Greg Banks interview

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In it, he mentions a "bulked-up redshirt freshman Anthony LaLota", which I know some mentioned on how small he was when he first came to Michigan. This was nice to read; “See, that’s a guy that nobody’s seen,” Banks said of LaLota. “He’s gotten his weight up, he’s gotten a lot stronger, he’s learning more and more about the defensive schemes, offensive schemes and plans and stuff of that nature. He’s coming up.”

The rest of the article mentions how the line will go about replacing Brandon Graham, by committee.



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I also like how he mentioned the moves on the defensive line almost exactly as Brian and others have predicted. RVB to BG's spot, Martin to RVB's, and Big Will taking over the nose. Of course Roh will round it out. This is the best lineup IMO especially with guys like Sagesse, Banks, etc supplying depth.

Jon Benke

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Anthony LaLota could be a possibility is awesome, and adds more potential depth to the line. That puts him on my list of guys I'll be looking at during spring practice.


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I really hope this is true. I don't expect him to be a superstar...just an adequate backup at this point would be a huge boost.

In any case...looks like Lalota is getting the Barwis treatment.


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Although Birkett included the best "Michigan-Thug U" picture he could find, it still doesn't pass the shock test. Great picture though. I wouldn't mind having a framed copy of it.

Regarding the article, I still believe it will be another year before LaLota is an impact player.

Lastly, what is the deal with Adam Patterson? I agree that we need senior support for a young team, but at this point he has received a free $200,000 education and done nothing on the field to justify it. Did he have injury problems early on?


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I believe Patterson has only played in one game, against Delaware State, with one tackle. [See Magnus's correction, below.]

Regardless, I don't agree with aaa's suggestion [?] that Michigan shouldn't honor the scholarships of players who do "nothing on the field to justify" them. If a kid is working hard in practice and doing well in school, then that's all the University can ask. It has an investment in him beyond the field.

That said, I don't think U-M has any obligation to invest in him for a fifth year. If he's not ready to graduate after four years, that's his own fault. So if he is indeed coming back as a redshirt senior this year, then the coaches must have some use for him. Maybe keeping him allows them to not burn Black or Paskorz's redshirt in an injury scenario where they need a two-deep backup and not a starter.

Blue in Yarmouth

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I didn't follow recruiting back then and had no idea A.P. was that kind of player coming out of HS. He also has shown nothing since his arrival at UM that would have made me suspect that he would have been the #7 DE in the country as a HS senior.

Here's hoping he magically puts it all together and for one year, lives up to the post HS hype. Let's do it A.P.!


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Now this is an article on Michigan football I think we all can enjoy.

It would be great if LaLota could come through with a Roh-esqe performance, even just in backup duty.

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His mention of being up to 278 after playing in "the low 260's last year" people think that is an adjustment the S&C staff is making or the end of the long arc that is the Barwis method of breaking you down then building you up? Either way, I hope this is a trend, to see our lineman a little bigger and equally as athletic as last year.

If he, and everyone else, plays with the passion and effort BG did on every down, then this team will be just fine.

the_big_house 500th

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I talk with him here and there on facebook and he told me that he was discourged with how the defense played in 2009 but he did say that they are fixing the issues and filling the gaps. Losing BG he agreed, was a difficult loss on defense. I asked him who he felt would be a good fit but he did not comment.