Greatest M football moments of the past decade

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Not sure if this has been discussed, but it always feels good to bring back past glory.

Mine was 2003 Ohio State. My senior year, Rose Bowl bid on the line, Michigan ranked 5, OSU 4. Didn't think it'd be the last time that decade we'd beat them. Booked my flight to Pasadena that night.



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2006 last game of the season........#1 vs #2, the night before our Bo passes........a sad moment, but it showed what Michigan meant to that guy. It really was a movie script!


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On November 17, 2006, Schembechler collapsed at WXYZ-TV just prior to the taping of Big Ten Ticket around 9:15 AM.[10] He was taken to Providence Hospital in Southfield, Michigan where he was pronounced dead at 11:43 AM

Favorite moments from the past decade.

Brabbs from 44

Henne to Manningham (05 PSU, 06 ND, 07 MSU)

2002 vs PSU, first OT game in Michigan stadium, great crowd.

2003- Perry and Michigan vs OSU, ND, and MSU.

2004- Shazor owns purdue wr to seal the win for Michigan, I was there.

Lloyd going out in style vs Florida and Tebow.

2008 Wisconsin comeback

2009 ND game, Tate to Matthews with 11 seconds left.


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Beating OSU in 03. The 2006 game against OSU will always be special despite the final score. No other rivalry will ever provide a game like that.


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I went to MSU for the weekend to visit some friends and was sitting in the corner with a small group of M fans right where Manningham caught the final touchdown.

also... "oh wide open"


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5. 2003 Minnesota comeback

4. 2004 Braylon Edwards Show against MSU

3. 2008 Capital One Bowl

2. 2009 Notre Dame upset

1. 2003 Michigan v. Ohio State Rosebowl Showdown


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Personally it's the '04 MSU game, one of the very select few I've actually gotten to see at Michigan Stadium.

Overall it's Lloyd getting carried off the field after the Florida game. There are very few things in sports better than seeing someone get what they deserve, and none of them happened this decade.


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This isn't the "greatest" but one I certainly enjoyed.

Mike Hart scooping up Mallet's fumble and rumbling for a first down against MSU in 2007. Down 24-14. 7 minutes left in game. Critical play.


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I was in East Lansing at a party at an apartment owned by my wife's friend who is a spartan. I was surrounded by at least two dozen sparty faithful and by the end of the first half they had already started to dance and sing their stupid fight song. That was a small price to pay for me, as I then watched them sweat as we came from behind to send it into overtime. I now understand that all spartan fans live daily with the fear that their team will falter at the end of big games and this forces utterances such as "they're going to blow this", "don't f**k up!", and "sparty no!". I did not dance or sing or act like an idiot when we won. But that only made the victory sweeter, for they not only lost the game, but they showed their most intimate fear to a hated rival(me).


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Of the games I was at:

5. "Houston's Better!"
4. Ecker's late TD to win the Jug (had a cousin in town for her first game at Michigan Stadium)
3. The New Math
2. Braylonfest
1. 2003 OSU

Of the games I wasn't:

Brady/Terrell go off in the Orange Bowl
Lloyd's triumphant exit
Manningham... wide open (resigned Tom Hammond is the best)

Worst moment for me was either The Horror or because it was after a road trip and I actually went to it the fucking punt formation of doom game in Iowa City that ended up costing us a shot at a national title in 2003.


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Carr going out a winner, for sure. I wish I could gave been there.

2002 MSU game.

I don't think this will be popular here, but I really loved the heck out of the spring game this year. It was just a whole lot of good clean fun.