Greg Brown now a "soft verbal"

Submitted by marlon on October 19th, 2010 at 7:38 PM

According to Scout, 2011 CB recruit Greg Brown is now a soft verbal.  If I recall correctly, Brown was one of the first kids in the 2011 class to commit to Michigan.  Anyone know why he's softened his commitment?  Are the coaches slow-playing him now that higher-ranked CB's are showing increased interest in Michigan?



October 19th, 2010 at 7:47 PM ^ has a rigid soft or not soft verbal. No matter what, if a committed recruit takes a visit to another school he is a soft commit. That's it. This may be a situation where he is "checking out some places" but scout labels him "soft". Although I also think he is getting the "Peace" treatment

Edit: Official visit I believe. That's why Haha is not a soft verbal, his visits have been unofficial. 


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I think Darren Kitchen is getting the "Peace" treatment but not Brown. I think you had it right when you said the change in status was due to him visiting other schools. One of which was supposedly Syracuse over the weekend. Spots are filling fast so he better not stray too far.

Edit: Slow at typing Syracuse point already made


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There is speculation that he's out-growing corner and too small for safety. He could possibly be a bandit but not really a need for him there with a RS Soph in Kovacs and a true frosh in Marvin.


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He was our first 2011 commit.  Honestly, if it's mutual, then it's mutual.  If we can bring in Hollowell and Crawford, add that to three frosh this year, Floyd, Woolfolk next year (that's 7 CBs) -- I would rather have an extra scholarship for a front 7 (front 6) or OL guy.

I have a hunch that Greg wants an opportunity to play offense in college.  If that's the case, then I don't know if RR could act in good faith by telling Greg that he would have that opportunity.  But who knows.  I would be pumped to get Greg Brown in here and develop him as a bigger corner.

And poor Daren Kitchen.  Man, he's been ready to commit since the Shafer era.


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what's going on here.  Imagine someone issuing you a first class ticket home, only you decide not to take the flight. You don't even give the ticket to anyone else to use.  Instead you sit at the gate, miss that flight and decide to watch Fox News until the airport closes.  Way to go.

You could be enjoying a nice, relaxing, luxurious ride home.  But no. You're the one that's gotta make moves to Syracuse?


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Speaking of high school kids....sorry to bring this up again but I'm not clear  on Demar Dorsey. Sounds like he didnt graduate high school yet, and why he never enrolled at Louisville. Assuming he finishes the work, do we get him again?

And what happened to Austin White?  Is he in purgatory? Did he transfer? Is he back home?

And what about Davion Rogers??????

Someone with good insight, please explain the chances of each playing for us next year, and why.  Obviously I ask this because I want all three to return, and its too odd the lack of followup information on them. 



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Demar Dorsey- Never made it through the NCAA clearinghouse, so he is not enrolled anywhere. I did hear that he was in a prep school now,and intends to eventually land at Louisville still, but that was never verified in print to link,  a mod on another board communicates with the family, and mentioned it.

Austin White-Call it a JT Turner situation.The coaches and Austin mutually decided to part ways, and he will not be coming back.

Davion Rogers- Didn't make it past the NCAA Clearinghouse, and will have to go JUCO or prep school. He technically still could be an option down the road if he went to prep school.


October 20th, 2010 at 8:15 AM ^

on dorsey.. if he is in a prep school and can play next year... i bet he goes blue after seeing louisville play and michigan play.

on rogers... i hope he comes back.. his highlight films were off the charts.

on white... where is the dude? did he enroll at another school? is he home?


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Can somebody explain the entire early commit process? I mean none of this means anything until signing day does it? Look at ha-ha...he committed to alabama yet earlier today tomv posted that he was still considering michigan and we all collectively wet ourselves at the prospect of him coming here.


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Verbal commitments are not binding in any sense; a recruit can verbally commit to any school that has offered him simply by saying "I'm going to attend [School X]," and recruits frequently do change their verbal commitments.  A recruit's commitment doesn't become binding until one of two events occur: (1) the recruit enrolls at the university (often as an early enrollee); or (2) the recruit signs a letter of intent on or after national signing day.


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Sorry to be anal, but one of my pet peeves is the use of "verbal" when someone means "oral." 

Oral = of or relating to the mouth (i.e. spoken)

Verbal = of or relating to words (i.e. spoken OR written)

In other words, I think you meant to say that Greg Brown has given Richrod a "soft oral."


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His school played my school/home town....and to tell ya the truth, I wasn't all the impressed.  He's fast.....that's about it.  His size I'm sure is overstated.  There's no way he's 5-11 195.  Napoleon is 2 divisions smaller than Ross, and since rejoining the same league have more than held their own against more athletic teams.  (Could be that the Napoleon coaches do a better job, just my opinion and I really dislike Ross's coach)

Napoleon, who (gasps!!!!) runs a 3-3-5 defense because they're undersized but quick/fast held Brown to 12 yards on 6 carries.  I think 2 other carries were called back on holding penalties but they weren't terribly long runs to begin with....maybe 10 to 15 yards?  Can't remember for sure. 

On Defense, I don't remember him being around the ball all that much and they had him lined up as a safety/LB hybrid type.  He looked undersized compared to many of the others on the field.

Michigan isn't losing anything by him not coming, I'd have to agree with Tim's comment that he's more of a high end MAC recruit.  Though I've been more impressed by some MAC recruits that I was Brown.