Graveyard Shift Open Thread

Submitted by jhackney on January 20th, 2011 at 12:43 AM

Welcome night crew. Last night seemed to be a success. This thread is to recap the day's Michigan athletic's news. I am sure with these honest and innocent intentions that it will unravel into a late night booze and illegal substance posbang galore.


1. Borges is awesome

2. Mattison is even more awesomer

3. yostlovesme wants a michigan snuggie with a an attractive woman included for x-mas.

4. Old people can coach.

5. Countess is most likely going to be a wolverine.

6. lolcats are awesomest to the point of $30 million.

7. Tate isn't coming back!!!11!!1!

8. Sad Panda

9. Instate coaches hate RR.

14. No Twitter Talk

10. RR was recruiting for Michigan in 2007

11. Anne Hathaway is new Catwoman in upcoming Batman film.

13. Will Hill is a man's man when it comes to multitasking.

12. BlueDragon is awesome

13. MLive are a bunch of ninnies

14. Recruiting is making a comeback

15. DB is a carbon copy robot of Ric Flair combined with the Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase.

1A. Braylon speaks in fourth person and everybody gets DUIs and murders.



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I have to be up for work in five hours and six minutes but am not at all sleepy, my right ankle is purple and probably sprained but I removed the wrap so I could wear super cute boots to dinner tonight and it hurts even more than it did earlier today oh and I'm so completely over my (former) favorite player.  How are you guys?

The Swiss Wolverine

January 20th, 2011 at 1:18 AM ^

Has just taken over my sleep and made it its bitch.
<br>These kind of late night threads are completely responsible for my not attending 8:30 classes.
<br>How long till we get angry UM professors trying to ban MGoBlog because of poor class attendance?


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I just read the wiki page, which gives a whole new dimension to the book.  So HST made a similar journey to that of Kemp - New York to San Juan, but HST didn't end up actually working at the paper, and hung around people who worked for the paper instead.

Concerning the novel he said:  

I got the standard list of rejection letters - and I came back from South America and I got into the politics of the 60s and 70s, and it was a full time job." He then said that he revisited the book because "it's got a romantic notion...that and money.. and I was faced with the fact of having to dig out my 40-year old story...I can't change it, like, 'ye gods, this is me, this is the world I lived in' I approached it as a's a good story."

I find this interesting because any time "situations" of youth are documented by memory I think it takes many years to really process what went on, and remember or retell them with an objective, almost wise, mentality.  That's sounds like what HST had to do. Yesterday's memories always have hint of today, and it takes quite a while to truly step back and see them for what they are, fucked up.  HST had it written, but it seems he didn't recognize what he exactly had until he had separated himself from that particular world for a while.  


January 20th, 2011 at 2:33 AM ^

It is very eerie to see how similar past situations can repeat themselves. I am sure he had to take notes down in a journal. I never knew the story was based off a real experience. That is fascinating. Thank goodness they turned him down for a job or else he may never have came back to the states. I am also sure he has exaggerated and injected hyperbole into the book since that is his MO. Regardless, it worked out for us in the end.

I'm sure all of us could write a HST book off personal experiences. We all have fucked up situations that should be documented. Some more than others.


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I have the Kindle, my mother has the Nook. The Nook is like a mini Ipad. I like the Kindle because is doesn't use a lot of power and doesn't hurt to look at for a long time. The nook is more friendly to surf the net and doesn't need a light around to read off of. Hope that helps. I don't know the prices of the nook, but the Kindle is $139.