Great story/read on Marell Evans

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Nice story by Andy Reid over at Rivals about Marell's journey and experience at the NFLPA All-Star Game. With his performance in the game, one would have to think he could have been a solid contributor to the defense this year. Either way, what a great representative for Michigan, and I will continue to be rooting for this kid. Definitely a Michigan Man.



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Best of luck to Marell.  His story of perseverence is a source of motivation to all young student athletes.  The annotations about Coach Hoke are also quite insipring. What a coach we have in Hoke. These are Michigan Men.


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Thanks for posting this.  This quote is very interesting. I did not know that Evans played on the scout team this season and made the team better in practice.

"This whole thing is bigger than football," Evans said. "It's about being a person with great character. Coach [Brady] Hoke is one of those guys who encouraged me to graduate. Personally, me and Coach Hoke have one of the best player-coach relationships on the team. Coach Hoke is not only a great coach, but a great person. And he demands great character.

"He did whatever he could to help me realize that goal. He didn't have to keep me on scholarship, when he found out I was ineligible this year. But he wanted me to graduate. He wanted me to make my family proud. It's been a very humbling experience. I'm a kid who's going to represent the University of Michigan well at the next level - in anything I do, whether that's football or business."


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I would like someone to construct a bar graph comparing number of tear inducing quotes in the media about Hoke vs. such quotes about MD, Kelly, Saban, Miles... you can combine them if you need to to make the scale match up.


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Thanks for posting this story. It's great to see Evans getting a chance to prove himself on the field even though he didn't get to play in the regular season. I hope he finds a way to play in the NFL somehow.

Feat of Clay

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Do we know what made him ineligible?  Was it some weird snafu with paperwork, or something else?  And who is that on?  

I've been wondering about this since the MI Daily story on him.  It pains me to think it could be some kind of dumb administrative thing.  Maybe it's more than that, though.


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I was really impressed with him during the NFLPA game, glad he stood out to others as well. I hope he plays on Sundays, but it seems like, with his strong character and support of the coaches/teammates, he'll do fine wherever his life takes him.

One minor quibble, the article implies he quit because of the DC coaching change when other sources (The Michigan Daily) say it was because of family hardship.