Great SBNation article on McGary

Submitted by MaizeNBlueInDC on April 8th, 2013 at 5:19 PM

Great article by SBNation on McGary's rise through March Madness and why he is awesome.  One of my favorite lines in the article "Note: We would not be writing this article if Mitch McGary played for Duke, because Duke would have ruined everything that is great about Mitch McGary."

Only 4 more hours!!




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One of the talking heads on ESPN made an interesting point about the defenses on the court tonight

Louisville's #1 defense against:
12 Oregon - 69 pts
2 Duke - 63 pts
9 Wichita State - 68 pts

Michigan's defense against:
5 VCU - 53 pts
3 Florida - 59 pts
4 Syracuse - 56 pts

Not anything amazing but I think it shows 1) our defense is doing better than people think and 2) we should be able to score on Louisville


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No where have I seen a credible source saying he would be a lottery pick.  He's worked himself into the end of the first round almost gaurenteed, but he still needs more thatn 6 games of great play to move himelf into lottery consideration.  He said he was 100% staying, then backed off, but there's still a chance he stays anyway.  Besides, if we win it all, we could lose all 5 starters and I would be at peace with that.


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It was apparently in a press availability on Friday.  The article's out there somewhere.  It wasn't a "I'm leaving now", but I'm sure he and his inner circle just said don't make any definitive statements.  I'm sure he would have evaluated where he stands in terms of the draft at the end of the season, whether he said 100% coming back or not.  And I agree.  He owes it to himself to evaluate and make the most informed decision. 


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He's looking more and more like a One-And-Done.  *sigh*

If we win it all, I guess I'm at peace with that.  We need to enjoy the limited time we have left with him.

Please don't foul out.  Please don't foul out.  Please don't foul out.  


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Right now, he's more of a "tweener" for the NBA.  He could play himself into the lottery in a year, but his body of work is too small, and I have to agree with the scouts that are saying "could go" in the bottom of the first round. 

Mitch McGary would lose a few million dollars on his rookie contract by going now as opposed to staying for another year.  I know that a lot can happen behind the scenes, but I will take him at his word regarding his recent quote on the subject.


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McGary literally said there was a 100% chance that he stays. I know that nothing is set in stone, and temptations of the NBA can sway even that, but why the crazy negativity so soon?

Either way, today is not the day to be discussing that. Win it all!


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I'm going giddy with excitement.  46 yr old MWM, kids, office job, etc.  Can't/won't get drunk.  Won't hit any bars.  Articles like this make me want to use one of those warp drives to compress time (not space) so its 9:20pm ET already without having to wait it out. 

And if they win, the whole damn lot can go pro -- Coach B included -- I won't mind one bit!

But srsly... you think Selena is now crushing on Big Mitch too?  She IS a B1G chick, after al!  Although he can soooo have Kate Upton...


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"He's still a yellow lab puppy in a 6'10 white guy's body... ......"

Great writing right there.  It's not a big deal to some, I know, probably a bit cranky-sounding to b**ch about it to those same people, but What The Eff does his white body have anything to do with anything?!  Nit-picking, sure, but when I have to come across that in the 2nd paragraph it makes me not want to finish the rest, which is probably decently written, and I will read it, but damn.

On a lighter note, beat Lousiville and Go Blue; that's really all that matters at this time.


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"It's a very, very, very aggressive style of rap," says Glenn Robinson III. "He yells when he raps, just like if he's on the court screaming after a rebound. It's kind of like Rick Ross, a little bit. He tries to make his voice really deep, and yells while he does it." - GRIII, talking about McGary

The MLive article to which this segment links mentions it, but I don't think it can be said enough - things like this, McGary keeping the team loose among other things, are a very important part of how this team has performed, I think. The best environments are the ones in which there is an element of fun, and it definitely shows in their performance.