Great Class So Far. Who else do you want?

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With the 14th commitment today from Standifer our class is really coming together well. With that said, there are still a lot of big names players with seemingly sincere interest in Michigan. I am not going to get into how many scholarships we have, we have absolutely no control over that but the coaches do and it seems as though they are recruiting close to a full class.

With that said I am going to make a list of the players I would love to add to this recruiting class. All of these guys are great players and would look great in the maize and blue. I am just curious what everyone though about positions and what players they like the most based on at least a little evidence please.

In order to get rid of the argument of scholarships or position I will let you create your class. you can chose to say we will have 21 spots and pick the 7 you would want. Or you can say we will have a 25 man class and do the same. 

Here are some names I came up that I believe we are in on: Feel free to add any name you like I very likely forgot 1 or 2 guys.

Banner (OT), Burbridge (WR), Day (DT), Diamond (OT), Dunn (RB), Garmon (RB), Garnett (OT), J. Johnson, J. Jones (DT), Kalis (OT), Magnuson (OT), Morgan (DB), Pipkins (DT), Reeves (DB), Shittu (DT), Simmons (OT), Stanford (WR), Thurston (OT), Strobel (DE), Washington (DE), Wormley (DE)

Now I personally believe we will end up with a class of around 23-25 as many players as the coaches have told recruits we want at each position. My class will consist of a combination of what i believe is realistic and what I personally would want. The coaches are obviously way more qualified to do this than i am and this is why this is just to see what everyone here thinks with over half the class already filled brilliantly. For this I will make a 25 man class case as that is the absolute maximum:

I will start at QB and RB: I believe we want one of each.But with the talent at other positions of need and the addition of Shane Morris to the 2013 class, I am starting to believe we will only take elite talent at these two positions and we will only get one. I will say we get EITHER Kiel or Dunn and at the moment i would lean towards Dunn based on the tOSU problems that have been well documented here. 

Give me Dunn.

WR: I think we will take 1 here since we don't seem to be recruiting it too hard. This is the position I feel like the choices are thin for a position of need. I love Stanford, everything about his tape made me want him. With that said, I think Burbridge is the most likely, especially if he qualifies which I believe he will. I'll say first to commit gets it but I'm going to say Burbridge.


OT: I haven't understood why people on here have said we should only take 4 or 5 OL's this year. It is our single biggest need. Period. We need OL badly and we are in on a ton of great ones too. The coaches said they will take 6 and I believe them and agree with them completely. Its not like we are in on much better players at any other positions to not take 6 IMHO. 

Now for the 4 I like the most and believe we have the best chances of getting. Magnuson and Diamond meet both criteria. I think we are in very solid position with both and they are 2 of my favorites so they are easy picks. The other player I think we are currently in the best position with is Thurston and I love everything this kid has to say so ill add him. After that, I feel good but not great about  our current position with the rest, so I'll take who I like the most and take Garnett. Although I think he is maybe the biggest longshot after watching all of their tape right now he stood out. With this said, any of Banner, Garnett, Kalis or Simmons and I would be more than thrilled. This was almost an impossible decision.

Magnuson, Diamond, Thurston and Garnett

DT: We are in on some great DT's and its a position of need. We are going to take 2. Pipkins is underrated. Yes underrated and he is a 4 star on every site, he will be moving up boards and although he may never get the 5th star, he will get pretty close i believe. Kid is a beast and i never understood why he was so low and not more talked about before a few of these combines where hes dominated. He isn't great against the double team thats the only thing I've heard which makes me laugh because I thought that was the point of a double team, free up other players to wreck havoc. I want him so bad. After him I think Johnson and Day are really both great and have their own strengths. I am going to take Day because I think his game film is a little better where Johnsons more impressive at combines. I will add that Shittu and Jones are 2 of my 3 favorites with Pipkins but until they have completely decomitted from Stanford and PSU respectively I don't love our chances.

