years coaching D in the NFL, and I know what it takes to make it in the NFL.  I see you as someone who can make it to the NFL, with the right coaching, of course."

"Oh, what's that glittering?  It's my Florida Gators National Championship ring."

"Son, you remind me a lot of Ed Reed, who I happen to know very well, being that I coached him in the NF freeking L."


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That this time tomorrow we are hearing reports of wide spread scholarship offers to players who are more than happy to accept now that our DC position has been filled.

Cheers to that anyone? Ehh?  Ehh?


**Side note (I did not say Hoking for a reason)


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Maybe he has kids of almost-college age that he'd like to get into Michigan?*  Maybe he feels he'd be head coach in waiting?  Maybe he likes teaching/mentoring kids instead of coaching divas?

And yes, I'm sure the former Ravens-means-defense coordinator would attract a lot of defensive-minded, NFL-dreaming recruits.

I will let this possibility be my fantasy for the next 24 hours. 

*EDIT: Posts lower down clarify the kids-in-school theory, unless he's got another in the pipeline.