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Now, someone correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember they hauled out some ancient banner from the 70's for that 1998 Syracuse game, but there was some stipulation the players couldn't touch it because it was falling apart. For some reason that sticks out in my mind.

Also, I remember seeing the banner get hauled out for basketball games in the early-to-mid 90's.


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thanks, i gave you a point for this and now you are only at -269

tUOS ripping down the banner pisses me off every time I see about classless.

I didnt know about the 98 incident with Syracuse. It makes sense, and now we know why they lost that game.


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This is a pretty amazing post!

You either:

A) Found a loophole in the system allowing you to post a new topic with negative points, or,
B) Got negbanged close to 300 points in less than 2 hours.

Either one is pretty impressive!

Also, this is a good video... saw it on BTN before the game this past Saturday!


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the "Maize and Blue Faithful singing a rousing chorus of The Victors" and the team coming out under the banner are the great spectacles in sports.

I get fired up and chills up the spine just thinking about it. If I ever get rid of my tickets, that will be the part I miss the most.


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That Bob Ufer radio segment during the OSU section is awesome. With all due respect to Beckmann, Brandstatter, and Karsch, Ufer is the man when it comes to Michigan Football.


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A reason why Michigan Football is what it is today is due to who was a part of Michigan Football then.

Imagine for a minute the names like Canham, the Athletic Director who knew how to market Michigan Football, brought in Schembechler; Schembechler, the greatest coach Michigan ever had, brought in the fans; and Ufer, the greatest broadcaster Michigan ever had, led the cheers. Still to this day the greatest trio of names in Michigan Football history.

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There was outrage over the OSU team's behavior. Back then, however, it was hoped that by having the other team come out first, and stand around, watching Michigan pour into the Stadium under the banner, was what we wanted. No more.
Arguably, that 1973 game might be the best football game I ever saw in Michigan Stadium (I was not at the 1969 game). Personally, I think the 1971 (Woody Hayes-meets-the-down-marker) game was better.