Pipkins and Day

DE: I am going to be told I am crazy here. But I believe we take 2 more. Yes, 2 more. Give me Wormely for obvious reasons. Then I think we will end up with Strobel. Academics are huge for him, he just visited and tOSU was his leader. i honestly think it will come down to us and ND for his services. I will add that if we get Stanford at WR before Burbridge, we will get Washington, I would barely rather have those two but they plan on waiting still so there may not be room. That is my reasoning for this.

Wormely and Strobel

DB: Only 1 spot left. We will most likely end up with Morgan. He may not be deciding tomorrow like we thought was a foregone conclusion but I still think he decides before Reeves. We may not even lead for Reeves.



Lets hear what everyone thinks of my lists. Feel free to disagree completely. i know i am only putting top tier talent on these lists and being optimistic in many cases but i think we have got into a perfect storm for recruiting this year and I think this is actually possible. 





June 2nd, 2011 at 7:42 AM ^

Here's my guess for the final spots:

  • 15 - CB Wayne Morgan 4 Stars
  • 16 - OL Erik Magnuson 4 Stars
  • 17 - OL Jordan Diamond 4 Stars
  • 18 - DE Chris Wormley 4 Stars
  • 19 - OL Zach Banner 4 Stars
  • 20 - DT Ondre Pipkins 4 Stars
  • 21 - DT Jarron Jones 5 Stars
  • 22 - DT Sheldon Day 4 Stars
  • 23 - WR Dwayne Stanford 4 Stars
  • 24 - DE Adolphus Washington 5 Stars
  • 25 - RB Bri'Onte Dunn 5 Stars
  • 26 - WR Aaron Burbridge 4 Stars

I realize that this assumes a class of 26 and doesn't include a QB. 

I am sure that when Hoke said he wanted to take a QB every year he was being sincere and reasonable.  However, circumstances have changed in this class because he already has a commit from a potentially elite 2013 player and he has a lot of other spots to fill.

It is widely reported that we will take 4 DB's in this class and Morgan is assumed to be the fourth (hopefully today).

We are expected to take 5 or even 6 O-linemen and 2 or 3 D-tackles.  

Chris Wormley is expected to commit soon but I don't think that would stop us from recruiting Adolphus Washington.

With DJ Williamson gone, and four more WRs to graduate this year (not to mention some fifth year slots who may not be back) it seems important to get at least one top WR and probably two.

Finally, I think the staff wants a "manball" RB and Bri'Onte Dunn will be that back.

Because the prospects are there and the staff wants to accelerate the transition I believe that the required spots will open up through a combination of natural attrition and unrenewed fifth years.


June 2nd, 2011 at 7:44 AM ^

Diamond, Magnusson, and Banner (so he can play for Coach Beilein too)

Dunn - I love the taste of snake oil in the morning

Stanford and Burbridge (come on Kaplan Institute)

Pipkins, Wormley, Day, Washington, and O'Brien (for a little more salt in the womb <I shit you not, someone on 24/7 used that verbiage yesterday>)


(I went all SEC and oversigned by one as insurance for someone who may not qualify).



Leroy Hoard

June 2nd, 2011 at 8:26 AM ^

First post, can't start a thread so I'll put it here, didn't see it posted elsewhere...

Great interview with Shane Morris had this quote re: Gunner Kiel (don't know how to block quote):

"Q: You were able to work out with Gunner Kiel at the Elite 11 camp recently, a player who also has a Michigan offer and who is considered one of the best uncommitted quarterback prospects in the 2012 class. How did your skills compare to his? 


Shane Morris: He is a great kid. Me and him got to know each other pretty well. Right now he has no idea where he is going to go. Gunner is a great quarterback though, he is one of the best I have ever seen. If he ends up coming to Michigan, I would be excited. I wouldn't shy away from competing against him though."

A couple of other highlights:

"Q: There wasn't a little part of you who wanted to have a guy like Lane Kiffin fly you out to Southern California and enjoy the warm weather for a couple of days?

Shane Morris: That didn't matter to me. Sure, being flown out to a place like Hawaii or Stanford would have been cool, but that's just not the kind of person I want to be. I am not in it for the perks. Michigan is where I want to be, so there was no need wasting anybodies time."

