Green names top 6

Submitted by seegoblu on August 2nd, 2012 at 9:36 AM
From another site, pay walled, Derrick Green is down to six schools. "In no order they are Tennessee, Michigan, Virginia Tech, Auburn, Ole Miss and Oregon," said the 6-foot, 225-pounder. "Oregon is my wildcard team. I've never been out there but I want to keep them in the mix."



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They did offer him, but Altee Tenpenny might have something to do with that.  Tenpenny is one of the better running backs in the country and a guy I want/wanted more than Green.  Michigan never offered Tenpenny, though.

Also, Alabama gets a stud running back (or two) just about every year, so they're not quite as much in need of an impact player at the position.


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I'm surprised that Alabama didn't make the final list.    I thought that he had a good visit down there and there were reports that they were leading for him (although this is when Ohio was also supposedly leading for him).

Sextus Empiricus

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I'm not confused, but I'm definitely dialed back. Seems like Green is going to take his time. That is so last year. I am a petulant and impatient Michigan fan given the success of this class. This schedule is more realistic for Green or any recruit this or any year.

Michigan's early commits this year are due to Morris' early signing, Michigan's change in scheme and the opportunity that this staff has to offer. I would be happily surprised to have Hoke's classes turn into a Texas situation going forward. I don't think it will though./s


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Is the pipiest of pipe line schools for Va Tech. Curtis Grant was the last big time prospect from Hermitage that didn't go to Va Tech. In my mind, until he says otherwise, Va Tech would have to be considered Michigan's biggest threat. Hermitage's head coach loves him some hokies. I don't have a great feeling about our chances.


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Virginia Tech is probably the biggest threat at this point. I think Bryant ends up at Auburn but almost every Hermitage player ends up at Virginia or VT Curtis grant is like the only one to go somewhere else.


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Scott Kennedy said Green will be moving up the Scout rankings and will be at least the #2 back in the nation.  Since Rivals already has him at #1, this kid is getting some serious love from the top two recruting sites.


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While we obviously want to get him, it's great to see that we have won the regional recruiting battle for arguably the top running back in the country.  If a kid wants to stay down in SEC country or head out to the pac 10 and sport the neon underwear, there's nothing we can do. All Michigan can do is make itself the kid's top B1G / Midwest choice, which Hoke & Co. are doing masterfully with so many top players.


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Probably has been previously asked and answered, but I couldn't find it, but has Green settled on a date for when he's taking his official here or is that not confirmed yet? Thanks in advance. 


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The way this class filled up so early, these last couple of spots have made me impatient.  Somewhat worried that Green and Treadwell don't end up Blue if this continues to drag on.  We were pretty spoiled in this recruiting year with all the early commits, but I think we still need the difference maker at RB and WR.