The greatest from 2001-2011

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In order that I may waste more time on my Michigan fandom, I put together an "all past decade" list of sorts. (2001-2011) I wasn't quite as big a fan back in the early 2000s but I did a little research and this seems about right. I think the reserve players are just there because I like them so much and felt bad not having them on the list.

This would be a heck of a squad to field all at one time. Any glaring omissions?

QB Chad Henne OLB Victor Hobson P Zoltan Mesko
HB Mike Hart ILB Larry Foote K Garret Rivas
FB BJ Askew ILB Carl Diggs    
WR Braylon Edwards CB Marlin Jackson    
WR Marquise Walker CB Leon Hall    
WR Mario Manningham SS Ernest Shazor    
TE Tim Massaquoi FS Brendent Englemon    
LT Jake Long DE LaMarr Woodley    
LG Adam Kraus DT Gabe Watson    
C David Molk NT Mike Martin    
RG Dave Petruziello DT Alan Branch    
RT Tony Pape DE Brandon Graham    
Reserve Denard Robinson Reserve Jordan Kovacs    



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just dress your twelfth man (probably a middle linebacker) in a black and white striped shirt, give him a whistle, and you're all set. The referee never counts to make sure there's not too many officials on the field.

Naked Bootlegger

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Putting a mere "P" in front of Zoltan's name is a grave injustice.   He was more than just a "P" at Michigan.  He cannot be properly labeled.

Also wishing that Mundy would've stayed longer @ UM.  It would've been nice to see his name as the FS of the decade.  

I also have a hard time leaving Baas off this list on the OL.   The man was a stud.





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that lost to Ohio 4 straight times.  Jake Long, ok.  You can be the greatest Left Tackle but it only goes so far. 

Navarre had a great senior season in 2003 and had a fabulous performance against #4 Ohio leading M to victory.   

It is a tough call, both of them were subpar compared to their predessors of Grbac, Collins, Griese, Brady and Henson.


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Simply trading out Troy Smith for Craig Krenzel (or similar) and Michigan would have beaten OSU in 2004, 2005, and 2006. Can't blame Henne for the incompetence of our D coaches when it came to mobile QBs... And Henne, when healthy, was at least on par with Griese and Collins. I would say he was vastly superior physically, maybe with a little less "it factor" than Griese.


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Michigan's defense didnt play well in 2004 and 2006 against Ohio.  Not sure I agree in 2005, we only had 21 points, Navarre put up 35 in 2003.

I guess when I think back to Griese and Navarre, I remember signature wins - Griese agaisnt Ohio in 96 and 97, the 97 Penn State game, the Rose Bowl.  Navarre against Ohio in 03.  What is Henne's signature win?  Florida in the Capitol One Bowl?  Meh. Nice to win but still, it is just the Capital One Bowl. 

Navarre was 2-4 against Ohio and Bowls.  Henne was 1-7.  Collins was 3-1.  Griese was 3-1 (I think - did he play in 95 when Dreisbach got hurt?).


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Well, Henne did go 4-0 vs. MSU, and 3-0 vs. PSU. (He was also 2-2 vs. ND) And I'm sure those games mean more in the grand scheme of things than Cap One or Outback bowl wins.  Which is the only thing to Navarre's credit outside the OSU win by your standards.

And I think you could say Griese was 4-2.  3-0 vs. OSU (he did play all three games) and 1-2 in bowls.   Winning the big one, the Rose, but I'm almost positive he was the QB vs. Bama, and I think due to the end of season injury he played vs. A&M, both losses.


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Griese was the starter for the Bama game in which he threw that pick six that was returned 70 something yards, in a 17-14 loss.  If not for that pick, we would be 3-0 against the Tide. 

We beat Ohio State in 95 thanks to Biakabutuka running wild and a decent showing by our defense which kept Eddie George in check.  While Griese started the game, he threw 3 interceptions and did not play all that spectacular.   


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Thanks! Tecmo Super Bowl is the best video game of all time, hands down, no discussion. (somewhat /s)

Ugh, that's a tough question. Him or Navarre. Damn, that's a topic all it's own and I think it all boils down to scheme preference. If Denard shows next season that he can throw the ball halfway decent then he is #2 no doubt. As is, you wonder whether he'd take advantage of all those wonderful receivers on the list. Maybe I'd keep him where he is.


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On the OL, I would take Goodwin Lentz Baas and Shilling over Dave P and maybe all but Lentz over Kraus too.

Lewan over Pape at tackle.

Joppru at TE

Harris at LB and its not even close

special mention to Dudley at FB, if only for the blocking.

Crable over Hobson?

and Breaston as a Returner.




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I think it's a shame that Todd Howard isn't somewhere on the defensive side of your list.  I know you can't really rank him over Marlin and Leon, but still, I really liked that kid.

Oh, and of course, like everyone else has said, David Harris has to be on this.

My name ... is Tim

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First, David Baas over Petruziello or Adam Kraus.

Second, David Harris over Carl Diggs.

Third, and in my opinion probably the biggest, Benny Joppru over Tim Massaquoi. Massaquoi was barely a contributor, Bennie Joppru put up the best year a Michigan tight end has had in 15 years and set the single season catch mark for a TE.


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Maybe it would be better to do first team and second team? There are so many players, I feel like we'd be able to easily fill out two teams.

That said, I'd take David Terrell over Walker. Also, I'll echo everyone else by saying David Harris MUST be on this list. And how about Cato June and Ernest Shazor in the defensive backfield?

Edit: Great thread topic, by the way. These kinds of things are always fun and a great way to pass time in the offseason.

Mr. Yost

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Yikes, that's not one, but TWO oversized WLBs playing safety. Our offense would TORCH the defense because we'd just max protect and send Manningham and Edwards deep.

Both guys could hit, neither could cover. I'd play Kovacs or Englemon with one of the least you'd know the defense was in position and guys weren't getting behind the last man.

P.S. And David Terrell isn't qualified for this.

Mr. Yost

January 24th, 2012 at 11:16 AM ^

Harris over Diggs, Baas over Kraus, Lewan/Goodwin over Petruziello, Joppru over Massaquoi...

Take Askew off the field as the 12th man and take Watson or Branch (really, you'd rotate those 2 and Martin in the middle) off the field as the 12th man on defense.

Larry Foote also deserves some love!