Is Greg Jackson the only Rumored DB Coach?

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I have heard rumors about every position but DB coach and ST coach.  DB the only name I have heard is Brian's coaching matrix that includes Greg Jackson.  I have not heard any other candidate floated - missing any?  Or is Jackson the guy?   This assumes Manning returning would not put him in the secondary (i.e. he could go do LB, and Mattison DL).  Are there any other names floating around?

Here is a 9 min video on Jackson if interested.  He is the assistant to the secondary coach in San Fran.

Jackson joined San Francisco after having spent eight years coaching in the collegiate ranks. In 2010, he was the nickel back/assistant linebackers coach for a University of Wisconsin team that finished the year ranked seventh in the nation with an 11-2 record.

Prior to joining the Badgers, Jackson coached at Tulane University, serving as the linebackers/kickoff team coach (2009), the safeties/kickoff team coach (2008) and the defensive backs coach (2007). Jackson spent three seasons as the defensive backs coach at Louisiana-Monroe (2004-06), where he coached All-Sun Belt Conference defensive back Chris Harris, who led the country with seven interceptions, in 2004. He also spent one year as the defensive backs coach for the University of Idaho (2003).



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I am not going to start a thread on it but I am really surprised there is no NCAA rule (they have a rule for everything) not allowing a coach of Team A to recruit for Team B while still employed for Team A.  From the smoke Durkin is recruiting for Michigan while gainfully employed by Florida.  Just find it interesting if true.

Maybe it accounts for coaching transitions i.e. Herman can recruit for Houston even while officially still employed by OSU.


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Thanks man. :) I forgot who I was debating in the bowl thread but I remember saying PSU v GA Tech means death to PSU and I want nothing to do with GA Tech's offense.  That said PSU would have handled them better than us as I believe in retrospect they had the best D in the Big 10 but still, that offense is a nightmare to prepare for.

Anyhow must have been pre Maryland because we were still talking potential bowl - how naive we were...

Boom Goes the …

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for the life of me I can't figure out why more teams don't run that offense.  If teams play you straight up you get 5 yards a pop.  They eventually get worn down and tired of that, so they do slants/angles/ safety blitzes, which result in a few negative plays and more than a few home runs


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jackson would be a great hire if JH needs someone to handle DBs.  he was all american at LSU before a long NFL career and players typically love coaches with experience at highest levels.  

if hes cool, sharp, flexible and able to effectively communicate the games fundamentals and finer points to different types of kids - and i assume he passed JH's test since he worked for him in SF - then he sounds like a solid hire. 

plenty of great coaches never played or only played high school, just as great players have struggled with coaching - but resumes like this cats are usually home runs with modern student-athletes (provided he can coach).  hes a young-ish black dude from florida who played big time ball before coaching pro bowlers, sounds like nice addition to their staff