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Submitted by Dion on February 2nd, 2012 at 3:22 PM

How big an impact do you think Draymond Green's knee injury is on the upcoming Michigan State game? he's listed as day-to-day with a sprained knee and could possibly miss the game or be limited in action



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It hurts your push, and makes you ineffective at creating gaps, but you can at least try and hold your ground.  Probably kills your pulling and stuff too, but if you can get it to Denard, you're worth it.

In basketball he has to run up and down a court continuously, jump up and down on it, and do activities that will stress it a lot more.

I for one will not call Green a "puss" or anything if he has to sit out for the game.  He'll do his best to play if he can, I'm sure.


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The difference between Molk's injury and Green's is that a football player can still kind of move around even with a tendon tear (and he showed an immensely high pain threshold), while a basketball player has to be able to move around and run up/down a court all game, which means ankle and knee injuries are amplified as the game goes on in a way that a center just doesn't.  What it probably means is that Green will give it a go for a couple of minutes, see how it all feels, and then either play limited minutes the rest of the game or just tough it out.  My only concern would be that with Molk, it was the last game of the season.  With Green, State needs him functional for better for a couple more months, so doing further damage for a relatively meaningless game (and I know its a rivalry game, but MSU has designs on another Final Four) seems foolish to me.


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Not to mention that when we beat them in East Lansing, the excuse will be that Green even though healthy (Im speculating regarding his health, a big IF), saw his conditioning decline because of said injury.  I expect the lack of conditioning by Green in a loss in EL will further be blamed on the injury he has now. 


(he may not be healthy by then anyway)


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it wasn't a valid excuse and it won't be for Sparty now. I remember back when Michigan had Chris Hunter, Les Abram, Dion Harris, and Graham Brown hurt or any combination of those players and Sparty felt just as good for their win as if Michigan was healthy. They said that Amaker can't coach and that he can't recruit well enough to build depth. IF Michigan wins on sunday, I'll be saying the same thing when they bring up the DayDay injury. "Izzo should be able to coach around that and he should've recruited more depth. Not our problem!"


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before the next game the likeliness of him seeing the court let alone contributing in percentages is about 0%. Especially with the weight he carries. Injuries like that get worse after the first few day as far as pain tolerance is concerned. Because it is healing. So if I had to put money on it, I would bet Green doesn't play for MSU Sunday. And I don't care. 

I don't care about the excuses. A win is a win. And with or without Green I want 4 in a row. So we can get 6 in a row next year. Just my 2 cents. 


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I don't really think that people realize how good this team will be next year. First off in the Big 10 a 6-10 260 pound guy with an extremely high motor (and actually won't be like most true freshman because he is older and sat out a year playing against better comp than most in HS) surrounded by shooters is going to have a very big effect on the efficiency of this offense. Staukus is underrated and will be the best shooter on the team the second he sets foot on campus. And Glenn is going to be better than Tim-BANK IT. Mixing those guys with what we already have will be lethal. The one problem I see is WHO is going to step into Novak's shoes as the glue/leader? I think it will be Burke. But ya never know... 

This is all assuming that Burke and THJ return. And I think they will. 

Now I am gonna step out on a limb here and say this, but overall this will be as much talent as the Fab 5 except with a lot of experience and a little more depth. THJ should have a career season because with all that talent on the floor he should have 1 on 1 mismatches all the time. Especially if they have him and GR jr on the floor a lot with him. Something tells my Stauskas has a huge year as a freshman. He is going to see so many opportunities to green light wide open 3's it gonna be funny..

This team CAN win it all next year. Do I have my hopes up? Hell yes. And there is a lot of reasons why. 


February 2nd, 2012 at 4:09 PM ^

go out on a limb. Its real. :-) I am not slowing anything! This is the best opportunity we might have for a long long time. Having that much returning talent and blue chippers coming in rarely happens for any program. Not saying we won't be good in the future, I think we will, but this is about as good as it get in todays college basketball as far as overall talent on a roster with experience. 

Naked Bootlegger

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I keep saying this, but I hope McGary's best quality next year is grit.   He seems to have it, and we'll need it.   We're losing arguably our best 2 defenders to graduation, and a ton of grit to boot.   I love the prospect of Stauskas, GRIII, and McGary coming in, but we need to have a spine on defense.  I think Stu & Zach are the spine this year.    Burke should become a good defender with a year of experience under his belt (we've seen flashes of it this year), so maybe we'll be OK.      


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Difference also between Molk and Green us that this isn't his last game for MSU. Green is their best player. You take Burke away from us State would burn us bad.


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I'm backing off 100% he will play well , because Green was the 1st player I have ever heard of that had the flu before a game and was doubtful but still played that didn't have either a great game or do something clutch that caused the announcers to perform verbal fellatio on the player.   At least that is my scientific recollection watching sports the last 30 years.   I fully expect Green to play and have a great game.

My ability to get my shitty Comcast controller to turn the tv off fast enough to avoid the gushing post game interview will be the real challenge.


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from in the Illinois game. Knee sprains can be worse then they look sometimes so we will see how much it affects him during Sunday's game @ The Breslin Center. He said in a tweet he will play but it's Thursday already and if he's not at least 75 or 80% healthy enough he'll sit. Either way I think Michigan takes this one on Sunday. Couldn't ask for a better chance for a huge road win!


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It was an acting job by Green.   No way the training staff let's him hop around like he's B. Leftwich if it was a serious injury. Did he hurt himself? Yes he did,  but they checked it out it and basically left him alone.  It looked like he hyperextended his knee.  You get a brief jolt of intense pain and then a few days of stiffness but he'll be fine for the game on Sunday.   

There is a difference between hurt and injured and he was hurt.

Green=Soccer Player Drama Queen 


Smash Lampjaw

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Not an acting job, but they did not seem to take it too seriously at the time. He hopped to the other end of the court to be next to the huddle, and did not ice it until after the game. But I am not a doctor and I did not stay in a Holiday Inn. It sure was hard to see what happened on the replays, but maybe it is time to get me some HD.


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Msu's players will respond and rally behind their fallen teamate. Sometimes this can be a negative and fire up the role players. Either way we are in for a tough one like always these days against State.