Clearly wouldn't fit in at OSU.
"Q: Which school is being the most persistent in keeping in touch with you?

Shane Morris: Michigan State. They were definitely my second choice...but Michigan is where I am going."…


June 2nd, 2011 at 9:09 AM ^

We have 14 players so far.  I'm going to go out on a limb and say one of the TE is going to end up on the offensive line.  With 22 scholarships:


15) DB - Morgan

16) OT - Magnuson

17) OT - Diamond

18) OT - Banner

19) DT - Pipkins

20) DT - Day

21/22) WR/DE - Burbidge/Wormley or Stanford/Washington


If we take it up to 25 total:

21/22/23/24) WR/DE - Burbidge/Wormley AND Stanford/Washington

25) First to commit between DE - Shittu, OL - Garnett, OL - Kalis, or somehow another elite player like Kiel, Green-Beckham, etc.


June 2nd, 2011 at 6:27 PM ^

It's who I want right? Not who I think we'll get?

QB (if we get one): Kiel

RB: Dunn

WR: Stanford

OL: Magnuson, Banner, Garnett, Diamond

DT: Day, Pipkins (Jarron Jones would be nice, but let's wait til his visit...Jaleel Johnson can also be tossed in here)

DE: Wormley, Washington

S: Morgan or Wilson

I'm trying to restrict my numbers, but the OL...those are the four guys I want. I also want to turn Dunn blue. Those are my priorities.

Coach Kyle

June 2nd, 2011 at 10:03 AM ^

Noob question: If we over recruit, is it morally reprehensible to kick off an upper classmen who isn't pulling their weight and give that scholarship to the new recruit? Also is it morally reprehensible to kick off a 3 star income freshmen?


I think the latter is called grey shirting, right? I know that is bad.


June 2nd, 2011 at 10:09 AM ^

We can't and won't boot an underclassmen. The conference doesn't allow it and I'm pretty sure, the school, fanbase and coaches would all be against it anyway. If a kid signs with us, he's guaranteed four years provided he's in good academic, and disciplinary standing.

Where we might end up having to make room is by not giving redshirt juniors a 5th year. It feels a little scummy, but it's different then cutting a kid after 1 or 2 years because a) he was never guaranteed a 5th year and b) that redshirt junior has been in class for four years and earned a degree. It's not like he's leaving empty-handed.

I don't like the idea of not renewing redshirt juniors for a 5th year. But I'm coming around to the fact that with the apparent size of the class the coaches are recruiting, it's inevitably going to happen.


Little Brown J…

June 2nd, 2011 at 10:35 AM ^

Another important factor at least for me as for who I want is not necessarily who is the highest rated prospect, but what schools we would be taking away from if they committed to Michigan.  I know the wording sounds weird, but what I mean is I would rather have Kalis than Banner or Garnett (assuming they don't go to TSIO) because not only would we get him, it would take away from TSIO.  That being said, I would love to have Kalis, Washington, Stanford, Dunn, Wormley, Diamond, and any others that have a realistic chance of going to TSIO. I'm not saying this is the only factor, but it is a great factor just to consider.


June 2nd, 2011 at 11:06 AM ^

In addition to the 14 we have so far this is how I think things will shake out.
<br>15- OL Magnuson
<br>16- OL Diamond
<br>17- OL Thurston
<br>18- QB Appleby/O'Connor
<br>19- WR Stanford/Burbridge
<br>20- DL Washington/Wormley
<br>21- DL Jones/Pipkin/Day
<br>22- DL mystery late add type
<br>I actually think Morgan may be a lost cause as he seems to be getting a lot of pressure to take more time and given the current and projected manning in the backfield I doubt it works out in Michigan's favor which is a shame. I also think given the high competition for DT's that we get one of the Day/ Pipkins/Jones group but not more than that. I also don't see multiple WR or SDE commits. We're
<br>Not getting Gunner IMHO but I think Appleby or O'Connor finds himself in a winged helmet. Again given the competition for DL and the need for them I think a guy who's not on the radar ends up filling out the class.