Graham Glasgow to be arraigned on Drunk Driving Charges

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Good news for this program just keeps on coming.…


uspended Michigan center Graham Glasgow will be arraigned on a drunk-driving charge May 19 in Ann Arbor, according to court records.

Glasgow allegedly operated a vehicle while intoxicated on March 15, court records say. On March 20, Michigan coach Brady Hoke announced that Glasgow had been suspended for part of spring practice and for the Wolverines' opener against Appalachian State because of a violation of team rules. Glasgow returned to the team later in spring practice.

A junior who started 13 games last season, Glasgow was expected to be Michigan's starting center this fall. Junior Jack Miller is the leading candidate to start at center while Glasgow is suspended.



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How is this bad news? It's not even news at all. We've known about this for over a month. He has already served his practice suspension and will miss the opener (again, old news).

"Arraignment is a formal reading of a criminal charging document in the presence of the defendant to inform the defendant of the charges against him or her."



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Ugh this sucks! Why can't we ever get good news on mich football these days lol. Lookin on the positive side, this oline will be a lot better w Nuss. But Graham has to get his shit together especially since he's our center for now. Lead by example for the young guys.


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Why is everyone taking this as another piece of bad news?  It's not new, just clarification.  We already knew a month ago that he got in trouble.


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Interestingly enough down here in Ohio the news of Lindsay's committment has caused barely a ripple of excitement.  It was mentioned, briefly, on "Urban lands Alabama Graduate Center" and didnt even warrant mentioning on…

Rich getting richer and all that I suppose.


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and it was basically "oh hey, apparently we signed some guy" and nobody there had ever heard of him; a poster or two said "cool" and the thread went away.  It surprised me because I was so used to when MSU signs a guy and RCMB busts out a 100-page CROOTING! WE OWNZ SCUM! circle-jerk thread.  It made me realize how pathetically desperate our fanbase is right now, especially compared to OSU.