Grant Perry returns per JH

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In addition, alternate uni's coming for at least one game. Happy to see that Grant finally got a plea deal. I still think he will sit at least a game or two. Nick Baumgardner @nickbaumgardner Harbaugh says alternate uniforms are possible this year. Thinks they'll use them at least once this year. Nick Baumgardner @nickbaumgardner Jim Harbaugh says Grant Perry is back working with the team. He'll be in fall camp. His case has not been resolved at this time.


Mr. Yost

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...interesting, because sooo many posters loved to chime in on the depth chart threads talking about how he'd never play (here) again and he shouldn't be included.

This is HUGE from a football standpoint. He's a menace in the slot and far more proven than any other option. Not sold on McDoom's hands (so much that I personally thought Martin would've catch him from a receiving standpoint before conference play rolled around). I don't know anything about the legal stuff, I'll just say I hope justice was served and the appropriate actions are taken.

Perry, McDoom, Martin with Schonele mixed in as an inside/outside WR makes a nice group. Can't forget Johnson in the slot as well. We've got some weapons, but Perry is a game changer - ESPECIALLY with the loss of Jake Butt.

Mr. Yost

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No question...but folks were saying as soon as he got in trouble Harbaugh has zero tolerance, was going to send a message, etc. - so much speculation before anything played out.


Responded before I could edit, but I edited *(so much that I personally thought Martin would catch him from a receiving standpoint by the time conference play rolled around)



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"One dark day, in the middle of the night,

two blind boys began to fight.

Back to back , they faced each other,

pulled their swords and shot each other.

An old, deaf policeman heard the noise

and came a-runnin' to the two dead boys."


My grandfather used to sing/hum this all this time when he was doing odds and ends.  He is gone now, but this was always a fond memory for me.

The Fan in Fargo

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Um...not to bash the dude but was he that game changer in high school? I'm sorry but also in which big game did he light the other team up? He might have potential to be a game changer but currently in college football he is not that man. Here's to hoping he has a huge year.


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Dantonio and Hollis will be in a meeting with the MSU Regents on Monday. It will be a closed session without media. That could signify a few things. Title IX decisions, independent review could have concluded, etc.

Mojo Hall

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Thanks  for the info.  Any clues on the newest transfer?  Between  suspensions, expulsions, and losing interest in football they don't have very many prominent  players left on that team  


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I'm shocked at the speed with which their team lost players, and now Gaines. And this made me laugh in the detnews....
"Gaines (6-0, 200) came to Michigan State as one of the top defensive backs in the nation, ranked the No. 88 safety in the 2015 class by"

A top DB in the nation would be a top 5 Safety, not #88


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LT: Chewins, Finley
LG: Higby, Gianackakos
C: B. Allen, M. Allen
RG: Beedle, Jarvis
RT: Campbell, Arcuri
QB: Lewerke, Terry
RB: Scott, Holmes
FB: Lucas, N. Davis (also TE)
TE: Sokol, Dotson
WR: Davis, Chambers
WR: Stewart, Rison
Slot: Jackson, White

DE: Cooper, Bowers
DT: Williams, Jones
DT: M. Panasiuk, Owens
DE: Willekes, D. Alexander
LB: A. Dowell, Randle
MLB: Bachie, Bullough
LB: Frey, Simmons
CB: Scott, Butler
FS: Willis, D. Dowell
SS: Miller, Morrissey
CB: Layne, Harrell


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Nice!!!  Glad he got through the case, which always seemed to me to be way overblown.  Especially consider what some of the kids at MSU have been accused of.  And he'll be a great addition to the WR group bringing vastly needed experience.


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A young man with the world before him being given a second chance. This said, Perry must stay grounded this year. Jim knows this kid is worthwhile and how to keep him on track. Good luck, Grant, this is your opportunity to make something of yourself.