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"He knew what was coming," a person close to the Florida program said. "He looked at the schedule and knew what we had coming back [as far as talent]. He didn't want to hurt his legacy."


"Meyer will need to hire two outstanding coordinators. His success at Florida started to slip after defensive coordinator Charlie Strong left for Louisville and offensive coordinator Dan Mullen left for Mississippi State."



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I agree with winterblue in saying enough! Be happy that the rivalry is back and that we have an outstanding coaching staff. I expect this behavior from sparty! Oh no! Its the big bad Urban Meyer.... Who cares. We will be fine...better then fine. This is Check out Mitch-i-gan Loves McGary presented by @fancite. for God sake! GOBLUE


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Urban Meyer, Brady Hoke laughs at your lame excuse for a point:

This is just amateurish.  Is he pointing or giving the Hook 'em Horns salute?   He'd better bone up on his pointing if he wants to win the Game.


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From the comments. Enjoy:

Everyone is wrong to a degree here. I called this conspiracy 2 years ago. I saw the writing on the wall. When U of F handed it to the Buckeyes in the national championship, the Ohio State board of trustees decided they wanted him... and BAD! Problem: Jim Tressel was still firmly intrenched. They put a plan in action and created the scandal they needed. Tressel was set-up and fed to the wolves without him even realizing it. They wanted Meyer. They put a bug in Meyer's ear about the plan, and then Meyer found a way to exit "gracefully" also leaving a year cushion not coaching to throw people off the scent. I have to say, it was a brilliant plan, and it worked to a T. Meyer and the OSU board of trustees have what they wanted now for 2-3 years.


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Well, he's right.  Urban came into Florida with a relatively good team from Zook, and great coordinators of Mattison/Strong and Mullen.  Strong and Mullen are HCs now, and Mattison left to the NFL after Florida.  Mullen and Mattison got him Tim Tebow as well.


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Despite my hatred of all things Ohio I have to admit that Meyer is a good coach.  His overall record is 104-23.  At Bowling Green he took a 2 and 9 team and turned it into an 8 and 3 team.  At Utah he went 10 and 2 in his first year and 12 and 0 in his second.  He won two national championships at Florida. That is as good of a resume as you will find in college football.

The real question is what is going on in his head.  The ending at Florida was strange with the retirement, return and then another retirement.  Did one year off allow him to get his head strait?  Once he steps into the irrational mad house that is Columbus will the problems that drove him from Florida resurface?  Time will tell.

If Meyer has his shit together and returns to being the coach that put together the above resume he will be a tough opponent for years to come.  If this happens I say all the better.  Hoke appears to be a great coach who can put together a hell of a staff.  He has probably 15 years to build a legacy to rival the great coaches of Michigan’s past.  Part of building a great legacy at Michigan involves what it always has, defeating great Ohio teams.  I think Hoke is up to the task.  

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Urban is a wimp. He leaves Florida because he was afraid of losing. He cant stick around and actually coach a team through losing games. Everything has got to be perfect in little Urban's world or he will jump ship. The buckeyes will be shitting Urban Meyers before long.


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he can't come out a few hours before The Game and say they've offered. How would the players take anything Fickell said seriously? (Err, did they all year? Maybe Bauserman.)

Great coach, recruiter, our battles with mordor will be legendary now. Also a liar and creates a culture where players can enjoy the fruits of living above the law, fits into the silken glove of deceit OSU wears like a charm.

Here's to Miller watching from the sidelines as Dernard hangs 50 on them in the Toilet Bowl next year.


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Here, for what they're worth, are Florida's recruiting rankings at Rivals for the past few seasons:

2007: 1 (5th-year seniors for the '11 season)

2008: 3

2009: 11

2010: 2

2011: 12

By at least one measure, he probably did not leave a bare cupboard for Will M.

Yes, as we've seen, those rankings need to be considered carefully. Look at the past few NFL drafts for UMich and the '05, '06, and '07 recruiting classes. Complicated ...


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we cannot let the awful rumor that  URBAN MEYER CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH 5 COEDS WHILE AT FLORIDA spread. Urban Meyer is an upstanding man who would never have CHEATED ON HIS WIFE WITH 5 COEDS WHILE AT FLORIDA . We must stop this terrible rumor at once!


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A hatchet job. A passive-aggressive one, at that. All-around, not very good.

Also, i must have missed the part where Urban Meyer cheated on his wife with 5 coeds while at Florida. Hm.


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I told my boss at work... I give him two years, tops.  He is over-rated.  He needs the spotlight and loves it like few else.  He will find that this team is going to be 8-4 or 9-3 next year (Purdue will still own them) and that won't be good enough.  And then in 2013 there will be expectations of a national championship--unfair or not.

He took the money and ran with it.  Can't say I blame him.  He is a shuckster though.  No doubt about it. 


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Some gems....

"It's Calipari-to-Kentucky perfect. The marriage of Urban Meyer to Ohio State is a game-changer for college football, a move that will propel Ohio State back to the top of the national heap with such velocity that it will pull along the rest of the Big Ten in its jet stream."

Note that later on Doyle says Meyer won't have the sort of immediate impact Saban had on Alabama.

"But once Meyer gets his hands on Ohio State's recruiting, watch the rest of the Big Ten get stronger as well. It'll have no choice, unless Big Ten teams are OK with 49-14 losses to the Buckeyes. Ohio State will be that good. Rest of the Big Ten? You better keep up".

Doyle must be completely unfamiliar with Tressel's recruiting success in the state of Ohio.

" As a true freshman, Miller has thrown for 997 yards and run for 695. He has run or thrown for 18 touchdowns, with just four interceptions. He's not a great passer, but neither was Alex Smith at Utah. Neither was Tim Tebow at Florida." 

Leaving Tebow alone, Smith completed 66% of his passes and threw 47 TD against just 7 INT his sophomore and junior years.

"Plus, the biggest negative that chased him out of Florida -- the intense media scrutiny that wore him out, just as it wore out Steve Spurrier -- won't be at Ohio State. Hey, that's a fact. As someone who attended Florida and spent my first decade in newspapers in that state, and am now in my eighth year in Ohio, I'm qualified to tell you the media scrutiny on the Buckeyes isn't close to the scrutiny on the Gators."

Wait til he goes 8-5 a couple years in a row with losses to Michigan in each.  Then we'll see how that goes.

This Doyle fella is every bit as stupid as he looks.



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I think Hoke has changed the tide on the rivalry. Hell people in Ohio need to pay a guy $4 million a year to have any chance of beating Michigan. Never in a million years would I have thought that. Giving press conferences that don't involve the phrase "SEC speed" is a good start.