Great Hockey Game Last Night

Submitted by umbig11 on December 12th, 2013 at 7:11 AM
Ferris St came out playing fast and I thought their defense smothered UM in the first period. It was very lopsided, but we hung 1 goal to stay even. When Ferris went up 1-0 their fans were chanting over rated. I think that inspired the team and fans as momentum finally swung back to the maize and blue. Ferris wanted this game badly. I was disappointed by the late third period goal by the Bulldogs, but I thought they played well enough to win. We were lucky to escape with the tie. I am not sure how the tie will effect the Pairwise standings, but I don't think UM was hurt by the tie. The non-conference portion of the schedule was a huge success. I would love to see UM win the first ever B1G hockey championship! We are already up two games over OSU. Minnesota is out in front of the point standings at 3-0-1 and Wisconsin is right behind us at 2-2. Both will have something to say about who wins the conference. Go Blue!!



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I know Michigan is taking some heat in the press for blowing 3rd period leads lately, but the competition has been very good. Michigan is prepared for the B1G in my opinion. It will be fun to see how this turns out with Minnesota and Wisconsin pushing us hard.


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PSU, MSU, and OSU will actually be some of the worst teams we've played all year. I think the schedule will actually soften in B1G play since even Wisconsin is a very shaky top-20 team. Michigan should be winning most of their games against the bottom 3


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I thought the 'Older brother vs Younger brother(C.J. Motte/Tyler Motte)" subplot was fantastic. When Red let Tyler in for the shootout, I was riveted.  It gave the fans what they wanted, and that's one of the great things about college sports.  


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Game this year I've been able to catch on TV, and it was great!!!

The best play of the game in my opinion was the shootout goal by the ferris state player... Wow, what a move! I think this is a good tie for Michigan!


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Probably could've gone in the game thread but I'll posbang any hockey post I see.

I think both teams are tentatively happy with the result

  • After some sloppy games against OSU and the USNTDP, I think Michigan has to be happy that they showed up against the #4 Bulldogs who are in the midst of a really long unbeaten streak. It continues to confirm that the team is solid this year - even if we probably aren't 1-seed material like our ranking suggests (though the lack of dominant teams this year might get us a 1-seed in the end anyway)
  • Ferris has to feel satisifed knowing that they've finally proven themselves on some level to the 'haters' (which includes me) who didn't take their status seriously since they haven't been playing many 'name brand' programs to this point. Certainly a validating tie for them getting that in Yost where I think they were 11-41-1 all-time

I think they're both disappointed to not get the W, but I think it was a validating tie for both

James Burrill Angell

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I know we won in a shoot out but some commenters said we'll only get credit for the tie an not the win. Is that true? If so, why did they do the shoot out? Was that for the benefit of the tv audience.


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I think the main reason they have the shootout is "practice" for the B1G season.  Since the game took place at the home venue of a B1G team, the home team gets the option of adding the shootout.  Since the B1G adds a point for a SOW, Michigan opted to add the shootout (which I agree, does offer entertainment value that BTN loves), but also because it provides in-game practice for potential conference situations.  Points are points, as Minnesota discovered over the weekend dropping a point to MSU in a shootout.


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The thing that has to be most concerning to Michigan hockey fans is another third-period lead squandered.  Granted, it's early in the season, and a one-goal lead is the most miniscule of margins, but it's another example in a growing portfolio of late-game lead changes, not in our favor.


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There were a lot of positives from last night's game. First, Zach Nagelvoort seems to be cementing his position as the number 1 goalie. He now has a 6-2-1 record and Racine, with a 4-0-1 record is no slouch. We are in good shape with goaltending. CJ Motte played outstanding last night. This is a goalie that is 13-0-2 for the season coming into last night's game.

We have a very young team and sometimes it is difficult to maintain focus. Despite that, we won the great majority of faceoff's in all three zones. It is difficult to have production when you don't win faceoff's. Our speed increased in the 2nd period and it led to a lot of opportunities (shots on goal). Our forechecking was great in the 2nd and defense was outstanding. 

Although there was a slight letdown in the third period it was understandable. Ferris really pressed Michigan and put a ton of pressure on our defensemen. Although I would have loved a 1 goal win, it is games like these that the young Wolverines can use for experience when they play Minnesota and in the tournament. They will go far because they have been tested early in the season. 


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I was back in town for the ohio football game and went to the hockey game v ohio the friday night before the game and was shocked how quiet it was.  it was nothing like i remember it from law school in the mid to late 90's.  It was silent the whole game except when UM scored.  Even the student section was pretty subdued.  What was it like v Ferris?

RHammer - SNRE 98

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...has definitely changed since the mid-late 90's, especially with the increased commercialization recently (loud ads during stoppages in play, etc.), but I, for one, have proceeded on the notion (which has been confirmed by others) that the effect of student's having left town, plus the alumni band, made Thanksgiving weekend's crowd much different than your currently typical mid-semester crowd at Yost; as much as I love the alumni band-members, that weekend's band seemed a bit... what's a nice way to put this?... tired? I have faith that the current students are doing a decent job upholding the Yost traditions (although a black-hole cheer after 1 goal is not exactly advisable...)


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and emotionally invest in a hockey National Championship this season? I do like this squad.  I mean, come on, the hockey gods owe us one, right?  AMIRITE?

Sac Fly

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I am looking forward to what Boo Nieves will do during the GLI as the 1st line center. I also am hoping Mike Szuma replaces Kevin Clare; he does not have the skating ability to be a factor in any of the three zones.


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  It was a fantastic game.  I was a little worried when Ferris St. had nearly twice as many shots on goal at the end of the first period, but we caught up on SOG by the end of the 2nd.  They spent the entire time at our end of the nice and had a lot of nearly open shots.  We had trouble getting to the net... and our first goal was an assisted own goal.  We didn't have much hussle left in us.  I don't know what Red says at intermission, but it works.

  Overtime was great.  Motte on Motte action was fun to watch, and I was happy that they kept missing.  I didn't know how much longer Nagelvoort would last.  Exciting stuff.

  And now not another game at Yost for over a month.  Crazy.


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woes are pretty concerning.  Both OSU games, both UNO games, the NTDP game, last night against Ferris...  A team's going to lose a one (or two, or three...) goal lead in the third period sometimes, but 6/7 is not ideal.