greatest underdogs in college football history?

Submitted by Brandon_L on November 23rd, 2010 at 7:34 PM
has there ever been a greater mis-match in comparison to michigans defense vs. osu offense? has anyone witnessed anything of the sort? also i have come to the conclusion we will have to score alot and that in order to win we should onside kick everytime. i mean flat out put our fastest athletes on one side and blatently onside kick at will the whole game. let them know our intent. In my mind id rather see the bend and break spread D on the sideline as long as possible giving denard the opportunity to shine. i just want us to leave it all on the field. and damn it go after pryor all day. give them a short field to hell with conceding and giving them the ball. and to hell with ohio state. go blue!!



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Do not onside kick every time. If we don't get it they get good starting field position every time. They would also be expecting it if we do it every time and would put the hands team out on the field. 


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is that Michigan has a better chance of recovering an onside kick that they do of stopping Ohio State's offense. I'm pretty sure it was sarcasm, but there's a kernel of truth to it. One could even argue that's what Rodriguez was feeling when he pulled the trigger on that first (surprise) onside kick against Wisconsin.


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First game I think of when I think of massive upset (after the Horror) is 2007 Stanford/USC when Stanford was a 41 point underdog.  Final team rankings for 2007 season were:

Total Offense USC: 29th 
Total Defense Stanford: 107th

Total Defense USC: 2nd
Total Offense Stanford: 98th

Also: "Stanford's starting quarterback, T. C. Ostrander, had suffered a seizure the previous week; the backup quarterback, Tavita Pritchard had never started a game and had only ever thrown three passes." (via Wikipedia)


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Am I the only thinking that Tressel might be the link that gets us a win as well?  Granted our D has to stop them at least 4-5 times, but he always plays his infamous "tressel ball" which will keep the score low.  If our offense clicks like it has and we play mistake, turnover free football I def think we have a chance.


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OK, by kicking two FGs, Wiscy left a whole 8 out of 84 points on the field vs IU in their twelve drives.  (They got to 83 with the aid of one pick-six).

That's unheard of.